Friday, October 28, 2011

Capcom Planning "Things" For Mega Man's 25th Anniversary

In a recent post at the Ask Capcom forums, Vice-president of Strategic Planning & Business Development, Christian Svensson, fielded a question on whether one could expect to see any festivities for the Blue Bomber's impending 25th anniversary. Though he won't be turning 25 until December 17th, 2012, Svensson confirms plans are already underway for Mega Man's quarter-century milestone:

"25th for MM and 25th for Street Fighter next year. "Both will have "things" to commemorate the occasion. Exactly what is in planning stages but the are solid ideas already being batted around I hope you guys will like. But please bear in mind, they won't happen until some time in our next fiscal year begins mostly (so still a good ways away)."

If I'm not mistaken, next fiscal year begins around March 31st, 2012. A ways away indeed, but man is it ever reassuring to hear something is in the works. Likewise, it's best to keep speculations to a minimum until we hear something a bit more substantial.

Give me a new game and I'll be a happy camper.

Source: Capcom-Unity


  1. Unless they restart development on Legends 3, Capcom will have to do something mindblowing to appease the army of angry Mega Man fans marching for their heads.

  2. Not listening to a word of it until a game is in my hands. You know what else was "in the works"? Mega Man Universe. Mega Man Legends 3. Both had graphics created, music composed, voices recorded, trailers released, and were showing up playable at conventions. Now they're gone. "In the works" doesn't cut it anymore, Capcom. You've destroyed my trust, and your word means nothing. Nice going.

  3. Mark my words.

    Just when you least expect it, right out of the *blue*, we get *sucker-punched* with a hint at a Mega Man vs. Street Fighter.


    Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing either a MMxSF fighting game OR the revival of MMU (without the slick, dreaded art style and a lot less MM2).

    Best case scenario, we get a new MM game out of this.

    Realistic case scenario, we don't get a game, but something else.

    Worst case scenario, SF gets a game to conmemorate their anniversary, while we get more merch crap and no games.

    *crosses fingers*

  4. Anything short of a game is unacceptable. I don't feel such demands are unreasonable.

  5. It'll probably be free posters or something stupid like that.

  6. There were "Megaman Anniversary Collection" and "Street Fighter Anniversary Collection" in the past... But we want something new this time... Agreed with Kenichi340, if it's a game and it's not Legends 3, they have to make something extremely good so all of the Megaman fanbase can be happy.

  7. Cut the fucking bullshit capcom and give a new game. Brownie points will be awarded if it's a new mm series altogether although an X9 SNES will suffice.

  8. That's great and all but if I dont get a new Megaman game in 2011 then it's going to be a horrible year.

  9. Knowing how much they despise their MM fanbase, they'll probably just release merchandise for the series, or announce a rebooted, emo version of Megaman.

  10. Here's hoping for an awesome tribute game for Mega Man, like Sonic Generations has been for Sonic's 20th.

  11. Yeah, I wanna see a game, too. At the VERY LEAST, I hope Capcom doesn't change their minds, or short-change us.

    I'm also not getting my hopes up until whatever "things" they're planning actually get done/released.

    Really depressing to think we'd have to wait THAT LONG for any major MM stuff...

  12. They're only bound to set people up for disappointment again, so I'm not getting my hopes up.

  13. Watch if it isn't legends 3 it will be megaman 11 or another fucking x game. Either of which would be fine but with X they are just fucking beating it dead. An with classic, they aren't really putting in effort =_= God help capcom if it is starforce.

  14. Street Fighter's anniversary comes on the same year?

    Yeah... I wonder who's going to get the lion's share of the funding?

    Seriously Capcom, get me even more excited about this than I was for Legends 3 and we'll see what happens.

    At this point, the only thing that could appease my hunger for a new Megaman Game would be Megaman Generations. How likely is that at this point?

  15. @BrightNeko

    Personally I'd be ecstatic if it's another Star Force. Believe it or not that series also has its fanbase.

  16. *clears throat, and starts talking like Tiesel Bonne*

    Alright boys, listen up.

    In just a matter of months, Capcom will announce "something" for Street Fighter and Mega Man's 25th anniversary.

    I want you all to NOT get hyped about it at all until we actually see what it is and we're shown substantial growth on the game. That is to say, I want you all to constantly demand gameplay trailers and the like.

    I want this operation to be flawless, unlike the last one. We must learn from our mistakes, and become an intelligent, clear-headed and demanding fanbase. You must train, hope for the best, and most importantly, prepare for the worse.

    Alright, then?



  17. If they announced anything it'd just get canceled anyways so I don't care.

    It's a sad state of affairs when the Sonic franchise can pull off an anniversary title and Mega Man can't.

  18. Oh I can see it now, a new ROM rip collection to the current generation of consoles with glitchy emulation (PS2 MM Collection anyone?).

    Street Fighter will likely get a new release BUT WITH MORE DIFFERENTER COSTUMES (totally worth the $60 guys, TOTAL)

    There is nothing in the works here guys, if you think there is you are going to be DISAPPOINTED.

  19. I'm with Musashi. Given how they've treated MM as of late... I want solid evidence before I put my hopes and trust into them.

    Furthermore, I don't want a game made in under a year. This had better be something they've been working on but kept quiet about. The whole reason Star Force and ZXA had problems were to stupidly short dev times.

    Show MM some respect, and I'll consider respecting the company again. No cheap quick cash games, no cancelling big projects, no more sucker-punching the fans.

  20. @ Cyberguy: Probably Mega Man, honestly. Whatever Street Fighter anniversary project there is would most likely be in full development by now (and probably has been for quite a while already), and within reach of the finishing stages.

    Whereas the Mega Man anniversary game's development has probably just barely started. Considering the anniversary is only a little more than a year away, it'd likely be given a development period of 6 months to 1 year, which is barely enough to slap together a game.

    Now, if we were talking about advertising budgets...


    tl;dr get ready for another artbook people

  22. For Street Fighter's 25th anniversary: We get Hyper Super Street Fighter IV Extra Income Edition (featuring a new boss character: Bob)

    For MegaMan's 25th anniversary: We get an exclusive MegaMan Battle Network wristband and keychain.

    Thanks, Crapcom...

  23. we need:
    1. Legends 3
    2. X9
    3. ZX3
    4. Star Force 4

  24. Guys don't bash Capcom.They always keep their promises.Remember when....Anyway.If they say something is coming for us(be it the funeral of megaman) they will do it.

    Jokes aside i don't expect much more than a collection or some key chains hell even more plushies.I hate being a megaman fan sometimes.It is like being in love with a girl whose father is a total a..hole

  25. considering it's capcom, I would not expect anything great since their now just a shell of the company they used to be.

  26. It would be sad but hillarious if Nintendo remembers Metroid's and F-Zero's anniversaries next year and gives them the same treatment as Zelda and Mario(New game, free game, concert stuff, special edition) while Capcom barely does anything, once again teaching them a lesson.

  27. I'm not getting my hopes up. It'll be nothing noteworthy. SF will probably get a new version of IV that everyone will buy anyway.

  28. Nice but... whats to celebrate??

    there has been only 4 megaman games since the 20th anniversary. So... you know...

  29. Stupid merch/DLC incoming.

  30. Actions speak louder than words Crapcom.

    I'll believe that you actually give a shit about Mega Man's 25th Anniversary when you actually announce something worth giving a shit about.

    As far as I'm concerned, this , just about sums up how you're treating Mega Man fans right now.

  31. I personally don't think we'll be disappointed. In fact, I think a game will be the prize we receive. Be it X9 (hopefully) or the revival of Legends 3. It HAS to be a game.

  32. Megaman's response to Capcom.

  33. Mega Man's 25h: There's nothing to celebrate.

    Unless... ZX3, X9, 11. Amirite?


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