Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rockman Xover: Arcade Man Gameplay

Boss contest winner Arcade Man joins the Rockman Xover fray today. You can see the guy in action above. Unfortunately, his attacks are nowhere near as exciting as his original design proposal. What a sad, sad waste.

I don't know about you, but I think he'd make for a great traditional Robot Master. Wouldn't mind seeing him in a hypothetical Mega Man 11.

Thanks to JT for the tip!


  1. Oooooh. What a surprise. Something in Xover came out lame.

    Geeze, Arcade Man! You had such potential!

  2. Wow.. so horrible. Jeez.

    I would make a sprite out of him in 8 bit and make him a difficult boss for Megaman ever faced in history. :)

  3. I'm honestly not surprised in the slightest that they wasted his potential. I feel bad for the contest winner.

  4. I hope that the contest winner complaint to Capcom of Japan. What a shame.

  5. I swear...this game is just ridiculous lol. Okay, I understand it's a mobile game, but it's been proven time and time again that's no excuse. It looks like a simple flash game. Mega Man deserves much better than that.

    Arcade Man did have a lot of potential. Hopefully these designs get reused in other Mega Man media/games.

  6. ...

    Wow. That's really lazy.

    I think he(Arcade Man) has a total of 5 frames of animation. Come on, now, Arcade Man had/has so much potential!

    In fact, all of these characters belong in a game where we get to see how much potential they actually have. Where they are, now, isn't doing them much justice.

  7. If I were the contest winner, I'd be very annoyed that my robot's frames of animation numbered in the single digits. (From what I can infer without watching the vid, anyway)

    (Also, this might be off-topic/just me, but all the emphasis I've seen fans of this game put on Battle Memory and grinding but not actual gameplay just highlights the unfortunate similarities Xover currently has to a B.F. Skinner experiment.)

  8. People who are complaining about Xover being horrible and how Capcom wasted Arcade Man's potential/doesn't care about Mega Man anymore = People who turned their noses up at Mega Man games such as SF and ZX, resulting in them selling poorly and delivering a message to Capcom that Mega Man just isn't that popular anymore, which (possibly) contributed into two games getting cancelled in 2011 and left us with a simple iOS game.
    Thus, the fans are responsible for the franchise's lack of quality/quantity over the years, not Capcom.

  9. Poor guy. He and OVER-1 are being wasted in this... application.

  10. Rockman Xover in its entirety was nothing but wasted potential, so I didn't think it was too much of a stretch that Arcade Man would be.

  11. @Sylveon:

    I won't say Xover is horrible, but I do believe Arcade Man's potential is lost here. I, personally, never turned a nose or a blind eye to SF and ZX.

    Where do I fit in?

  12. @Sylveon: I think Xover is terrible and I enjoyed the hell out of SF and ZX (got a copy of ZXA only a few days after its release, IIRC).

    It's also really not fair to blame the fans for the mess in 2011 when Capcom is as frustratingly risk-averse as they are.

  13. @Sylveon

    That's one of the dumbest claims I've heard to date.

    First off, it's a complete blanket statement to say everyone who hates Xover also hated SF and ZX, a blanket statement that you have no proof of.

    Also nobody is responsible for the idea that "Megaman isn't that popular anymore" but Capcom themselves.

    The SF and ZX series may not have sold as much as prior series, but that doesn't mean the fans are at fault. When you make different styles of games, they aren't going to appeal to everyone.

    If those games don't appeal to fans who liked older Mega Man games, they shouldn't be forced to buy them just so Capcom will keep making games. It doesn't mean Mega Man isn't popular anymore, it just means certain series hit different demographics.

    I would think that would be obvious.

  14. Waiting for the 8-bit remix of Arcademan's theme. Too lazy to make it myself. :B

  15. And @Sylveon
    No. We just think Xover is as boring and repetitious as your average Facebook game. Just because it's a Capcom Mega Man product doesn't mean we have to jump all over it with girlish glee. If it's not very good, then it's not very good.

    And this coming from someone who loved Mega Man 2 GB and Rockman & Forte: Challenger from the Future, mind you. As well as both Mega Man PC games!

  16. @Sylveon: Everyone is guilt. Capcom, the fans, ... There are no innocents in this world.

    What is a Mega Man? A miserable little pile of screws.

  17. @Ghost Rider Man

    You mean a miserable pile of circuits. ;)

    But yeah, Sylvy, you're way off the mark. Heck, I despise Xover, but I loved the ZX games, and I can't wait for a third one.

    Of course, considering the fate of the last anticipated third Megaman game...

  18. The ongoing stoooory...

    Video Game Company: *Halfass attempt at continuing a beloved, long-running franchise that ends up sucking due to outsourcing, budget cuts, creative bankruptcy, etc.*

    Fans: *impotent rage*

    Times are tough for gamers everywhere. Sure, other series are seeing AAA releases, but they aren't setting the world on fire by any means (ergo, no big money returns).

    I blame a combination of the floundering global economy and the glass ceiling the industry has hit. Until those improve, companies won't take risks and games will continue to waste potential (and calling Xover a game is a big stretch; more like casual gaming hell-spawn)

    Maybe all the massive restructuring some companies are doing will help too, who knows.

    tl;dr: Meh. At least we have D-Arts.

  19. @Sylveon: How dare you accuse people of that. I love SF and ZX, heck Harp Note is my favourite character, but I do not approve of Xover. It is pathetic when compared to other social RPGs.

    I can give you one that could easily jump to mobile and be better than Xover. Marvel Avengers Alliance on Facebook.

  20. Xover is not a game. It is a scam made to make money off of its userbase by tricking them into buying time-exclusive SR+ gauge cards only to release these same cards a day later as Premium cards.

  21. Throwing in my two cents for Sylveon. One cent each for both Star Force and ZX. They aren't the greatest of Mega Man games and there's no escaping the fact that they are just extensions of the Zero and Battle Network success, without the same success. Even so, they were great games. ZX and ZXA are pure side-scrolling, "platforming" joy. I too can't wait for a third one. In fact, there NEEDS to be a third one.

  22. @Sylveon

    You have got to be joking! If I hear one more person blaming the fans for the crap Capcom keeps spewing... Yargh! I will admit, I have never played SF, but I have played ZX and that is a good game! I haven't played every series out there, but that doesn't mean I or any other fan is responsible for this mess they call a game. What? We have to play every single Megaman game this company makes regardless? That will make Capcom get off its duff and make better games other than this trash?? I don't think so. This is just Capcom wanting to rake in the money without putting a lot of effort.

    I am still a huge Megaman fan and I hope to see a better made game in the future. I refuse to give this game the light of day because it just looks awful and I will probably throw my tablet/cell phone in frustration if I had to mess with those controls!

    Back on topic, I am not suprised in the least to see such wasted potential in a great fan character. I hope they give the creator what he deserves and put his character in a quality game.

  23. You called this a "RPG" game??? Where's the world coming to?


  24. @ E. Leona Castillero

    lol Don't even touch Xover with a ten foot pole. Anyone curious enough to even give this game test drive will find that Xover is a huge waste of time and a means to sucker you into buying "Premium" OP cards that will be outclassed a month later.

    One of the events they are holding called "Can't Beat Air Man 2" is their greatest scam yet. It is impossible to beat this boss even if you have the best cards in the game. So what does Capcom do? Sell super OP cards through the "SR+ Gauge," which requires at least $50 to go through once. To put the cherry on top the **** cake, they claim that these cards are only available for a limited time, so buy them quick or you'll never beat Air Man 2.

    Guess what? The day those OP cards expired, Capcom decided to be "nice" by adding them into the Premium booster packs. So anyone who spent $50+ to get these time exclusive cards could have gotten them by buying the booster packs now.

    Everything done in Xover reeks of monetary gain. There is absolutely no balance nor any semblance of tactics in the "bigger dick war" battles. It all comes down to who spent the most money and dumb luck.

  25. lol @ everyone losing their shit because apparently I said 'everyone who hates Xover also hates SF+ZX".

    Rabid fanbase plz. I never said anything like that. ZX and SF are some of the lowest selling games in the franchise (along with being the newest), so I used them as examples.

    No need to shit yourselves, I assure all of you that I quite enjoy playing SF and ZX as much as the next person.

  26. Let's not devolve into name calling and finger pointing. We're better than that.

    Minimalistic in effort and pay-to-win as this game is, I hand it to Capcom that they at least kept the boss design contest tradition alive.

    Sucks that Arcade Man has nothing to him in play, but the spirit of part of what made Mega Man so compelling - the fan participation - is at least there.

    It's a very, very tiny glimmer of joy, but one I'm sure the game's fans overseas have made the most of.

    If that's what they enjoy enough to the point they were willing to participate in that design contest, it's all good for them.

    Xover isn't the game for us, and I'm all right with that. Maybe one day we'll see another game like we want. If not, we have a hell of a backlog to replay and enjoy again and again.

  27. @Sylveon

    By your logic, we should collect every, single, Mega Man game that appears, no matter how bad it is. That's just blindly following a franchise, and that does neither side any good.

    Understand that we end up losing either way, in the sense that if we buy into this sort of thing, Capcom will likely continue to give the fans more of the same. Whereas, if we don't buy into it, Capcom will probably think that there's not enough interest in the series to continue.

  28. ....& the X-Over haters come out to bash a Mobile Game they've more than likely never played, & probably never will.

    I understand the rage over this being put out whereas Legends 3 etc. were canned, but, really?! Seriously?!

    It's time to let this one go, & move on, or will it take another MM game being announced before the rage over this subsides? I wonder...

  29. It's hard for me to be disappointed with the outcome.
    But only because I lacked the necessary naivety to think that XOver would suddenly improve drastically in presentation and gameplay.

  30. Wow. Way to overreact to a comment guys.

    Sylveon never mentioned anything about the fans who hate Xover also hate SF and ZX and they were just using them as an example of MM games that sold poorly. Oh well.
    Thanks you guys for reminding me the fandom's full of shitheads.

    Yours truly,
    an ex-Mega Man fan.

  31. With the way Capcom has been handling this, I find it a little doubtful that Arcade Man would appear in a quality game, which is really quite unfortunate. Capcom's unwilling to try anything new, and are instead more than preoccupied with this iOS game that they dare call a "Mega Man game". And it's just as the last person said, this game is obviously an excuse to make more quick money, and it seems obvious to me that Capcom are also going to 'milk' Arcade Man for monetary value by only having him appear in Xover, thus forcing people to pay their money into Xover just to fight against this boss. After all, their mindset is probably "Why include him in another game when we can just have him solely appear in Xover and make more money that way?"

    Now if I was the contest winner, I'd be pretty pissed off to see my character being used for their personal gain like that. I feel even worse for the character's creator now, and the sad thing is, they probably don't even realize what's going on.

    Also, Sylveon, please be quiet. We fans have done absolutely NOTHING to deserve this piece of crap, except caring deeply for everyone's favorite blue bomber. And last time I checked, that isn't a crime. We're not the ones making this thing. Capcom just went into their own little slump on their own for god who knows why, other than they maybe likely stopped caring about MM themselves. At least our criticism over Xover has done some good; it was enough for CoA to not bring it over to North America, and that was a very good move on their part. It avoided an even bigger train of disaster.

  32. @Sylveon

    "People who are complaining about Xover being horrible and how Capcom wasted Arcade Man's potential/doesn't care about Mega Man anymore = People who turned their noses up at Mega Man games such as SF and ZX"

    You said the people who are complaining about Xover are the same people who "turned their noses up" at SF and ZX.

    As other comments have shown, that claim/comparison was a completely baseless blanket statement.

    If you think Capcom went the Xover route because games like SF and ZX didn't sell all that well, that's fine, but to say that it's just people who didn't enjoy SF or ZX who are voicing complaints, or even to say that people who did in fact not like those series don't have any right to voice complaints is foolish. But then to go on to say "fans are responsible for the franchise's lack of quality/quantity over the years, not Capcom" is completely idiotic.

    Also @ Anonymous May 10, 2013 at 3:50 PM

    I can't speak for the rest of the fanbase, but from where I'm standing, good riddance.

  33. @Elpizo:

    "I understand the rage over this being put out whereas Legends 3 etc. were canned, but, really?! Seriously?!"

    I'm getting so, so tired of people assuming that everyone who hates/dislikes Xover is a blind Legends fanatic. That's absolutely not the case, because I myself happen to be pretty neutral/indifferent about that series series. In fact, I know someone who specifically said, at one point, that she wasn't a Legends fan, and even she thought that Xover was trash.

    "....& the X-Over haters come out to bash a Mobile Game they've more than likely never played, & probably never will."

    There are some instances where playing a game in order to judge it isn't even necessary, and this happens to be one of them. I don't know how anyone could possibly find any enjoyment whatsoever out of the crappy gameplay that was shown in that video, but if you're somehow able to stomach that garbage, then more power to you.

  34. Your friendly Neighborhod Metool has been away for far too long.May 10, 2013 at 9:18 PM

    Ignoring all the "xover sux! no it doesn't lulz!" comments for a sec, I have but one question:

    Why is there a Pac-man button? Why would there EVER be a Pac-Man button?

    (Also, tough break for Arcademan, but I'm sure the fanbase will salvage him somehow.

  35. I can't believe I just trolled a fandom.

  36. @Axem White
    A vast majority of the haters that hate on this ARE blind Legends fanatics, & a lot still turn their vitriol to this every opportunity they get. & as far as me stomaching it goes, I play it a fair bit & enjoy it. I take it you've had a go? Yeah, thought not. Hopefully whatever, if anything, that's mega man related that comes out next will appease you & the rest, then I don't have to read pages & pages of keyboard warriors flaming every time there's a news piece on X-Over.

  37. @Axem White

    I'm getting tired of reading posts from keyboard warriors bashing X-Over, the point is, you don't like it? That's fine, so what's the point of flaming how much capcom sucks or X-Over is garbage every time theres a news piece. People really just need to let this go. It's getting to the point where I'd rather not read a news piece on X-Over because I then see comments full of Internet trolls instead of useful stuff like how hard the boss is etc. which is a shame, as I quite like this little game.

  38. @Elpizo: If you like Xover, fine. I can't hold that against you. But don't yell at people who want to discuss this game's very legitimate flaws. (As for info related to the game, I don't think you're going to find much of it in the comments; it's not a database)

  39. This is the first time I see a boss battle from this game, and I'm honestly shocked that this is an official product.

    What a shame.

  40. @Sylveon: No, you didn't troll a whole fandom. You dun goofed and are trying to cover up your tracks. Try again.

  41. Guys, this really has to stop. I hate seeing the fandom so divided. I mean, I'm not saying we should all hate Xover or all love Xover, but we shouldn't be out for each others necks. For the people who hate Xover, that's fine and dandy, but it's all been said. You don't like it very much, here are your (valid) reasons, bing bang boom. There is no need to make people who like it feel uncomfortable and unwelcome by constantly (and I know this isn't all of you, but there are more then there should be) calling anyone who likes it a fool. And to those who do like it, please, enjoy it, don't get into heated arguments with those who don't and loose enjoyment from it.

  42. >2013
    >implying such minor LOLITROLU EPIC WEEN 1/10 attempts have any real impact on the Megaman Fandom since (insert your choice of OHSOTRAGICDEATHTOCAPCCPOMRARRRH Megaman event here) happened in (appropriate year)


  43. How do you do?
    I am an arcade man's real parent.
    I also had the last report shown.
    Thank you for much comment from many people.
    However, since Japanese is a native language, I myself am sorry about the ability only of a half to understand a meaning.
    Since I took out the work to the boss character contest, was defeated in an election (I was a schoolchild those days) and felt hot as Megaman 4, I am glad in the revenge having been completed this time.
    glad, if I also appear in "Lokman 11" as a boss -- I think .
    In addition, whatever the "crossover", I am it glad that it rose for Capcom to resume Megaman Boss character collection.
    Also the next project, I also expect that Capcom will do a Megaman Boss character contest.
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  44. @boss13(U-1)

    You're the creator? Great! As I've said, Arcade Man has a lot of potential. Hopefully, it can be realized in a true sequel to a Mega Man game, because this game is holding him back quite a bit.

    Also, before I go, why is there so much generalization in some of the comments here? First, it was the fault of the fans who turned their noses up to ZX, and now, the complaints are, supposedly, from Legends fans. And Legends 3 wasn't even mentioned in this topic!

    Regardless if the game is fun, can you really sit back and say that Capcom is doing any of the characters justice? Here's something else to think about:

    Capcom once programmed games for an 8-bit processor, on a console known as the Famicom/NES. Those games were of extremely high quality. Now, in the 21st century, on a very advanced piece of tech, there's a game that's a bit too simplistic, even when compared to the standards of an 8-bit. There's something wrong, because this isn't normal from Capcom. They usually produce high-quality games.

    Can you really say that Capcom is really trying to impress people?

  45. @Those Generalizing Anyone Hating On Xover: Do you think that the fans of each series even want their own bosses in this game? FFS Arcade Man is a blatant example of how lazy they are.

    I personally have my complaints, and it's more than mechanics and graphics. The lack of an actual solid story makes some of the boss character choices questionable.

    The biggest one I have issues with is World 4. The Battle Network world. Every single character besides Life Virus was NEVER A VILLAIN. Thunderman was a good guy, Woodman was a good guy, Sharkman was neutral, and even Heatman appeared when Match was neutral or good. Every single boss makes no sense and since there is no explaining, I don't approve of the world itself. Let's not even start on the fact that somehow Xover entered the cyber world.

    And then the Starforce World. I have issues with Cancer, Andromeda and it's entire premise. Why? Because Cancer was just a kid who wanted a fight, he never actually did anything storywise. And let's not forget being an EM Being gives special abilities, meaning somehow Light and Cossack anticipated this of all things and gave Xover something to counter that. But then there's ANDROMEDA, A SUPERWEAPON. This SHOULD NOT have been a secret boss as it means almost everything AFTER, such as Fairy Leviathan, should technically be pushovers. It should have been a Master Boss, with Gemini being bumped to Secret with someone else filling that spot.

    And this is before the ZX and Legends worlds have emerged too folks. How do you think people will feel when the 3D model bosses of Legends show up and get half baked sprites and animations like the Starforce bosses? The people you're already accusing of hating the game, who haven't even had their bosses ruined yet?


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