Thursday, December 20, 2012

Capcom Digital Survey Asks Some Very Interesting Questions

Capcom U.S has put out a survey to see what we, the fans and consumers, would like to see from Capcom in the digital game space. The data gathered will help the company in the decision making process.

Mega Man-wise, you'll prompted to select which individual games from the franchise you'd like to see digitally. Subsequent pages want to know if you'd like to see a "NEW HD Mega Man - side-scrolling, jump and shoot (HD sprite based or 2.5D)", "NEW HD Battle Network", and even a "Mega Man Legends compilation."

"There's no guarantees on what the outcomes will be, but I promise you, this data will be a factor in our decision making process," writes Christian Svensson. "I'll be compiling the data in about a week (closing just after Christmas) and sharing the results internally with Japan before the end of the year."

So yeah. Interesting stuff! If you'd like to make you voice heard, fill out the survey here!

Source: Capcom Unity


  1. I don't know, I'd rather have a retail release, though a digital release would be better than what we have right now, yeah


    I want it all.

  3. Since it is a survey and there are options for comments, being thorough is better than just saying 'GIVE ME NEW TITLES' etc.

    Pretty much half of the list is 'what re-releases do you want to see' and what new titles might you be interested in'

    Honestly, I hope that fans put thought into their answers and not just follow what might be the 'popular' thought-process right now.

    Who knows? We might have something to look forward to after all!

  4. Why the fuck are there no Mega Man ZX or Star Force questions in the survey? Capcom could we please have ZX3 before you think about doing anything X or Legends related kthxs.

    Yes, I am saying I'd rather have a new entry for two of the most hated/obscure series in the franchise than a compilation for three/four of the most popular series.

  5. New HD Battle Network

    More like 3D!
    And make THAT your social title, with Patch paling around with Megaman.EXE on his smartphone, and you could have a NetNavi-esque app for Android and iOS.

  6. I wrote this in the comments section. I feel it's a very fair assessment:

    I am very adamant when I say that Mega Man should not be limited simply to digital downloads. Countless will agree. Mega Man, as a character, and as a franchise, is worth more than that. In fact, I really don't want any more ports of anything. As a heartfelt fan, I desire brand new titles. The brand deserves it, the fans demand it. Some in particular would be Mega Man ZX3 (story needs to be wrapped up to lead into Legends), Mega Man X9 (story needs to be continued), needless to say Legends 3, and a new age classic title (not done in 8-Bit, but something fresh, with coherent story elements). If Capcom can create those titles in the near future, any and/or all, then they will have resounding revenue. As an appetizer suggestion, a Mega Man X HD Collection (X7, X8, MHX) would be great. Maybe fine-tuning some things in X7 in the process.

  7. @Zerker

    Advent was one of the worse selling titles internationally, I can see why Capcom would be reluctant to start a Mega Man resurgence with that.

    Why don't you go play some Xover to cool your head instead of getting angry not everyone is throwing support behind the game you want?

  8. I said no to all the straight ports an yes to the X1-X8 collection.

  9. @Zerker: I dunno about ZX, but I think it's been stated/implied numerous times before that SF (and by extension, BN) has more legal issues surrounding it than the other series. So there isn't a lot Capcom can do.

    On-topic, I hope something meaningful comes out of this survey.

  10. I'd love to see spme new HD Battle Network games.

  11. @RADIX

    Said legal issues involve the anime company Viz Media who have the contract seemingly indefinitely due to the fact Capcom really was banking on BN (and later SF) to really be a big thing. Which didn't happen.

    While I'm pretty sure that only affects tie-in stuff like anime, comics and manga I'm not sure it would have an effect on the production of a game. Then again Sven did say there were problems making a BN Collection so maybe who knows.

    Hell maybe the contract for Battle Network finally expired and Star Force's hasn't yet.

  12. So yeah, I didn't lie. Said I definitly won't buy anything except maybe the compilations; I don't care about or want to own anything digitally, be it games, books, movies, etc. I prefer a physical product that I can use when I want to, no matter how much time has passed, and is not limited to having to be online or anything else. Also, should something go wrong with it ten years from now, it'd be lovely to load up an online store/message board and just buy a new copy, instead of not being able to redownload because that service no longer exists or the download is no longer available...

    Also, HD sprites for the win, to hell with 2.5 or 3D... unless it's Legends (also, I guess, Star Force... don't know and honestly don't really care about EXE/SF...)

  13. new megaman soccer gogo

  14. Out of everything, I want new ZX and SF games. I'll take a new BN game, though, as long as it isn't just a remake of an old game (I'm looking at YOU, Rockman.EXE OSS).

  15. A Mega Man Legends compilation is something that I have ALWAYS personally wanted, especially on a Nintendo console or handheld, even before Legends 3's cancellation. I would certainly want something like that, especially given I've never had the opportunity to play Legends 2 or Tron ni Kobun (English title escapes me right now). But then there's also the reality of legal issues behind the games that prevented them from going to the PSN... But a X release would also be good to me too.

    @Zerker: While I would also like to see another ZX and Starforce installment, just please stop. Legends has not seen a decent release, or even re-release, in years now, and it's worse in the west where we did not get the PSP ports. After the cancellation of Legends 3, a game that we fans have been waiting for ALMOST A DECADE, only to have it pulled away from us for no apparent good reason, I think we at least deserve to see a Legends compilation FOR THE VERY LEAST. Another installment in the X series has also been in high demand, especially since the last titles also kind of ended on with cliff-hangers. You can argue that ZX and Starforce also weren't completed, and they weren't especially in ZX's case, but there is a much more higher demand among the majority of people for another Legends or X release. I barely see demand for Starforce and ZX anymore. And since the franchise, and even the company itself, are in a terrible rut as it is, I think it would be more wiser for them to give us something us fans have been demanding for in the majority. Majority overrules the minority, it's just how it is.

    Of course, it's not like this survey guarantees anything, but I'm glad that Capcom is even bothering to hold this.

  16. @ Dr.Jerk - I actually don't care for X because technically it was supposed to have ended at X5 if I recall correctly and I'd rather see Battle Chip Challenge re-released than Legends 3 being uncancelled (mainly because of the way the fanbase reacted when it was cancelled).

  17. I completely agree with everything you wrote, although I don't know how to feel about another X collection, it would just add 2-3 games from the previous one, I want to see what a post-Inafune Capcom is capable of doing on their own without any re-do's of old games.

  18. Loving all the support for Legends on the Unity thread. Just make the game, Capcom. The support is there.

  19. My previous comment was a response to Mac.

  20. Threw my support behind almost everything Mega Man related that I could.

    Except for EXE 4 and X6-8 HD ports. Those are... Eh.

    If a new EXE game is to be made, or the EXE games are to be ported, I'd hope Capcom gets the hint that online functionality is just about required at this point. I don't think OSS would have backfired nearly as much as it did if it at least had true online multiplayer.

  21. @ Zerker

    "I'd rather see Battle Chip Challenge re-released than Legends 3 being uncancelled (mainly because of the way the fanbase reacted when it was cancelled)."

    I suppose you actually believe that spiteful attitude is being more mature, huh?

  22. We want Megaman 11, Megaman Legends 3, Megaman & Bass 3 (After Wonderswan sequel version) and Megaman X9. Oh yeah, Megaman 6 3DS (continuing after Game Boy series) :-)

  23. The question they should really be asking is; Do You Want More Playable Blues? To which the answer would be a resounding, sexy yes!

  24. Oh please new HD Battle Network. Please.

  25. @Zerker: Well, no one really cares that you don't care about X or Legends. That's the thing. Your comments make it seem like only your opinion matters.

  26. I want a new classic game with awesome 2HD graphics!!!

  27. A Battle Network collection for 3DS and WiiU wwould be the best.
    It would be #2, after Smitty Werbenjegenmanjensen. HE WAS NUMBER 1

  28. New legend would be the best.
    Or a remake of legends for some new console.

  29. What are you up to, Capcom? Planning to troll us out? Whatever you're doing right now... I can't be sure if I can trust you, Capcom...

  30. Oh yea...time to put my vote in for a BN sequel and then on to SF.

  31. Fantasy Empress RolinaDecember 20, 2012 at 10:03 PM

    I don't mind ports so long as they're ENHANCED ports. That means up the resolution, graphics, and sound to modern standards, and throw in some extras. Then, I'm fine with ports.

    New games, though... well, I don't care if it's Robotics style, Network style, or hell, even a Legends type game. I'd LOVE to see those.

  32. These questions are rigged to remove questions if you say no to things. If you choose no to question 2, the survey automatically ends. That's bad form, incredibly bad form. It also seems to imply ports are what Capcom is all about.

    No, we don't want ports. Show some effort Capcom.

  33. Thing is, it seems like they want to churn out re-releases. Sorry, but I already own most of these games from back when they came out. I would by compilations but only because they would (hopefully) include some extras.
    But man, the things I would do for another (16bit or ps1 style) X title. . .

  34. why capcon wants to know fans opinion? they just kill megaman tha's the true. Making a new megaman game? For what? To cancel it? Please don´t troll us

  35. I hope that Capcom makes a Mega Man Powered Up 2 to 6 with the same style as the first one. I also would like to see Mega Man X Maverick Hunter X2 to X3 with added bonus short Anime movies. The Day of Sigma was awesome :D

  36. Classic Mega Man for the true gamers...

    X for story-happy nerds...

    Legends for story-happy perverts...

    Battle network for kids under 12...

    Starforce for people who are diametrically opposed to all things popular...

    Megaman Zero for fans of bad anime...

    ZX for fans of bad anime who are diametrically opposed to all things popular or good...

    How can Capcom hope to appease them all, especially with a single game? If there's one thing a new Mega Man game will guarantee, it's whining from the unsatisfied factions.

  37. Done. I hope I did not waste 3 minutes of my life on this beautiful Apocalypse Day and them not taking heed of these answers. :\

  38. I hope that Capcom makes a Mega Man Powered Up 2 to 6 with the same style as the first one. I also would like to see Mega Man X Maverick Hunter X2 to X3 with added bonus short Anime movies. The Day of Sigma was awesome :D

  39. @Jet-Striker
    "If you choose no to question 2, the survey automatically ends."

    Isn't the second question if you are interested in Digital Distributed Games? The whole survey is asking which DD games you would buy or are interested in.
    Spoiler: If you aren't interested in DD games, no question in the survey applies to you.

  40. @ Anonymous Prime - Please be a troll. Liking Classic doesn't make you a 'true gamer', it makes you a fan of the Classic series. (people who call themselves 'true gamers' or 'true fans' for shunning every other series post-2000 remind me of those hipsters who claim they loved the 90s despite being born in 1999 or later)

    Also I honestly do not believe that BN or X deserve any more sequels, since X was supposed to end at X5 and BN ended at BN6. I support the idea of Powered Up 2 (something I'D really love to see, though I'll be sad if it is Vita-exclusive), MM11, ZX3, SF4 and a BN compilation.

  41. >Sprite based
    No, unless it's on a handheld and isn't trying to be "retro". 2.5 should be okay, so long as it isn't a rehash. Give it some originality, sheesh.

    Although, the classic and X series are pretty much dead in terms of the number of games that can be pumped out. X9 is barely possible with X8's ending, and the Classic formula's been used so much it's dead.

  42. Best survey ever. I finished it at the second question XD

  43. You know, I am suddenly reminded of the Suggestion Box that was set up over at Unity about two years ago. I wonder if anything ever came out of that.


    @ Anonmyous Prime:

    ...Nah, not even going to dignify you with a serious response.

  44. @Anonymous Prime: You forgot Classic Mega Man for the true gamers...and
    for semi story-happy nerds
    for story-happy perverts...
    for kids under 12...
    for people who are diametrically opposed to all things popular...
    for fans of bad anime...
    for fans of bad anime who are diametrically opposed to all things popularly accepted by the majority of gamers as good...

    It's that easy man.

    @Alilatias: The age thing got to you didn't it? lol.

    As for me I want to see updates to all those series.

  45. @Alilatias

    There will never be a EXE7, if they do make a BN collection, which I hope they will, they would include all the JP only features and Nintendo Network Wifi and make the JP Only content in the BN series US and translate them. Oh, and include all versions to play in that collection or complation.

    Other than that, you keep hoping for a new EXE game, well the BN series ended at 6. And EXE 4 was a good game. Capcom will not make any more EXE games except maybe a compaltion or collection for the 3DS.

  46. @ December 21, 2012 8:41 PM Anon:

    Hahaha, yeah, he got me. I realized too late that he was trying to make a parody of the fanbase. Not even sarcastic here.

    Although listing Classic as 'for people stuck in the past' or something to that effect would have made it far too obvious.

    @ Musashi the Master:

    I never said I wanted an EXE 7. I'm actually against the idea of an EXE 7 existing, but I wouldn't mind if they went along with it anyway.

    I'm hoping for a different kind of title though, like a new series taking place in the 200 year gap between BN and Star Force. I drafted some ideas on how such a series could work out a little more than a year ago, which could be seen here:

    But seriously, stop replying to me as if you actually know me, because you don't. Same for whatever one-sided bull you have going on between you and Amir, it's been three freaking years and we're all tired of that crap.


    Someone on another forum suggested that we should probably have another Network Transmission-style game.

    Another game of that style would be a pretty good idea, actually. Right now the fanbase is basically split into three main factions.

    - One that wants more Classic-style games
    - One that wants more BN-style games
    - One that wants Legends 3 to be released

    A Network Transmission-style game would, in theory, appeal to the first two categories at once. Capcom would just have to hope that this project doesn't end up putting off both factions instead.

    Oh, and balance the buster and battlechip system, while they're at it. Network Transmission had a hell of a reverse difficulty curve.

    Legends 3 is Legends 3, no way to get around that.

  47. @Aliatas

    Listen, I owe you and the commentors here in this blog an apology.

    It's just... That seeing the MegaMan fanbase like this really pisses me off and I dunno what happen, but I get rude and snapy at them for bashing game series I like outside of Capcom.

    So, then, I owe you, RADIX, Axem White and many others except for one an apology.

  48. @Musashi:

    Alright, apology accepted on my part, I guess. However, I don't exactly recall bashing any non-Capcom game series on this site before. At least not that I remember.

  49. We want Mega Man Legends 1 and 2 again. Its wonderful game!


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