Thursday, October 13, 2011

Capcom Hints At Mega Man In UMvC3? (Updated)

Earlier this morning, Capcom revealed a set of gampley videos touting two new characters for Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Phoenix Wright and Nova. In one video, the characters are seen fighting in the new "Days of Future Past" stage, themed after the "imperfect" future seen throughout the X-Men lore. What's interesting here lies midst the background, as Capcom may have inadvertently snuck in a little Mega Man tease.

Take a good look at that poster. It's an obvious homage to a particular Uncanny X-Men comic, yes, but that's not the point.  If you look on the poster closely, you'll see multiple Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 characters listed as either "Apprehended" or "Slain"... except Mega Man.

The general consensus that's currently setting the net ablaze is this is an implication that Mega Man will be headed to UMvC3, likely as future DLC. Of the MvC2 characters displayed, he is implied to be the only one "alive."

Alas, we can only speculate for now. No doubt his presence in the game would be welcomed by MANY; fans have been rallying for his inclusion ever since the vanilla Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, after all. Hopefully, there's some grounds to this tease. I'd really hate for this to turn out to be a cruel bluff. Only time will tell!  UPDATE: Roughly five minutes into this video interview, Seth Killian admits the poster was thrown in just for fun, in spite of the fact Capcom knew people would jump all over it. Hm, anybody else smell that? I kid, I kid.

You can check out the gameplay footage in question for yourself here! Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


  1. This is a reference to an old X-Men storyline called Days of Future Past set in doomed future which featured a similar cover with various X-men listed as apprehended or dead, with the exception being Wolverine.

    Wolverine later died at the hands of Sentinel so yeah.

  2. I'm pretty sure a stage with MvC2 cameos was hinted at before, and it was said that any characters that cameo in that stage won't make it into MvC3, so don't get your hopes up. I was really hoping to see SonSon again, too. =(

    With Megaman likely out and X pretty much guaranteed to be an alt costume for Zero, I'm hoping we'll see EXE or Starforce make it in. They have some great moveset potential.

  3. I honestly laughed out loud with this. Whatever it means, it's a clever little tease.

    I love the effort they put into subtly sending hints at fans. If only they put this much effort into actually making Megaman games!

  4. I'm sure Crapcom is being being a piece-of-shit jackass.

    They cancel MML3, rejected Mega Man MULTIPLE times for MvC3, and display no viable future or support for our favourite blue bomber.

    He's dead, we get it. stop being such a cocktease, you money grubbing dipfucks.

    But I digress, they'll still make money whether or not one fan wanks over it.

  5. How many stories are you gonna post on ''MAYBE WE'LL GET MEGA MAN''. We're never going to see mega man again. It sucks.

  6. I don't think the poster really matters. It does not guarantee that Mega Man is a... guarantee. :/

    Frankly, at this rate, I've kinda just accepted to forget about MM being in UMvC3.

  7. So quick note... Anyone able to see the bottom four people on the poster? I couldn't get a good luck at them :/

    Also, anyone notice the SEVERE lack of Street Fighter, Darkstalker and Megaman characters on that poster?

    Because you do realise that in all the commotion we've forgotten about Roll right?

    She's appeared in more crossovers than the other Megaman charcters :/ And she was in MvC2 and her face isn't on that poster....

  8. What we really need is for some people to get their act together and fund a real SNK vs Capcom game that has more than just SF and KOF characters. You know you wanna see Rock and Simea vs Rock and Virgil.

  9. Here's a clearer pic if anyone's interested:

    Bottom 4 characters are Rogue, Sonson, BB Hood, and Amingo.

    Capcom's totally hinting around at something here...

  10. According to Capcom´s policy as well Inafune´s regarding the rockman series, it would have been too much putting a label of slain or something like that over megaman. I believe they are just respecting the franchise. (Sarcasm on "respecting". Inafune tried as much as possible to avoid terms like that on the series.


  11. Mega Man!

  12. At this point, most mm fans are going to hate on Capcom no matter what they do. If they put him in UMVC3, fans will will be happy for like 3 seconds before they return to whining about, "Now where's our Legends 3!!!"

    I see mm on that poster without "killed" or "dead" or whatever so fans don't poop their pants when they see mm with a big label across his face! "SEE HE REALLY IS DEAD!!! CAPCOM KILLED MM!!!"

  13. @Anonymous #1

    The poster is a pretty clever homage to both the Marvel universe and the previous games of this series. I guarantee that if they hadn't put Mega Man on that poster at all, you'd still be complaining because "they're acting like he doesn't exist," and if they'd put "SLAIN" or "APPREHENDED" over his picture, then you'd really be flipping your shit.

    I'm starting to think that that's all this really is: they really wanted to use this poster because it's such a great idea, but they knew MM fans would go ballistic and putting Mega Man in the Wolverine spot was the choice that would cause the least anger.

  14. @ undamned

    What are you talking about? There are a lot of fans that would love to see MM/X/whoever in UMvC3. Of course some people would still be mad. There are quite a few fans that don't care about MvC3 and care a lot about Mega Man. If they put Mega Man in MvC3 it would at least lessen the blow of cancelling MML3 and MMU. Everyone's mad because they cancelled MML3 and MMU AND excluded Mega Man from the game tagged as "gaming's greatest crossover". It's all these things put together that makes it easy for fans to hate what Capcom is doing with the franchise. Nobody is mad at Capcom just for the sake of being mad. Capcom took away everything Mega Man had coming up AND deemed that he's not worthy to even represent their company in MvC3.

  15. @Wilynumber13

    I didn't complain at all, I merely stated the reference.

    Does explaining things mean I'm complaining? Good lord get your panties out of a twist already.

  16. Anon6 pretty much hit the nail square on the head.

  17. @Wilynumber13

    Well... Considering what happens in Days of Future Past (which this stage is based on), and as pointed out by an Anon... Wolverine dies during the comic so...

    ...Either Capcom is terrible at references, or some of us are just grasping at straws, or Capcom is really just screwing with us now.

  18. @Fusion and others:

    Or maybe this MvsC3 stage "takes place" in the timeline BEFORE Wolverine dies?

  19. I just love the way that trolling is evolving...we're reaching a new era...
    Anyway its just a matter of time before they the SLAIN tag on poor Rock.
    Who gives a shit of MvC, long live Rockman

  20. Since everyone else on this wanted posters is dead or caught, Mega Man is the last "Wanted" character. Get it!? We WANT him in the game, he's wanted. :(

  21. Cyclops - Deceased

    Colossus - Captured

    Captain Commando - Deceased

    Marrow - Deceased

    Ruby Heart - Captured

    Iceman - Deceased

    Jin Saotome - Deceased

    Gambit - Captured

    Hayato - Captured

    Psylocke - Captured

    Cable - Deceased

    Mega Man - Alive

    Rogue - Captured

    Son Son - Deceased

    B.B. Hood - Captured

    Amingo - Deceased

    So that means... Capcom didn't dare to put "Slain" on Mega Man? They must have a reason for that...

  22. you do know this stage is from an alternate universe, right?

    let's not forget the headache that is the quint/rshadow conundrum.

  23. Maverick Hunter JessicaOctober 13, 2011 at 7:44 PM

    I agree with that list... Everyone is either dead or captured, and yet Mega Man still lives... Maybe it's just to please the fans like myself that he's not dead. But, could that poster have a deeper meaning? Capcom could have easily slapped mega man's face with "Apprehended" meaning he's not dead but probably wont make it either. But they didn't. I can only cross my fingers that Capcom wont fuck up again with the Mega Man franchise....

  24. Was Megaman ever canonically pronounced dead? We all assume he is dead because we never see him anymore, but was it ever said he died?

  25. Interview with Seth Killian says its just a bit of a fun. They knew people might overreact/look into it too much, but its just a reference with a Capcom twist.

    If we really wanna scrape the trolling barrel though, Nova's Gamma assist is call "Nova Strike", shout outs to Ultimate Armor X.

  26. "Hey fans, we heard you wanted X, so we gave you the original Mega Man instead."

  27. Just to prove extremesonic's claim:

  28. In response to Seth Killian's response:

  29. It's just another troll nothing to see here folks.

  30. Of course Capcom put that there purposely just to pour some salt on the wound.

  31. Well, here's my one thought on this since I now know this is in homage to an X-Men comic cover-

    Is Sentinel in this game? He is, right?

    Wolverine dies FROM SENTINEL in the actual comic and he's in the spot Rock is, right? Not killed/caught but alive and out there?

    ...I don't mean to be too hopeful- I really doubt this, but.. It could be meaning that Rock IS coming.

    Of course, as being from the X camp I would prefer to see X, but meh.

  32. the guy under cable: is that bass?

  33. So it's not a hint?

    Son of a bitch. Can't tell if it's a thrown bone or more snubbing.

  34. Phoenix Wright be damned, Capcom. You done funked up in my eyes. While I can admit you can still make things that are cool and awesome, you've still lost me as a customer thanks to all your anti-Rockman shenanigans. Sorry, but that's how it goes when dealing with dedicated fans like me.

  35. The fact that stage is on the time BEFORE wolverine is killed could mean a megaman in UMVC3

  36. It's just a reference..?
    *runs away crying*

  37. That's ok. It means I get to keep saving my $60. =D

  38. And yet another groin kick to the Mega Man fandom is made…

  39. Oh, Capcom...

    You get such a thrill shitting in the faces of MegaMan fans.

    Kiss the darkest part of my ass...

  40. @WolfShadow: Did you look in the background of the stage? You see those two giant robots? Those are REAL Sentinels from that timeline and the comics. The MvC3 Sentinel is pretty much the MvC3 universe Sentinel, nothing more.

    And speaking of which, I'm expecting a major troll move soon. Note that Roll isn't on that list :/

  41. Dear Capcom:

    This is fucking ridiculous. You not only rob us of Megaman, you then kick us in the nuts, punch us in the gut, spit in our faces, and flip us off while laughing about how weak and pathetic we are for dreaming for the return of our hero. Congradulations Capcom: You are now unquestionably the enemy of Megaman, and by extension, thousands of former fans.

    Fuck Street Fighter, fuck Darkstalkers, fuck Ace Attorney; I'm here for Megaman first and foremost, and if you truly hate him and all of his fans so much that you will LITERALLY TAUNT US TO OUR FACES, then you can fuck right off.

  42. Loved the cameos! (except that some of the character I like were slain)

    Wright: Taskmaster, evidence shows that you are guilt for Mega Man's absence in MvC3 as a playable character and the cancellation of his games!

    Taskmaster: It's not my fault! Dr. Light is the one responsible for it! I can prove it:

    Dr. Light: What? That must be a fake robot like the one Wily used before! I'm innocent! Do I look like someone that would do such a thing?

    Bob Copper: Looks can be deceiving. Remember that pyromaniac monkey that burned down a whole island by throwing a pizza in a flying rocket?

    Denise: I thought Barrell was the pyromaniac?

    Silver Surfer: He is in a different dimension. Maybe that photo is from other world?

    She-Hulk: Order! ORDER! (Breaks hammer) Oops!

  43. I'm not sure whether I should feel proud, being the only person in the MM fandom who is actually happy to see Phoenix Wright in UMvC3.

    The AA fans have been waiting for almost forever for him to appear in a fighting game. Now he is in one, so I'm at least happy for that.

  44. "just for fun"? no. that's just mean.

    we seriously need to start buying capcom games only when we can find them used.

  45. Guis, I don't think they like us.

  46. @ 10/14/2011 6:15 PM Anon;

    MM fans are practically revolting against them in the aftershock of one of the biggest video game-related upsets this universe has ever seen.

    In short, I'm not surprised if they don't like us. But to be honest, MM fans have the right to be upset to some degree.

    And yeah, badly timed reference is badly timed. Way to go Capcom. Way to go.

    But at least the AA fans have a ray of hope now that Phoenix has his trailer out.

  47. @MegaMac: I must be one of the few people alive that would actually prefer the original Mega Man... ^^;

    Don't get me wrong, though, I do like X. I'd honestly be content with ANY of the blue bombers getting in, but if it's the original, that would make me especially happy.

    Though... I'd also REALLY like Geo from Star Force. But that's beyond a pipe dream.

  48. So like...WHAT? Does that mean he ISN'T gonna come to UMvC3? Oh now thats totally messed up. I would be really glad to volunteer on sueing Capcom for showing some freakin' lies in the game.

  49. Wait so Megaman in the background gets you riled up, yet at the same time Nova's trailer conveniently beating the crap out of both Tron AND Zero before everyone else isn't an issue?


  50. @ Dr. jerk

    There are plenty of MM fans who are happy to see Phoenix Wright in UMvC3. And as far as Ace Attorney is concerned, he still has a game coming out that has a lot of hype behind it (PW vs. Layton).

  51. ProtoB, why did you post a trollface?
    That was lame two years ago.

  52. That's funny with Megaman the only one not apprehended or slain...tee hee! :)


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