Friday, December 21, 2012

Fourth MMBN Chrono X Demo is Live

Battle Network fans, listen up! The much anticipated fourth demo of Mega Man Battle Network: Chrono X has gone live. You can grab it from the game's official website here.

Since 2009, MegaDudes Production have worked diligently to create an authentic "Battle Network 7" experience. Today they are one step closer to that realization. The fourth Chrono X demo contains four to six hours of playable content and will contain the first two chapters of the story. The story is set one year after the events of Battle Network 6 and will lead into that game's "Distant Finale." The game sports its own set of new chips, viruses, antagonists, and a unique power-up system dubbed Me.M.E.N.T.O.

The developers encourages playing Chrono X demo 4 in its entirety as your save file will work in the final version. For more details, head on over to the official site.


  1. Demo 4 isn't available for Android, only PC. Only an old mini-demo is available for the Droid so far.

  2. My only gripes about this game is the instrument/sound effect style used for the music.

    Maybe it's just me, but I really dislike that wany-style noise that is used for the music. It comes off as unprofessional and very... crappy MIDI-ish, so to speak.

    Other than that, this looks almost official-made. It could be slipped into an unsuspecting fan's sight and they could think it were a real EXE game.

  3. @Amir: It feels that way because it isn't limited by GBA hardware. The musician, Red Soul, used samples from BN3 sooooooo it's really just the fact it's hard to match the original.

    Personally, I like it. It makes CX feel like it's own entry and standalone entry that wasn't created by Capcom, as well as adding a fresh feeling.


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