Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Runny Nose? Rush Has Your Back!

Here's another quirky product from Capcom Japan: a plush Rush tissue box! Just in time for those pre-autumn allergies, E-Capcom will be shipping this puppy out in September for 4800 Yen (roughly $47.40).

With that price you'd expect it to actually jet across the room to tend to every sneeze. Nope! Still kinda cute, though.

Source: E-Capcom


  1. Dry tears for cancelled megaman games.

  2. Oh yaaaa 25th anniversary merchandise coming out like 3 months before it's the 26th anniversary... Geezuz they really had nothing planned now when you look at it all.

  3. $47 for a tissue box......really?

  4. @ 1t Anon: Ha!

    I love it. I totally want one. Maybe price will drop when they hit Yahoo Japan auctions.

  5. I like Rush, and this makes this kind of want... But that is a lot of money for something like that, even if it is a plush tissue holder.


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