Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rockman iPhone 5 Case Heads to eCapcom

Capcom of Japan wants to megafy your iPhone 5 with this nifty Rockman themed case. It also just so happens to be a work of 3D sprite art. The product is exclusive to eCapcom for the time being, retailing for 2,480 Yen (roughly $25 US) and due to ship on July 3rd.

I, for one, am crossing fingers for Capcom Unity to get the jump on this.

Source: eCapcom (via The Mega Man Network)


  1. ridiculously cool.

  2. Pretty cool. How would it fit easily into ones pocket though? A shame there likely wont be an Android phone version, what with all the different shapes and sizes.

  3. I'd be all over this if it were available for iPhone 4... :/


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