Friday, May 17, 2013

E-Tank Tee Available for Preorder at Insert Coin

A spiffy new Mega Man shirt is on its way to Insert Clothing, makers of video game inspired clothing. It's a blue tee that celebrates the E-Tank; Mega Man's life saving beverage of choice. The Mega Buster power level strip on the sleeve is a nice bonus, too.

You can preorder yours here for £22.00 (approximately $33.40). Insert Coin are based in the UK but ship internationally.

Source: Insert Coin


  1. It is easy to make yourself through scan. The artwork on your own. The price for one t-shirt is so cheap. Anyway, it is about 33 dollars?! what a rip off. No thanks.

  2. @Anon:

    This is an officially lichened shirt. Proceeds return to Capcom directly. The more money the franchise earns the better.

  3. @tim,

    I am aware of that but I dont want to buy it and directly to Capcom. They did nothing to make megaman games but merchandise stuff. Its annoying. They knew that there are fan out there and they are doing it out of money. If I want it then I make one just for fun and cheap. :)

  4. Okay...aren't they called E-Cans in classic and E-Tanks are the X Series items?

    Shirt's kinda cool though, I suppose.

    1. Classic : E-Tank
      X-Series : Sub Tank

  5. Pretty sure they re called sub tanks in the x series

  6. Not worth $33.
    MacLemore's Thrift Shopping rant on shirts comes to mind.


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