Monday, May 20, 2013

Project X Zone Gets Demo in Europe This Week

Want to try Project X Zone before you buy? A surprise demo is due on the European Nintendo 3DS eShop this Thursday, May 23rd. No telling if it will feature the likes of X, Zero and Tron Bonne. I suppose we'll find out in a few short days.

No news about a Western demo at this time. Still, it couldn't hurt to keep those fingers crossed.

Source: Siliconera


  1. This game looks pretty cool based on that screenshot. I'd love to try this out.

  2. I highly doubt it. X and Zero actually join mid-late game. Tron is earlier so she may appear.

  3. I really hope there's going to be a US demo.
    I've got this game reserved but I actually don't know much about how it plays aside from being a turn based strategy game

  4. I'm pretty sure I won't really like this game all that much, but I plan to buy it anyway. Gotta support crazy crossovers and Mega Man!

  5. After many years of neglect, Europe is finally getting the gaming justice it so longed for! *laughs* That's fantastic! I always wondered what it felt like to be brushed aside for X amount of days... X3

  6. so we get screwed out of the demo in the us huh?


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