Saturday, December 8, 2012

Street Fighter X Mega Man Announced

This was literally just announced on the Street Fighter 25th anniversary stream. It's a FREE PC game due on December 17th:

"This 8-bit-style crossover title stars the Blue Bomber and a slew of retro-ized SF mainstays acting as stand-in Robot Masters; beat them, acquire their powers and tackle the next amazingly re-imagined boss. " [Capcom Unity]

According to Capcom US community manager Brett Elston, the game started out as a fan-game by Seow Zong Hui. Zong Hui approached Christian Svensson with the game's basic skeleton back at EVO 2012. Seeing the potential, Svensson and GregaMan (former Legends 3 Devroom liasion) joined forces to drive the title into production.

Street Fighter X Mega Man will also have 8-bit soundtrack from A_Rival, known for his fantastic blended SF and Mega Man tunes. Brett hints some songs include a mashup between Flash Man and Ryu's theme and Snake Man and Dhalism's theme.

Finally, the game will appear as a download on Capcom's official U.S Mega Man hub. It will usher in Mega Man's 25th anniversary and mark the close of the Street Fighter 25th anniversary celebrations.

Stay tuned for more details.



    I dont even know what to say!

    Hope it's not 8 Bit, hope it's a real game!

  2. ....what the f are they thinking.

    Ok, giving Mega Man the Lightning Kick isn't that bad.

    Now X has the Hadouken, and now Rock does too? Ohhhh boy.

    Ok, this doesn't look that bad, and it's better than XOver, but I hope this isn't all they've got coming.

    Kinda a bit miffed that we had to have SF in it, but eh.

  3. Pleasantly surprised, haha. I hear it's a fan game, but something is better than nothing: Anything to tide me over until the eventual, serious release of a new installment.

  4. At least it's something worth trying out.

    Just think about it:

    Mega Man 2: The New Challengers.

  5. So its true, what we have to look forward to from now on... are fangames. Sad.

  6. I've been checking out a bunch of Megaman fangames lately, some amazing, some technically proficient but not really that well done.

    This will be a gimmick, but no doubt a fun one! It's cool that Capcom's playing ball with the idea, so I'm sure this will be good times.

    I'd be plenty satisfied once it's in my hands, I'm sure.

  7. Well this beats the pants of MM25 and makes me less sad Time Tangent got cancelled yesterday.

  8. This sounds promising. Perhaps it's the start of Mega Man's grand comeback?

  9. Shame on Capcom. Taking a mediocre fangame with very poor Megaman edits and placing their name on it. Pathetic attempt. Leave the fan games to the fans. This is lazy. The game does not look polished. At least tkae the game and do some ACTUAL WORK. Clean up the sprites. Make the backgrounds and enemies look official. Fix Megamans additional movements so they dont look as bad. Refine the engine. Release it on the home consoles for free via download. I mean dont the fans at least DESERVE a real game?! Maybe Megaman 11? MEGAMAN X9?? Not this. This is just bad. Its a slap in the face to every Megaman fan worldwide. At least give the blue bomber top billing. Megaman Vs. Street Fighter, not Street Figher X Megaman!! Very disappointed. Just sell the rights to someone if you dont want to make anymore Megaman games. Im done til they fix this. Peace.

  10. Oh come on Wolfshadow

    It's both games 25th anniversary.

    And it's personally a cross over I've been waiting for years.


    Just throwing that out there.

  12. @Wolfshadow

    I agree on everything you said, especially the part about having SF in it. :|

  13. This is pathetic. Just lazy on Capcoms end. Make Megaman 11 or X9 before this. Us fans deserve more than a mediocre fan game with Capcoms name on it. At the very least take the game and refine it. Make it look like you care. Til then am I to sit here and think these clunky sprites are official? Ive seen this game in its early stages over at Rockman PM. Looks just as bad now as it did then. Not on the level of any real game. Yet Capcom wants their name on it?
    Give me a break.

  14. I'm sorry, but this just doesn't cut it for me.

  15. So yes, this game is as old as 2010. I guess it is infurating to think that all we get is a Capcom-supported fangame instead of a HOME CONSOLE RELEASE.

    No, seriously. Think about it. Release something like this as a home console game. You have to be nuts to think that would make any financial, creative or marketing sense.

    Be thankful that at the very least someone stepped in and is offering us something to look forward to. Not only that, but someone from Capcom USA stepped in to help for the sake of damage controlling a year old situation mantained by some horse-beating fans.

    Nothing huge, but it's better than what we were expecting: nothing. Want me to find the +50 comments on this blog saying precisely that?.

  16. Goddamnit guys! You get a free what looks to be fun game to kick off the anniversary.

    Get it? A free thing for fans to enjoy. And this is not the big celebration thing either. This is just the beginning.

    This looks really fun, won't cost us a single penny and it's a way to measure interest in the brand. (Lifting on the back of Street Fighter is even better since that fanbase might turn to the Blue Bomber as well)

    I think this is a great first step in repairing the broken relationship between Capcom and its fans.

  17. Oh COME ON! Capcom had little to NO part in this. This is a fan game. This is NOT yours, it's someone's elses fan game.

    Seriously? Capcom making a fan game an official release? Seems legit.

  18. Im gonna piss in a bottle and have Gatorade sell it for me. We can call it, Ammonia Hydrate!!

  19. Yeah, I am very sure that some anons here are just trolling the fuck out of this game right now. There is no good enough argument to back up any sort of outcry against this.

    Sure, it's not following the 8-bit colouring or has any of the limitations MM9 and MM10 purposefully that bad?

    Aren't Rockman games mainly about gameplay? From the looks of it, there's a lot of interesting concepts in this to try out. And it's classic Rockman Jump-N-Shoot gameplay, which is a thing I totally get down with.

    Music is mimicking MM2, yes. But I guess it's part of a theme: mixing Street Fighter (most iconic release being SF2) and Mega Man (most iconic release being MM2).

    Not a thing to be massively hyped about (yet for some people, this is a dream come true), but it's far better than nothing or just Xover.

  20. It's a FAN game since 2010, as you can see here:

  21. This looks like a fun play, granted it's not Megaman Universe or Megaman 11...

    But a souped up fan game beats iOs trash, a lousy MvC style fighter or (God Forbid) a Megaman Legends game.

    It's appealing, but it would be awesome to see this thing available on a console of some kind.

    PC gaming just isn't my cup of tea. And platformers have the most performance issues on PC as well.

    I'll take it with a grain of salt and hope it's better than it looks.

  22. So now they're pushing others' fangames?

  23. Look, I get this is "better than nothing" but look at it this way. This game would have been released with or without Capcoms backing. In either case Capcom has yet to come out with anything. Yes, its still early. Yes, they can still do something. Until then Capcom has not done a damn thing!!! Hand me some Ammonia Hydrate. These Megaman games are making me thirsty!!!

  24. And you people wonder why we're said to be as bad of a fanbase as the Sonic the Hedgehog one these days.

  25. I... I'm sorry. But I want NOTHING to do with Street Fighter for this anniversary. They already got their stupid collector's pack. Let Megaman get his own big thing already.

    And it's a fan project that Capcom commandeered? I've been joking that Capcom needs to take over Megaman X corrupted or Megaman Unlimited and release them as full games, but if they really have to do something like that to make a decent Megaman game...


    I've HAD it with you Capcom! You've just lost your last life! You're running on empty! You can forget about getting anything but complaints and mockery from me until you learn how to make a game WITHOUT stealing it from your fans.

  26. Let's get this clear, ok?

    This is a fan game. That is, a game made by some fans. This also happened to get support from workers at Capcom USA (which happened to communicate through one of the company's forums), and has financial and marketing support from the company.

    If anything, this is a Capcom Unity community project. A joint venture between some fans and some Capcom USA workers. It wasn't just grabbed from the original developer's hands and is being sold as an official product.

    The whole reason for it being free is because it was mostly made by fans. You could also say this is their way to start the 25th anniversary conmemoration: a free game made by fans and supported by the company. Tell me if that doesn't say "We're sorry".

  27. Well, now that we know it's just a fan game with Capcom's seal of approval on it...

    This really doesn't surprise me. A-Typical of Capcom, really. This is classic Capcom Half-Assery at it's finest hour..

    The guy who made this shouldn't get any flack from us as a fandom though, because he did make a neat product. But Capcom had little-to-no hand in this aside slappin' their sticker on it.. that much is obvious.

  28. Are you guys all serious? can't you see it's already a big deal for a FANGAME to be published by a company? it's because of this attitude that Capcom hasn't dared to say anything or show anything. Please, get over this attitude and enjoy that we finally got something to look forward to, since the game looks fucking amazing. Thanks, Protodude for the news!

  29. Nope. Try again Capcom.

  30. @Zodiac

    Valve did it first.

  31. Doesn't really make me happy there's nothing else, but this does at least look like it will be fun.

  32. Albeit small, a bit weird...this is strangly reassuring.

  33. 8-bit crossover is all we get? Lame.

  34. I nearly broke into tears.

    Thank you Capcom.

  35. I wonder what Capcom would have announced by now if this fan game was never made?? Ammonia Hydrate anyone?

  36. Really Capcom, when I thought you could not be lazier, you surprise me (in good and bad ways) with this!?

    But the game looks good. Congrats to SonicZH!

  37. Capcom must be desperate to ask help from the fans...

    Well, Sega did something similar, but...

    Hey, maybe Tuttle's Legendary Travels can become a canon game? XD

  38. Oh come on guys,we can't complain about everything. I mean, if they are giving support (maybe resources, I don't know) to a fan game, that's just great. They even doing that for free, take it as some kind of apologize. I would be really happy if my Mega Man X0 have Capcom support (or Mega Man X Corrupted, or Mega Man Unlimited, etc).

    After all we tolerated this is really something.

  39. This is probably gonna piss everyone here off, but... honestly, I'm looking forward to this a lot more than the Classic/Legends crossover fangame. In part because I like both Mega Man AND Street Fighter, and in part because I feel like recognizable faces for boss characters makes for a better anniversary game than a bunch of fan-made Robot Masters. I know people are going to flame me for this, but I'm just speaking my mind here. I actually am a little hyped for this game. Not super mega ultra hyped, but a little hyped.

  40. I don't think there's anything wrong with being excited for the game or not.

    Most complaints aren't with the game itself but rather the correlation this game has to Megaman's anniversary. Seems like another one of those things that would be much better received if it weren't in the context it's in.

    That said, where things go from here is purely on Capcom. They say this is just the beginning of the celebrations.

    If there's more quality stuff from Capcom themselves I could see this as being a good foundation for working towards getting this fanbase's trust back.

    If this is the highlight... well, that's another story.

  41. Clown Prince of Crime you beautiful bastard you, I completely agree.

  42. Ok, not only is this a great concept for a game...BUT, I think everyone is missing an important point. The indie developer himself approached Capcom with his project, not the other way around. You make it sound like Capcom swindled his concept just to help pr. Furthermore, it's being jointly developed, so Capcom didn't just steal somebody else's finished work. It might not be as fully featured as Megaman 9 or 10, but you have no excuse to flaunt your edgy, anti-corporate cynicism over something like this. I mean...F me, its. FREE. Get over yourselves.

  43. Well, it's certainly an improvement from how things have been going (not going to ask if we could've gotten much worse). And it's free as well; not as in "nobody would play it unless it were free" like we had with Xover, but a legitimate game (a fangame, but it was made with love at least) for free. Now I just wish I cared about Street Fighter.

  44. Go Max!! Yeah you all are ungrateful.

    If you are still mad about Legends 3 and universe (which honestly get the F over it) blame Capcom Japan.

    Capcom America should be honored and respected for at least TRYING to celebrate MM's 25th with new content.

    What is Capcom Japan doing? Oh updating an old art book.

  45. FINALLY! An actual official game that looks promising. Not that Xover crap, but an ACTUAL FUN-LOOKING GAME.

    Now, don’t get me wrong: I’m so getting this. It’s looks fun and awesome, and frankly I like that it’s a free game celebrating Mega Man, along with Street Fighter. But here is my only drawback:

    It’s 8-bit.

    I mean, we’re in the year of 2012 and we’ve gone so far in the field of graphics. And it’s still 8-bit? It’s as if Capcom can’t let go of the past.

    So yeah, I’m more excited for this than Xover and I’ll definitely be getting this, but yeah, 8-bit? In 2012?

    And hey: it's good to see a fangame get official backing. Though yeah, Capcom could have taken it further to a non-8-bit game, but it looks fun nonetheless.

  46. So, it's that fangame, huh? I thought this looked familiar. It looks like it's definitely come a long way since the earlier videos (not that those were bad, mind you). Still, being a fan of both Mega Man and Street Fighter (to some degree, but not as much as the former), I can't bring myself to complain about this. After all, it's tons better than a certain piece of crap that was released for the iOS recently.

  47. Ok I can see this a good thing and a bad thing... I'll start with the bad first... Number 1 it's a PC game. Most gamers have the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, 3DS, Vista... The game should of been put on these instead. Alot of people don't like using a keyboard for controls...

    The goodside is that they put out a fangame. I'm sure those fans are thrilled to see their game get noticed by Capcom and that Capcom decided to put it out for the fans. I only hope that those people will get their names in the credits... I know Capcon took over the game but at least they should do that much for the people who created the game...

    So right now I have mixed feelings about this...

  48. This is now canon.
    Ya know, I have no problems with Capcom liscencing a fan-game. Fans can sometimes be the most creative and loving people out there. The mechanics look nice. The sprites are 'okay', but it's not a big deal. I woulnd't be the least bit surprised if the game is easy to mod.


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