Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mega Man Joining the 'Universal Fighting System' Card Game?

Teased on the official UFS Facebook page, it would appear Mega Man -- and other Capcom characters -- are coming soon to the Universal Fighting System. The silhouettes of the super fighting robot himself and Darkstalkers' Hsien-Ko would seem to suggest a forthcoming Capcom themed deck.

Produced by Jasco Games, The UFS is a popular collectible card composed of cards from licensed franchises, mostly fighting games. It's appeal lies in the ability to create dream showdowns. Imagine pitting Mega Man against the likes of Soul Caliber, Street Fighter, and King of Fighters characters. Legendary battles, to say the least.

Hopefully we won't have to wait too long for an official confirmation.

Source: UFS (thanks for the tip, tokotamer!)


  1. LeiLei and Megaman, how can it get any better?

  2. Not again!!!! Rockman is continue as guest for whatever games he is in ? I want his own game again. You are stupid, Capcom!

  3. Finally! Darkstalkers Decks!
    and a Hsien-Ko one to boot? Finally my Hsien-Ko cards for UFS have use.

  4. Finally! Darkstalkers decks and Mega Man?! I've been waiting for Darkstalkers decks, let's hope this game gets some life again. I really want more Hsien-Ko cards for my Hsien-Ko deck.

  5. Fairly sure thats a Castlevania character considering the background is Dracula's pad.

  6. I'd flip my shit in joy and then buy all the cards in that set if it really came out.

    I remember making a really nice Evil Ryu themed deck back when it was a bit more relevant.

    I personally wished this game caught on and stayed more relevant than Kaijudo or VanGuard and that stuff.

  7. Anon 3: It's her.


  8. @ Anon 2:

    Many UFS Players/Capcom Fans of UFS have wanted Mega Man in the game for at least the past 6 years. This game is mostly Capcom Driven. "Not Again!!" and blaming capcom for it? I'm pretty sure if capcom has finally caved/let them make a Mega Man UFS Card that fans have wanted, then this is a blessing for Mega Man not a curse. It shows they're giving him more attention! I expect a lot of Megamix and Gigamix panels to be coloured for this since Udon does most of the stuff! So don't get all pissy with Capcom for something the knowledgeable fans have wanted for so many years.

  9. Not hard to imagine pitting Mega Man against Street Fighter, considering Street Fighter x Mega Man, and the Marvel vs. Capcom series... :) :)

    Needless fun-poking aside, I've never heard of UFS, but I'm glad to hear the Blue Bomber's getting support.


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