Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rockman X Joining Wii U Virtual Console Library

Hot on the heels of Rockman 3, the original Rockman X will hit the Japanese Wii U Virtual Console next week, May 22nd. It will run for 800 Yen, or 150 Yen for those who've transferred their Wii Virtual Console data over to Wii U.

As per usual, no word on North America or Europe.

Source: Cheesemeister (via The Mega Man Network)


  1. Nice, need more new fans about MMX too!

  2. Seems like Capcom's getting on the VC wagon early, unlike last time where they waited until the 9 hype train. We may actually see 6 and X3 this time.... Maybe even 64 if we're lucky.

  3. So, no Mega Man 6, MMX3, MM64, Rockboard, Soccer, and Wily Wars for Wii users, huh?

  4. Why not bring maverick hunter X on the wiiu?

  5. that's nice, what about the rest of the world?

  6. @Anonymous #2:

    According to this article, the Virtual Console wasn't among the services that were discontinued on the Wii, so there's a slight possibility that Mega Man 6 will make its way over to it around the same time it'll appear on the 3DS eShop next month. X3 and the others, I'm not so sure about.


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