Friday, December 21, 2012

Check Out This Exceedingly Awesome Mega Man X Fan-Film

Ringing in the Blue Bomber's 25th anniversary, here's one helluva cool short Mega Man X fan-film by Shane Newville. If this doesn't make you yearn for a new entry in the series, I don't know what will!

Thanks to Clown Prince of Crime and Eddie for the tip!


  1. I live for his type'a thing. Hand-to-hand ain't exactly what you'd expect, but if Mega needed a Birthday present, this is everything the fans are still hoping for.


  2. This is why I wanted X for MvC3.



  3. Pretty much the greatest thing I've ever seen. Whoever made this is one of the few Mega Man fans who understand how truly badass and limitlessly powerful X actually is. Zero can take a seat. (Which he did, after X knocked him out. As it should be.)

  4. @SeFoNo - Yeah, but after X performing the Shinkuu Hadouken in that Namco X Capcom, plus the Shining Finger-esque ability in MHX, I could definitely see X pulling some Street Fighter moves when the situation called for it.
    I mean, how useful would Tatsumaki be when you had enemies coming at you on both sides?

    I've always loved the X series, hope Capcom gets around to keeping the soundtrack and grit of X1-X3 with new graphics and delves further into how robots handle their sentience.

  5. If Capcom wants a game changer, this is how you do it. It very much like the Batman Arkham games, but with a Megaman touch. I'd love to see the future of Megaman games go this route. It may be the game changer to save the Megaman franchise itself. The after-credits ending was perfect too.

  6. That's a Xtremelly Xcellent Xtraordinary film! X's badass level got up by the same amount of his potential!

  7. The video, for the most part, was a lot better than I thought it'd be. Although, I don't like how one-sided the X VS Zero fight was.

  8. One word. XCELLENT! (Couldn't help with the puns going around)


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