Saturday, December 22, 2012

Subtitled Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Gameplay

The tenacious folks from Get Me Off the Moon (aka 100,000 Strong For Mega Man Legends 3) have gone and translated some old Prototype gameplay for your viewing pleasure (click the CC button!). These videos showed off all sorts of neat things to do and see from the ill-fated Prototype, but for one reason or another weren't translated until very recently.

You can check out one more video here. Thanks to Skybane for the tip!


  1. Even though I'm far from being a Legends fanboy, I still think that this game definitely had some potential. It looked as if they were certainly making progress with it, but then, out of the clear blue sky, they decided to pull the plug on it.

  2. @Axem White:

    Agreed. The more I think about the whole Legends 3 fiasco, the more it irritates me. For example, their reasoning as to why they cancelled the whole thing was lack of fan input. Why didn't the fans receive ANY WARNING? If they REALLY cared and genuinely wanted the project to succeed, wouldn't they have... I dunno, given ANY sort of heads up that things weren't working out?

    I'm positive that if they had some announcement that warned the fans that the project wasn't getting as much fan input as they expected/wanted, the fans would have stepped it up.


  3. Part of this makes me rather sad, and the other part made me laugh quite a lot. Especially when civilians went cartwheeling off the screen when they were hit by the bike. I do hope they decide to pick up this project again eventually. Preferably before the world actually does end.

  4. @Megaseven: I agree about their whole 'reasoning', they should have given a warning. But to be absolutely fair, we as the Devroom community had been doing our best to try to 'develop' the game. We threw around ideas practically daily, we doodled and detailed concepts, we entered the events they proposed to us and helped the staff to make decisions. I personally felt we were doing pretty good considering we didn't actually work at Capcom's buildings. What more could they have expected from us then? Apparently they expected too much, and even with all of us combined, I don't think any of us really had the power to make that big of a influence Capcom was apparently hoping for.

    If SF vs MM is any indication, I wonder if fans were to make a Legends 3 fan-game all by themselves, Capcom would try to approach them and license it.

    But part of me also believes that Legends 3 had numerous factors in why it was cancelled. Blaming the fans was probably either an excuse (Since let's face it, Capcom don't tell us everything. We never were given reasons why MMU or RMO were cancelled), or at least just one of the many reasons why it was cancelled. Either way, blaming the fans was pretty damn offensive and uncalled for.

    Now, to be on topic, it's good to see more of these neat vids subtitled. I always did like videos and screenshots of in-development games, even if they were never finished.

  5. Looks exactly like EX Troopers. #Kappa

  6. This is extremely cool and depressing at the same time

  7. It's really sad to see this game hit the trash bin. I was also looking forward for it. Oh well... *Sigh*

  8. "How to flog a dead horse: The Game"

  9. I really don't think personally it was fan input. I think that was a poor statement on CoE's part and we've been focused on it.

    There could have been other reasons they didn't say. The internal standards we were told it didnt meet for one. The prototype could have cost ALOT of money and projected game costs could have been unreasonable. The games projected memory usage could have been too big for the game cart. The backlash towards Barrett or whatever his name was that fans had and the accusations he was replacing Volnutt(Don't even deny it, some of you did make the accusations).

    Remember, CoE said something we don't even know is the truth or even the full truth. Don't assume their foolish response is the reason CoJ cancelled it.

  10. If you ask me, GregaMan's farewell blog post from when the game was cancelled leaves me to believe that the Devroom itself was more the target of the cancellation than the game.

    Fitting that these should surface on the heels of that "what digital games do you want to see from us?" poll. Because, you know, that's pretty much the answer for half the fanbase right there.


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