Friday, December 14, 2012

New Street Fighter X Mega Man Footage

Coming from Capcom Unity, here's a new video to get you pumped for Street Fighter X Mega Man's impending Dec. 17 release. Stay tuned until the very end for a final boss tease!


  1. I'm calling it, I'm thinking Akuma (Gouki) for the last boss.

  2. So I can't really figure out what is going on here. Specifically what is Capcom contribution to this game? I know the game has been in development for a while, and it almost feels like Capcom had nothing to offer us for Mega Man's 25th anniversary so they decided to slap their name on an existing fan game and "release" it. I mean, I am happy to see this game finally released and all, but Capcom's sudden involvement is confusing me.

  3. I've gotta agree with Anonymous #1...that setup just SCREAMS Akuma.

  4. That tease of the final battlefield does look rather similar to Shin Bison's stage from Street Fighter Alpha 3...

    But honestly it's probably Akuma.

  5. @December 14, 2012 9:08 PM Anonymous:
    Capcom USA apparently financed and marketed this game. I think. Sven met the creator at EVO 2012, they hit it off, and things went from there.

    I'm actually kind of sick of this game now. I mean, yeah, it's fun to get all excited about it and whatnot. But ultimately? It's a free, fan-made game. It's not even a licensed, third-party production, for crying out loud. Though I bet if Capcom thought they could turn a profit, it would be in a heartbeat.

  6. The four "Wily Stage" Bosses are likely the 4 boss characters from SF2 (Vega, Balrog, Sagat, M.Bison), and yeah, Akuma for Secret boss.

  7. I'm still hoping for something silly like Seth using Mega Man weapons as a boss fight.

    But yeah, Akuma as the very final (secret) boss is more or less the most fitting thing.

  8. @extremesonic

    Slight problem with that is the first batch of screens had a level clearly based on Seth's from SFIV.

  9. @2nd Anon

    The creator of the game only had 3 levels designed when he showed it to the guys at Capcom, Capcom basically gave him the support, helped design the remaining levels & provide the tools to have this game finished & released in time for the Anniversary, so they did have some involvement but at the same time i think the creator should get a lot more recognition & heck he probably deserves a job at Capcom after all this! (heck considering Capcom keep going on about the innovations in this game the creator of this could make more classic MM games for them!)

    At the end of the day at least we are getting a game, ok so it's not a numbered "official" entry but still considering Svensson said earlier in the year to "not get our hopes up too much" & "don't expect a new game" we've not done too badly thus far & we all know this is an experiment to see how many people will download this game at least it shows that there is hope yet for more games in the long run!

  10. @Joseph Collins: And what exactly makes it "not even a licensed, third-party production, for crying out loud"? Because it's one guy making the game? The game is still licensed, and a third-party IS making it. Seems like licensed, third-third party production to me. >.>

  11. @extremesonic: actually predict it'll be Balrog, Vega , Juri, Seth, and Akuma. Though as someone said, that one battlefield does look like Alpha 3 Bison's stage.

  12. Oh no


    This is precisely what I was fearing.

    This is not a licensed game, nor official or canon. Capcom USA is just supporting the marketing, and the executive board people like Sven took part in testing and gave some advise. Just because it was barely financed and supported by some Capcom USA people doesn't mean it's licensed by the company. I mean, it's free. Can't be licensed and free at the same time. Nope. Inconceivable.

    Also who cares about licensed shit? Does it make it any better? No. I mean, MM2GB was licensed :I

  13. The battlefield looks more like the Alpha 2 Ryu vs. Sagat stage to me.

  14. The final boss must be Dan Hibiki piloting a giant Magma Dragoon-like machine! :P

  15. @MusashiAA
    Thank you.

    And I'm also not saying the game is shit. It looks like a fine product. I'm just not comfortable with the fact that A. Capcom USA is actively supporting it, and B. Capcom USA is actively supporting it. It feels... unnatural. It would be like if Konami suddenly walked up to the Castlevania Fighter go and went, "Can we put this on our website?"

    My paranoid mind just doesn't see this ending well, somehow. And that's without even getting into the backlash from other fan game makers, who've had fully-finished products that got far less attention.

  16. I didn't know Vega was in this game. And he has his fence. And Mega Man can climb it! Awesome! Can't wait!

  17. @Joseph Collins

    Name me 3 fangames that were already finished or close to being finished 3 years ago.

    Now name 3 popular fangames that were finished in the lapse of 3 years.

    The only commendable ones are probably X: Corrupted and perhaps just maybe not surely but just barely that 4-player Classic one. Tuttle's warawara is Legends, and Legends is niche, not a good thing to spend money on. Honestly, Unlimited et al are either MM9 mimics or bad fanfics turned into games.

    This game is getting attention just because of Capcom USA's meddling. Sven saw a chance of redeeming the company and themselves with the fans by informally supporting one fangame, which is totally not bad. Not only that, but it's also leeching off SF's revival hype. Not that it needs it, but it's better than the big bowl of nothing with Xover on the top the japanese fans are getting.

    Conceptually, the whole crossover thing is nice, it strikes a lot of people's nerves: mixing Mega Man with Street Fighter characters. The music, the moves, the characters, the pick up and play aspect of both franchises, the memories, and so on. Not like BOND MAN. Or THAT FAN CHARACTER. These are known brands that share a past of success and setting standards in their age and beyond.

    Want 3D game, see the franchise "evolve"? What, you want quick time events with that, too? Here's the best precedent of 3D Mega Man: Legends. Yeah, go home buddy. Powered Up was actually pretty cool and an innovative way of refreshing the franchise, but remaking this whole game with 3D graphics would be a huge task for just one guy. So the next step to ensure that could happen would be Capcom USA actually meddling with the game's development, and there goes your free game AND fangame support (which literally turns into "I see you making this, we'll grab the concept and turn it into a game, you get close to no profit because it's our IP").

    I imagine that, in Sven's mind, this was a great choice for support. Two legendary and recognizable brands mixing together in a nostalgic style, in a gameplay that's been proven to death that is still popular and readaptable, celebrating both franchises' anniversary: what could possibly go wrong?

    Do note that this discussion is only happening because of the whole 25th anniversary thing. Imagine if it was released earlier this year, without the anniversary context.: would've been a different story.

  18. @MusashiAA: And we're failing to acknowledge Megaman Chrono X's Demo 4, which contains the rewrtitten game engine the full release will now use as well as improved sprites and AI for earlier chapters, is coming soon, possibly before the end of the year, why exactly?


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