Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mega Man USB Drive Arriving in Mailboxes Now

You didn't forget about this guy, right? The delightful awesome Mega Man USB Drive is reportedly arriving in mailboxes this weekend. Some folks I've spoken to even received theirs as early as yesterday. Keep those eyes peeled!

For the uninitiated, the USB drive holds 8GB worth of digital  goodies. It's loaded with copies of Mega Man comics, Mega Man Tribute and Mega Man X Complete Works art books, wallpapers, and the complete Street Fighter X Mega Man soundtrack.

Thanks to Rickon, Tim and James for the tips!


  1. Mine appeared around 3 days ago! It took a while, but it is really cool :3

  2. My only grip is that the PDF's of the tribute and complete works are not high quality....

  3. "Not high quality" is a rather extreme understatement...

  4. @Hypercoyote

    Damn that sucks, do you know how big they are?
    Would anyone be willing to upload the stuff that came on it?

  5. Upload no (at least not yet.. depends on if I decide to spite them for this), but Tribute is 30.3mb and X is 45.5mb. A friend I showed a picture of the cover to said "Amazon preview photos are usually better quality than this", and I agree rather wholeheartedly. If they were going to pull something like this i'd much rather they have done some sort of DRM thing; at least then the quality would probably be passable.

    For the record, the Archie comics are pretty perfect at the very least.

  6. No sooner said...

    I love the novelty of this item. Plus it's a major upgrade from my current 256MB USB Drive (It came free with a pack of DVD-Rs).

    I just hope Archie doesn't receive a share of the profits for the content, it would bug me to know I inadvertently financed them. HAH!

  7. Did anybody who has gotten theirs also order the discounted 8-bit lanyard that was offered?

    I called to find out where my order was and they told me that it was held up because the lanyard was out of stock, even though it currently says "Now Available" at the Capcom Store like it always has. They couldn't even give me a rough ETA of when it will be available to ship.

    Should I just cancel the order?


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