Friday, December 28, 2012

Mega Man Christmas Carol Remix is Here

Alright, we're a little bit late on this but it's still fun! For those who missed it, the folks at Sprites Inc. have brought out another one of their fantastically sweet Christmas Carol fangames. It's a remake this year-- a powered up version of the original game from two years ago with tons of added content, a mostly new soundtrack, new bosses and features. Most important of all, though, it's running on the Christmas Carol II engine. That's right; this one plays as smooth as Christmas butter.

Check out the trailer above, then head over to Sprites Inc. to download the game. Thanks to Joesph for the tip!


  1. ... how does this not have any comments yet? Is everyone still on Winter Vacation? XD

    Ah well. I might sound a little biased when I say that this game is pretty great. It did everything the first game did correctly and added a whole lot more to it! There's even more achievements and a leaderboard this time around! It's not the most time-consuming game out there, but it is most definitely a great way to kill a bit of time, and great if you're really competitive. :3

  2. @Joe

    Fan game fatigue probably.

  3. @Anon1
    Ah, that makes sense... And there's at least two more on the way! (Not from Sprites INC, but from other sources. Heh.)

  4. Fan game fatigue wouldn't surprise me. It looks like a good game, but yeah, the release's timing probably wasn't that great. But hey, not like you can postpone a fan-game based on the holidays.

    And off-topic but, do I see a slight reference to Snow Miser & Heat Miser in that vid?

  5. @Dr. Jerk:
    You most certainly do! They are even named SNO Miser and HEAT Miser. You get to fight them back to back.
    I have never hated Heat Miser more.
    That's a compliment.

    I love-hate the game. I love playing the game but I am terrible at it.

  6. Looks like fun... Wish there was a Mac version.


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