Thursday, October 27, 2011

Next Round Of Mega Man Merch Revealed (Plush Proto Buster!)

Clocks, towels, notebooks and magnets! Oh my! GE Animation are ringing in the new year with a flood of all-new Mega Man merchandise. A fresh batch of trinkets were recently unveiled at AAA Anime, all of which poised to prove (once again) GE's out to milk this license for all its worth.

Whereas December's loot was mostly X series paraphernalia, January is predominately classic series focused (namely, Powered Up). Item-by-item breakdown below:
As you can see, there's quite a bit of stuff headed our way. Personally, I'm disappointed to see that Proto Buster is shipping out after the holiday season. That would've made a nice gift... for me!

Anyhow, it's worth mentioning where you will be able to find these products come January. GE Animation's Mega Man products have been known to pop-up at specialty pop-culture retailers, such as Hot-Topic and your run of the mill Mom & Pop novelty store (that's a lot of pops!). As per usual, you cannot order anything directly from GE or AAA. That option is only available to retailers. You can, however, request a local retailer to sell them. Those details can be found within the links above.

Well, that's that. If you've any ideas for future Mega Man paraphernalia, GE are always interested in feedback...


  1. It says X4, but I could swear that's X5 Zero and X art.

  2. omg, it's cool but it's boring, we want some

  3. i want those two plushes so bad its not even funny too bad i dont exactly know if there a hot topic around where i live

  4. That X4 wall scroll looks awesome

  5. :O Great, now I don't know whether to blow my money on the X4 wallscroll or the X6 one... CURSES!


  6. @Rockman

    Nope, that's X4 art.

  7. Looks like they just put random artwork on whatever they can think of.

  8. Looking at these... Most of these you can easily make yourself. :/ I was expecting better quality merchandise, but the majority of these just aren't that great.

  9. that wallscroll... IS DELICIOUS!

    me waaaaaant it. *drools*

  10. Me waaaaant too! But then there's also that awesome X6 wall scroll... and now, THIS! DAMN! I dunno whether to say it's a GREAT thing these wall scrolls kick butt, or if it's a BAD thing they kick butt... It's torture, I tell you. TORTURE! T^T

  11. @ Dr. Jerk
    Yeah thats because Capcom knows they can make big bucks off of stupid fans, with as little effort as possible.

    Just look at all the idiots commenting about how much they want this crap. All they are doing is dooming MM to be nothing but merch.
    Why make MM games when cheap little trinkets will bring in the cash?

    Have fun with your toys.


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