Friday, May 31, 2013

Mega Man Confirmed for Universal Fighting System

The official Universal Fighting System Facebook page has confirmed Mega Man (and Darkstalkers) are headed to the popular trading card game. In fact, you can look forward to new Mega Man sets over the next three years!

"Mega Man is going to have at least 3 releases over the next 3 years as complete sets. We cannot disclose which characters will be in those sets yet, however ProtoMan and Mega Man are expected in the Summer Releases this year."

If that wasn't enough, the UFS Facebook page is giving you the opportunity to win an exclusive Mega Man play mat. Simply like their page and you're in! A winner will be drawn on July 4th.

Thanks for the tip, RockX!


  1. I might take up UFS now that Megaman is in.

  2. What the heck is UFS I never even heard of it till now... And where would I be able to get these Mega Man sets? I'm guessing these will be starter decks?

  3. @Anon2:

  4. Yes there will be two starter decks coming out first, and you can find out more at


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