Sunday, December 2, 2012

Here's Morishita's Mega Man Legends 15th Anniversary Tribute

Coming from our friends at 100,000 Strong For Mega Man Legends 3:

"As many of you may recall, about a month ago, Reika Morishita started a fan-art drive for a special "surprise" project to commemorate the 15th Anniversary of the Rockman DASH (Mega Man Legends) series. Well, the event has long since passed, and Reika once again came though on her word! Earlier today, she revealed this special surprise via our very own Team Japan, and we have it right here, right now!

..,Well, sort of, anyway. Reika tried her best to make this the official jacket for her CD, but unfortunately, she ran into some copyright issues with Capcom and was unable to make this possible. Regardless, however, Reika still acknowledges our art as the "official" jacket for the CD release of her songs. As a result, she wishes that everybody who contributed to her project download this special cover-art, and use it to replace the "official" cover of her CD when/if they purchase it. I'm telling you, the heart of this woman is just amazing! "

Bit of a bummer this couldn't but on the actual CD... but wait! There's some good news: Morishita will include a special booklet of credits along with the release of the CDs, featuring the names of everybody who contributed to the album. That's a pretty awesome gesture right there. Congratulations to all of you who made it in!

Sends your thanks to Morishita's official Facebook page here


  1. This woman really is amazing.

    FYI there's a typo "Congradulations" at the end.

  2. Ah, nice, I was hoping you'd pick up on our update regarding the high-res version!

  3. So many great artworks! I specially like R Case's pictures.
    Is that a Vocaloid Yuna? XD
    One of the pictures appear twice.

  4. Volnutt's last line in MML2:

    "I know Roll! She'll come looking for us, no matter what happens!"


    No matter what happens, MML3 will be released someday. Maybe after the CoJ Top Man is replaced?

  5. Well would you look at that? Here is a picture of Ira. That doesn't look completely horrible. That's great.


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