Monday, December 17, 2012

Mega Man 1 Through Mega Man 6 Coming to U.S eShop

It's finally happening. Announced over on Capcom Unity, all six NES Mega Man games are headed to the North American Nintendo 3DS eShop. The party kicks off with the original Mega Man due out on December 27. This will be followed by Mega Man 2 on February 7, with the rest of the games dropping in regular intervals throughout 2013.

Source: Capcom Unity


  1. Fantasy Empress RolinaDecember 17, 2012 at 8:48 AM

    We knew this was coming anyways. I'm still awaiting the announcement today has in store.

  2. I want 3D classics versions.

  3. I'm with Anon1, about the only way I would buy these again is to have 3D Classics versions. Which, for what it's worth, were shown at that first E3 or TGS, can't recall.

  4. @HyperSonicEXE: Iwata said it wasn't really profitable to create the 3D Classics and that they were going to stop and only do it for titles that really deserved it and for special occasions like Kid icarus for Uprising's release.

    Doing all 6 titles is definitely not profitable to Capcom nor Nintendo. You aren't going to see them no matter how much you petition this time.

  5. Hopefully 6, 7 and X3 come to the VC, too.

  6. @ Anon2:
    Oh, I'm well aware of how unprofitable that in-depth remasterings can be, especially at the VC price point...but can't they just up it?

    For that matter, can't somebody come up with a 3D upconverting filter for the 3DS like LG TV's have?

  7. Alright! I've been waiting to get these games on my 3DS!

    Now, I just hope we get Mega Man II, III, IV, and V for the gameboy Virtual Console.


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