Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Team Reaverbot Releases 25th Anniversary Demo

The folks at Team Reaverbot have just released a playable demo for their highly anticipated 25th anniversary fan-game. This build features the full Bio Man stage and a battle against Tarot Man. No word yet on when the full game will hit, but you can look forward to more demos in the near future.

You can download it directly from Team Reaverbot's site here. While you're at it, be sure to grab the game's soundtrack in NSF format!

Source: Team Reaverbot


  1. Wasn't really impressed with the demo I must admit....

  2. Actually, there is a NSF in Data folder, even two (but I didn't have time to compare them).

  3. Tarot Man is an interesting take of shield bosses... but that's really the only good thing I can say about it right now. It's got some good ideas but it needs a LOT of work.

  4. I will skip it until a full version is available, thanks anyway.

  5. I really like it. I enjoyed it more than SFxMM in my opinion. I enjoy SFxMM but I would rather actually fight actual robot masters instead of characters from Street Fighter.

  6. Also, an observation should the devs somehow read this comment section the bosses do way too much damage.

    4 hit kills are ok for things like Punk but regular Robot Masters? Nah that's a bit much.

    Also bug report, if you pause while the toxic Fire Tackles are on screen they abruptly phase out of existence. Occasionally Mega Man's buster just won't fire as well he'll make the animation but nothing happens, too many objects on screen maybe?

  7. I agree with what 3:15 anonymous said, the bosses just deal too much damage. Not every boss has to be able to Elec-man you to death, you know. That being said, it's real fun. The bosses need toning down a bit and I'd like a bigger "able-to-hit" window for the Bio-joes, but I enjoy this demo more than I enjoy SFxMM, which like many fangames before it is just too damn hard. That and it won't recognize my controller, so I can't keep up with the fast-as-hell bosses. Is there anywhere we can leave feedback to Team Reaverbot directly?

  8. I guess it's better to mail them bug reports because it might be difficult to track them from all possible MM websites. You can find their email in readme file (or you may tweet them).

  9. Lost my patience after the second shielded enemy. Not enough HP to tank them all and it might as well be impossible to kill them.

  10. Well, not bad... but it needs a lot of work. The music is quite annoying, they don't sound Megaman-like; perhaps I'm not familiar with the extra channels used. Plus, the frame rate seems odd, as frameskipping... More: the game gravity (Mega Man jump) is broken - it's not that way!

    SFxMM is *much* better. Ya, still has flaws, but still better.


    When I start the game, I get an annoying message saying the game can't find that MSVCR100.dll exactly 19 times, then starts the game after I clicked OK on them all.


    The Menu is just cool. But, the music isn't playing for me. Maybe because of the .ogg format.


    Well... Tarot Man... Hmm... *Going into Boss Room - "What the... Glitchy"* His Tarot cards are annoying, huh. And WHAT???...

    ...Touch (Shield) does 8 damage... Should be 4.

    Touch (no Shield) does 4 damage, but I'm not sure. This seems to be a legit value.

    Jumping on Mega Man does 8 damage which is... Too much... It should be 4.

    Tarot Leaf is easy to dodge, but does an amount of very big pain. Like about 8 bars. Should be 4.

    Tarot Club is easy to dodge, but harder that Tarot Leaf. Should be...

    Tarot Sword can be hard to dodge... 8 damage again?! Do you know what I want to say?

    Tarot Whip(?) is like Tarot Sword, but he throws 4 cards only forward. Err... 8 damage again I think?

    Tarot Man's concept is good, but, deals too much damage. But he's easy. A bit.

    Off-topic: while I were writing this, he killed me at the same time when I killed him! Argh! I were soo close!


    Bio Man... Hmm... The stage enemies are FREAKING strong! Especially the Toxic Head(?)

    I couldn't yet to get to him. Stage enemies are always killing me!

  12. I talked with Julian, and the newer build fixes a few glitches I found, and lowers health of a few enemies in Bio Man's stage (the little red orbs, and the Bio Joe's)

    The Buster not firing comes from canceling a slide by pressing the opposite direction of the slide and then firing (I've mentioned it to him).

    Unless you're Proto Man (who takes double damage) I didn't find any of the Boss doing too much damage. I guess if people are struggling, some of those 8's could be brought down to like 6 or something.

    I'd say keep trying, I though Bio Man was too hard at first, but now I only get hit once, maybe twice.


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