Monday, October 10, 2011

Legends 3 Fan Movement Headed To Comic-Con

The global push to reinstate Mega Man Legends 3 rages on as the fight makes its way to the New York Comic-Con. Key members of the 100,000 Strong For Mega Man Legends 3 movement plan on setting up a booth at NYCC, and your invited to participate.

"What we need to do is prove to Capcom's decision makers that there is a big enough fanbase to support this game. We are so inspired by the series, that we are willing to market the game at NYCC 2011 for Capcom! We were literally one step away from being able to support Legends 3 with our wallets."-- Jake Hans, Get Me Off the Moon International Strategies

If you'd like to attend, please e-mail Admission is entirely free, but you must be committed to participating in full from October 13 to October 17. Full details can be found here.

If you are attending, I ask you to please represent our community respectfully; do so appropriately and with class. Violence and outright inappropriate behavior directed towards Capcom staff will get us nowhere. Be safe and be smart. Heed that, and we'll have ourselves a great time.

As much as I'd love to attend, I highly doubt I can get away from my present duties. I'll be there in spirit!



  2. You go, Legends, You go! We want Legends 3 back!

  3. lol at the guy in the Daft Punk helmet

  4. I really wish I could go and help :(

  5. I'd love to except I can't really miss any more class :/

  6. Hey, Protodude, I cant express my sadness enough to tell you that I'm nowhere near New York. But if anything is ever remotely close to Missouri, you can count on me to be there to help in any way I can. I wish you guys the best of luck!

  7. Words cannot express how much I wish I'd known about this earlier. Legends 3 was the entire reason I went to 2010's NYCC, but with only a few days notice I don't know that I can make it to this year's...

  8. I can't help but think any amount of people that would be large enough to show support would go against the Fire Code.

  9. C'mon guys.. maybe we can do it.

  10. Good luck to everyone who could go there.But remember you represent the whole fanbase there.Stay classy, play cool

  11. I'm a hundred percent certain that this is going to continue falling on deaf ears with Capcom, just like the fanbase's requests for Mega Man X to appear in Marvel VS Capcom 3. They've made it perfectly clear over the months, that they just flat-out don't care anymore.

  12. You guys... this is our last hope. You can do it. If Capcom listens to at least 47,961, it isn't enough. So we need you to go there and support these people who are trying to bring Mega Man Legends 3.

    I believe you can help because we're a Megaman fans and we love everything that is Megaman games and stuff. It's very important to keep them alive.

    Do not let it slipping or fading away. Otherwise, it'll be the end of Megaman's existence.

    Do not let them take it away from us. Otherwise, in the future we will be forgotten who Megaman is.

    Do not forget this because this is a last chance to make it happen. One chance. Please, I beg you. Do not let it die like this. Not now. We will stand together and keep helping all of us raising to 100,000. This needs to show Capcom that we're actually a fanbase! Yes, it does exist that they never heard of it because we are a part of it as they're a part of it!

    So are you in? If so do, then...

    what are you waiting for? Join Jake Hans and let us spread our messages to the world! Let us be heard our voice and our encouragement! We need Mega Man Legends 3 to complete, so we can get Mega Man Trigger/Voltnutt off the moon and give him more new adventure!

  13. @Krazy Monkey

    ..Oh really? If Crapcom sees how much the fanbase really wanted Legends 3, maybe they will change their minds.

    I'm starting to wonder why you think the fanbase is not gonna get through to Crapcom. Oh maybe it's because you hate MegaMan now due to your big hatred of MegaMan 2 and MegaMan Universe. Cause honestly, we're getting really tired of you complaining about MM2 and MM Universe.

  14. I wish you guys much Luck! I hope many people visit the booth! If I could I would fly to the United States, but sadly I can't, so I will pray for good luck!

  15. Comments like HeroManX's are exactly the reason why I think speaking my mind about the fanbase's current grief over L3's cancellation isn't worth the hassle anymore.

    Welp, back to the fangaming scene I go.

  16. If I could, I would go over to New York as support them, but I have school, so I will have to continue to support the movement from my computer (man, if only Net Navis were real, then I would visit the booth virtually with my Net Navi).

  17. @MusashiAAA

    XD You trolling me now? Well too fricking bad, MusashiAAA, the fanbase are upset abotu Legends 3's cancelzation and you're bashing the movement to bring it back up. So do us a favor and keep your damn mouth shut about the fanbase's grief over Legends 3, ya dumbass...

    As for the fans at Comic-Con, I wish you luck. This may be our last chance to get Capcom to change their minds. If that doesn't work...

    Sue those bastards or trash their offices and don't listen to trolls like MusashiAAA. Legends Never Dies! :P

  18. Please, somebody tell me who´s that hotty girl at the beginning of the video (drooling over)....

  19. @HeroManX:

    First of all, I've hardly had a thing to say about either of those games in months. Secondly, would you mind explaining how that had any relevance to what was said in my above post? Or am I missing something, here? Way to put words in my mouth.

    Had you actually bothered to read my post correctly, you would have known that I was clearly talking about the way Capcom blatantly ignored peoples' requests for Mega Man X to appear in both versions of Marvel VS Capcom, despite the fact that he had the largest amount of votes (even moreso than some of the ones who made it, like Strider). Also, not only did they cancel two games in the same year (and only three months apart from one another), but they, themselves said that they have absolutely no intention of ever resuming Legends 3's development (even after acknowledging the amount of fan support it supposedly didn't have).

    Another thing, I really wish you and everyone else would stay off my back about Mega Man 2 and Universe. I have the right to think those two games are overrated/garbage if I want to. Honestly, I cannot count how many people on this blog have been saying the exact same thing, only for it to not be given a second glance, but as soon as I have anything to say about it (which I didn't, this time around), then everyone makes a huge issue out of it.

  20. @Krazy Monkey

    Just drop it altogether. This place went down the gutter some time ago. Just refuse to make any comment that might spark any L3 butthurtness in any Legends-related blogpost.

    They won't budge. It became really obvious when that fan movement took off. Guess who promoted that.

    Saying it's getting really annoying is an understatement. I have actually started to come here less and less simply because of all the L3 butthurt bullshit.

    The amount of childish reasoning is so high in here, I lost count on the troll/regular ratio.

    It's very sad, actually. This was a nice place to discuss, until L3 was cancelled and the inevitable fan movement was advertised by Brian. So much hate, so much vehement and angerful reasoning.

    I don't even think this comment will make it through. That's how bad I see the situation :/

  21. @MusashiAA:

    I'm on board with what you're saying for the most part, but at the same time, I do feel that the fanbase has every right to be pissed off about that game's cancellation. People have waited at least ten years for another Legends installment to be made, and had pretty much given up hope that it would ever happen. To everyone's surprise, a third Legends game did get announced, only for them to pull the plug on it out of nowhere, with no real explanation. If that wasn't bad enough, one of the Capcom employees even had the audacity to outright say that they expected the fans to make the game FOR them.

    I'm no diehard Legends fanboy or anything, but that was enough to even get ME pissed off about it. I don't know about you or anyone else, but had they announced new, highly-anticipated games like Mega Man 11 (8-bit or otherwise; the latter especially) or Mega Man X9 and decided to cancel them out of nowhere, I'd most likely react the same way as most Legends fans did.

  22. @Krazy Monkey

    But they have shown to have no plans on reactivating development, or to at least release L3PrototypeVersion so that the dev team can get a little revenue from their work, be it incomplete or not. This is foolish behavior towards the fans, and Capcom has shown that they don't care about being foolish towards what a mayority of fans want.

    Although I do believe the L3 fan movement's cause and motivation is well-founded (I played the Legends games before Classic games, so I hold them very close to my childhood memories), the slight-yet-existent support for backlash and butthurt (if not the sole action of letting it happen) is what makes the whole thing stink. After all, Legends fans are very vocal.

    They have assumed that they are a mayority of the fanbase, which to Capcom's eyes they are not. They have assumed that Capcom lost a good chance for some high-end profit and good public image publicity, which is not entirely true (Capcom still uses Street Fighter game's incomes as a way to tell what makes a game viable and worth the effort, and again they showed us that they're more than capable than doing some damage control on something they knew would give them bad image publicity, a.k.a. the whole L3 fiasco). And most importantly, Mega Man fans in general have lost a very important spokesman inside Capcom, and are still pending to find a new one (BTW, I would love to see more blogposts that encourages readers to speak up their minds about stuff like this).

    This a war Legends fans won't win until big corporative and critically spiritual changes occur inside Capcom of Japan. And this is something everyone should know by now.

    I say, carry on. But dear god, everyone is dragging on the whole Crapcom deal everywhere in here all the time. There's no need to do so. A slow, silent boycott won't do shit. And a constant backlash will do even worse. It's generally a bad image for the fandom to project.

    I feel like, no matter what's the blogpost topic, SOMEONE is bound to say either "crapcom" or "fuck you" or "legends". Again, so much hate and so much angerful reasoning. Just chill, I do know we can't let this kind of things go unnoticed. But instead of using up energy to build up and spread anger and resentment, do so to contribute to the fan movement if you believe L3PrototypeVersion should be released.

    The main motivation the fan movement has given for their campaign is to "bring back Legends 3". That is quite the stretch.

    Why not fight specifically for the release of Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version so that its developers can get some revenue from their work, instead of just vaguely saying they want L3 back, which can lead Capcom to understand as a campaign for the continuation of L3's development, which we know it's not among their shcedule?.

    There needs to be a change in the motivations to something much more realistic and less ambitious, and a change of tactics to something more productive.

    As for this site, just try to keep things as less butthurt-ish as possible. It really gives off a bad vibe, and strips out the old friendly vibe this site used to have. But instead of at least acknowleding dissentions and letting them be...

    "the fanbase is upset about Legends 3's cancellation and you're bashing the movement to bring it back up. So do us a favor and keep your damn mouth shut about the fanbase's grief over Legends 3, ya dumbass..."

    I'm called a troll and a dumbass out of sheer vehement backlash, as if I was not aware of what has happened. Which is why...

    "Comments like HeroManX's are exactly the reason why I think speaking my mind about the fanbase's current grief over L3's cancellation isn't worth the hassle anymore"

    Can't we just stop this goddamn ragetrain already?. It's getting stale and tasteless.

  23. If this doesn't work, I can't wait for what's next on our list. :D

  24. @MusashiAA

    The movement is not a ragetrain. Or maybe I missed your point because you have so many you are trying to convey.(not a troll post, i'm serious, I might have missed the point, if I did just tell me.) Either way, I think the Legends 3 movement is good, even if we don't get Legends 3 re-started, at the very least CoJ might notice that there are Mega Man fans in NA. Also, your right that the ragetrain should stop, but if you think the movement should stop, I disagree.


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