Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rockman 6 Coming to Japan 3DS eShop Next Week

It's that time again: Nintendo 3DS owners in Japan can get equipped with Rockman 6 next week on December 12. The game will run for the usual 500 Yen.

With all six NES games out of the way (in Japan), I can't help but wonder what's next. Ideally, it'd be great to see more Game Boy Mega Man games on the eShop. We've got to get Mega Man V, people! Oh, and Mega Man Xtreme would be nice, too.

News Credit: Tarbo-san


  1. What's the name of that Mega Man where he shoots his arm and has a cat. I miss that one.

  2. Meanwhile, we have yet to get MM6 on our Wii VC... Quit draggin' yer feet, folks...

  3. No console plans yet? :( I'd love to see this on PSN or Wii VC

    Heck if you know what you're doing you can access the Japanese PSN store from any PS3 Capcom get this put up now!

    As for whats next i wouldn't mind seeing MMV for 3DS Eshop as well as MM7 & MM&B for VC

  4. Hey, kids! Let's play "Who Hates Mega Man More?"!

    1.) Capcom of Japan, who would rather commit harakiri than make a new Rock Man game


    2.)Nintendo of America who won't port anymore Mega Man titles on their virtual consoles?

    Answer: #1. But only because Nintendo of America is neglecting the VC for all games and all systems, not just MM.

  5. Mega man 6 is touchy in the US I think since Nintendo originally published it there since Capcom had no faith in it... Also, Europe never got it.

  6. A PSN release would be nice.

  7. Great but I dont own 3DS. I am disappointed that they didnt released 6th and X3 for WII VC yet. :(


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