Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rockman Xover Crossovers with 'Seven Thousand Wars'

Typical of a great many social RPGs, Rockman Xover will enter a cross promotion with another franchise. The Mega Man Network reports character's from Namco Bandai's Seven Thousand Wars – Season 2 will appear in Xover as special Battle Memory cards in a lottery. Seven, meanwhile, will see the addition of Rockman themed equipment, as well as five SP cards featuring OVER-1's incarnations with medieval/fantasy weaponry. And lots of dirt.

The Seven Battle Memory cards will appear towards the end of June. Xover equipment is now available in Seven until the end of the month.

Source: The Mega Man Network


  1. Social RPG's and Casual Gaming are the diseases within our community. Even Square-Enix, the kings of beating dead horses, cancelled their Social RPG's earlier this year, citing a lack of substance and worth.

  2. Cant get over how his art work seems copy and pasted over the initial design....blah. No emotion at all.

  3. @anon#2
    This is pretty bad example in this case. But it's... par for Xover's art. All the various Over-#s are drawn over or the same stock art Over-1.

  4. It's like Samson said

    Yep, just keeps getting weirder.

  5. 2nd Anon:

    Who needs emotion when you have a fur collar?

    Bleh, is this game really doing so well in Japan to warrant it's continuation? That worries me very much.

  6. Dumbdy dumbdy dumbadadoo.

  7. Well, OVER-1 IS a time traveller, so he can crossover with anything...
    Still... boring!

    2nd anon:
    Considering he is the protagonist of xover, how you expected his expression to be? He surely isn't happy with his situation.


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