Monday, December 17, 2012

D-Arts Mega Man X Getting Re-Issued in NA

So, you missed your chance of owning a brand-new D-Arts Mega Man X figure when it came out. Is there no hope? No chance to score a fresh figure without forking over a pretty penny? As it turns out, yes, there is a hope. The good people at Bluefin Tamashii Nations have just announced they're prepping a fresh batch of Mega Man X figures for the North American market. Yay!

No word yet on when the reissued figure will hit retail, but maybe we'll see something close to or shortly after D-Arts Mega Man's arrival. That one is just around the corner!

Source: Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA


  1. I've noticed when I got my Vile, all they did was put a Mega Man sticker and some others over the Japanese names. I hope it's the same case with this. I've been collecting the Japanese versions and I'd just like it to be consistent. I guess it doesn't matter too much though.

    Can't wait!!!

  2. Preorder at scifi genre.....shhhhh!!


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