Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bandai Has No Plans To Localize "Comic Version" Rockman X

Bandai/Tamashii have made a tradition of localizing the D-Arts Rockman actions figures in the US market. Japan gets a figure first, then the US some months after. That was the pattern for the last year or so and "Comic Version" Rockman X is about to break it.

Bandai's Adam Newman sends word the company has no plans to distribute the figure abroad. In fact, its distribution will even be limited in Japan. "This is an event exclusive so no plans to sell anywhere outside the Tamashii Nations event," writes Adam. Now, this isn't necessarily bad news. Importing the figure from Japan is always an option. BUT, it's starting to sound like this will be one tough cookie to obtain after Tamashii's event.

The whole exclusivity status entitles Comic Version X to staggering secondhand market prices, poised to become a rarity. No doubt you'll have to fork over a pretty penny to nab this one!

Thanks for the heads up, Adam!


  1. God damnit, why. Why dont you want my money?

  2. Who would even want it? It's a really crappy face on an epic figure that just ruins the whole dynamic.

  3. solution:

    order the standard version of X. get some high quality model paint, and the proper paint brushes and painting supplies. prepare a screwdriver. paint your X, and all the while, keep taking pictures and document the process so that other people can do it too.

    problem solved. now you don't have to pay import fees. you're welcome.

  4. Oh, those wacky Americans... they don't have the slightest interest in that manga-style stuff anyway...

    You all better hope that Bandai doesn't get lazy and decide to drag this franchise's lifeless corpse around by making nothing more than X variants.

    How do we feel about shoulder cannons? A lot better than we do about seeing another X with a different paint job.

  5. @hylianknightmare:
    So basically i would end up paying double the price just to modify one.

    The reason they are making X variants is because X is the main character. he always gets pushed to the side in favor of Zero, and im glad he's getting his just dues. a regular version, special edition metallic regular version, armored version, and a special edition manga version.

  6. @ProfeesorMegaMan: So you like Shoulder Cannons? Then meet, Shoulder Cannon Megaman X! he comes with two shoulder cannons in multiple shades of blue!

  7. Gotta agree with the professor there, though this is better than the mettalic version at least :P

  8. Pretty standard stuff for Tamashii nations, it seems.

    Just because you don't like it doesn't mean everyone doesn't like it. I know you Megaman fans can't understand this concept easily, so don't think too hard on it.

  9. I'm pretty sure the people who were actually gonna buy this thing can afford the extra $10-15 to just import it. :/

  10. @Amir:
    Nope. This is a premium figure, sold in limited quantities. That's what the post is implying: it'll be way more expensive and not available on a wider basis like previous D-Arts.

  11. This figure is nice but I honestly don't think it's all that great, and it's kind of redundant given the offerings we've already received. As much of a figure diehard and importer as I am at times, I'm content with the normal X and full-suit X figures we've already gotten.

    I have enough experience collecting to know that if you truly want to have EVERYTHING, you'll just go nuts.

  12. As an Iwamoto fan, -I- want it. So screw the rest of you :P

    Also, I seem to have an army of Xes growing around me. Thought I have yet to take SuperShineyX out of the box...

  13. This is a pretty low thing to do to us westerners. It's not like we got an exclusive variant of this figure that was only available at an event . . .


  14. As much as I would love this one, there's no way I can afford him. I didn't even afford the one I DID get. It was a gift from a friend who had another friend who got to go to Comicon and got a SDCC exclusive shiny-X for me. He's been out of his box a whole one time. And until I get my curio cabinet in order, that'll be where he stays!

    Seriously, though.. I would buy him just for the new faces, and slap them on shiny-X.

  15. Gotta agree with the professor there, though this is better than the mettalic version at least :P


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