Monday, October 17, 2011

Seth Killian Meets the Legends 3 Protesters at NYCC

Over the weekend, Team Legends held a peaceful demonstration in support of Mega Man Legends 3 at the New York Comic-Con. Three day's worth of campaigning is all fine and good, but the real fun began on Sunday afternoon where roughly 100 fans proudly marched through the convention center. Their destination? Nowhere else than Capcom's booth.

Upon arrival, Team Legends was greeted by none other than Seth Killian -- Capcom community manager and in-house Mega Man guru. What ensued was truly a sight to behold:

Though Seth may look a little overwhelmed, he was reportedly "very cool and impressed" with the entire movement. The Team Legends crew showered him with gifts: t-shirts, banners and most impressive of all, a portfolio housing essays and fan-art from fans all over the world.

Whether or not the movement has helped to woo Capcom in favor of rebooting MML3, you've got to hand it to Team Legends for organizing all of this. Truly, an unprecedented movement within our community.

Coming up later tonight, Team Legends will unveil their exclusive interview with Seth Killian. Indeed, there was a minor misunderstanding earlier in the weekend, but it has been confirmed both parties did manage to converge and chat. We'll find out what went down tonight!


  1. People can say what they will, people can think what they will, but as for me, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Capcom WILL revive Megaman legends 3 one day.

    Anyway, you guys seriously rock! The only thing I regret is not being able to make it there myself.

    Legends Never Die!!

  2. A very strong showing. Truly inspiring - I now wish I'd done more to support this effort. I'll keep my eyes open for more opportunities to help the cause.

    If I had been leading this demonstration, I would have done 2 things differently: 1) introduce Seth to some of the more "influential" people who were present - the cosplayers, fansite admins, etc - so that Seth can hear a few names and know they're true fans and not just random guys on a bandwagon, and 2) obviously the demonstration was going to be recorded and put online, yet no one formally asked Seth for his comment. In light of the display of dedication he was being showered with, this was a perfect chance to try and squeeze a more emotive response from him.

    Anyway.. great job to everyone. Again, this was very inspiring.

  3. <3 legends fans

    you done good guys :')

  4. I'm surprised there wasn't a riot.

  5. An inspiring show, but still utterly pointless. Capcom will never revive Legends 3.

  6. @Axem White: The Legends fans aren't dumb. They are perfectly aware that if a riot were to start, it would just make matters worse for everyone.

  7. shocker. A portfolio!!! -SHOCKED- Whatever, Megaman forever!!!

  8. Seth looks like Ruxin off The League...

  9. What's the point of all this ? Seth who ? seriously, the decision is in the hand of capcom japan and maybe the solution is KI... not Kilien

  10. @Anon4:

    Yeah, as if we all were able to pay a trip to Japan to do all this in front of CoJ doors.

    Seriously, be rational guys, even if this ain't gonna be as effective as many of us expect, this is the best we can do, in the best possible way. Seth has made great things for fans within Capcom, Seth and Sven are our best allies if we want our requests to reach CoJ.

  11. Yeah! :D Hopefully, maybe Seth will shed some light on why Legends 3 is cancelled and maybe he can tell the Capcom jerks at Japan that there are fans who wanted Legends 3!

  12. I can recall two games I was really looking forward to being canceled and later revived at some point. One was 2-D, the other was 3-D. Oddly enough, when they were revived, they each were made in the opposite styles which they were originally slated to have.

    The first game was Mother 3/Earthbound 64, a 3-D game canceled after Spaceworld 2000 and later made in 2-D for the Gameboy Advance.

    The second game was the 2-D Final Fantasy III remake for Bandai Wonderswan Color. This game was canceled, and it was later remade in 3-D for the DS.

    It was reported at one point that Square-Enix "lost the code" to the 2-D game (not sure if they meant the original Famicom code or what existed of the WSC code), and that's why they remade it in 3-D rather than completing the 2-D remake that had seemed to enter development limbo.

    I did like the 3-D FF3 remake, but I don't buy Square-Enix's explanation for the lack of a 2-D graphics upgrade. As you can probably tell, I still pine for that 2-D remake to be completed and released one day.

    To the point, however. I guess I wanted to say to the nay-sayers of the RD3/MML3 revival efforts, and to those supporters whose faith may be faltering, that canceled games have been revived before. I just cited two games whose cancellation were probably the biggest recent disappointments I've experienced as a gamer. Coincidentally, like MML3, they both were the second sequels in major franchises.

    Sure, this is a little more complicated. Capcom of Japan seem adamant right now in their decision to not release this game. Also, as I've stated elsewhere, I do believe the behind-the-scenes fallout from Keiji Inafune's public departure further complicates the matter. Lastly, Mother 3 and the FF3 remake were not revived (that I know of) due directly to massive fan efforts (though I wouldn't be surprised if such efforts were factors in these projects' revivals, due to their massive and dedicated respective fan communities).

    My point is, something similar to the game revival we're fighting for has happened in the past. Twice, in fact. I believe and hope it can happen a third time. Let's persist in our efforts to get this game back in development. Nice showing at NYCC, guys. You make this longtime Rockfan very proud. :D


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