Friday, August 5, 2011

Three Mega Man Books Headed Your Way Next Week

It's been a rough last couple of weeks for Mega Man fans, but UDON Entertainent has some good news that might brighten your spirits. This coming Wednesday, August 10 sees the release of three all-new Mega Man books! Mega Man Tribute, Mega Man Star Force: Official Complete Works, and Mega Man Gigamix Volume 2 are all hitting comic book retailers on the very same day.

As per usual, the release date for the likes of Amazon and other online outlets is a bit less precise, but UDON's Matt Moylan notes they should be receiving (and shipping) their copies the following week. Nevertheless, you're guaranteed to find all three books at comic book retailers on Wednesday!

What's UDON-related news without some delightful preview pages? We've got those too! Hit the jump for a handful of sample pages and more info on all three books. Worth a peek!


MEGA MAN TRIBUTE (Soft Cover Edition)
"Hundreds of artists of every imaginable style join forces to show their love for the blue bomber! Featuring over 300 pages of art starring the characters of Mega Man Classic, Mega Man X, Mega Man Zero, Mega Man ZX, and of course, Mega Man Legends!"

"While Star Force is one of the lesser known Mega Man series, we know it still has plenty of fans, and the artwork behind this series is top notch. Star Force OCW collects the artwork behind all 3 generations of the Star Force games, plus tons of artist notes and creator commentary."

Volume 1 of Hitoshi Ariga’s latest manga was just a warm-up… Gigamix Vol. 2 is where Gigamix really kicks it into high gear! In this first half of the epic Stardroids saga you’ll see:
-          The destructive power of the Stardroids, Mega Man’s most powerful foes yet!
-          Doctors Wily & Light… on the same side?
-          Rush merges with another robot to form Super_____! (hint, it’s someone besides Mega Man!)
-          Proto Man, Bass, Roll, Dozens of Robots Masters from multiple Mega Man games, and more!
 It all begins in Mega Man Gigamix Vol.2: “White Nightmare!”

A big thank you to Matt Moylan for the samples! Grab your Zenny folks; next week's a big one!


  1. This is UDON we're talking about, "next week" really means "eventually".

  2. Licenced by Crapcom, eh? Does that mean if I buy these new, they'll get some of the money? >_>

    Currently boycotting them.

  3. ^
    Not buying Mega Man products only proves to Capcom the franchise is no longer financially viable. That and UDON has done you no wrong.

    Stop. You sound stupid.

  4. Say what you will, but I'm through with Crapcom.

  5. Then you are contributing to Mega Man's death.

  6. Man, not more Megaman crap. I ain't buying any, I had plans way before, but not anymore thanks to Capcom. They aren't getting a penny of my hard earned money, cause they just showed their true selves, bunch of lies and money grubbers. Megaman is dead...

  7. Protest Capcom by not buying their non-Rockman games. Support Rockman by purchasing anything related. Put your personal dent where it matters, not in the sector you believe in.

  8. Well, I, for one, plan to buy these books. I've loved UDON's work in the past, and buying these will also support Capcom, showing them there is still money to be made with Megaman.

  9. "guaranteed to find all three books at comic book retailers on Wednesday"

    That's cute. Oh, you wacky adorable 'release dates'. Books A Million still hasn't gotten issue #1 of the Gigamix yet.

  10. Did they ever come out with a Battle Network OCW, or did I completely miss the boat on that one?

  11. I've been waiting for so long to get a copy of the SFOCW.

    Definitely gonna get my book store to pre-order this one for me. :)

  12. Neat, looks like the release date is definite. Maybe i should put a rush on my order seeing as how i might get the book a whole week after.

    Still, the star force book uses the japanese title in the footer. Is that correct?

  13. To those 'boycotting' Capcom entirely.

    Boycotting the company as a whole isn't going to help Megaman. UDON hasn't done anything to poor Megaman. If anything, they are HELPING HIM by making these books.

    So stop and listen for five f*cking seconds.

    If you boycott the company except Megaman, then it shows that they can't treat that franchise like garbage if they want sales in other franchises. Hell my boycott doesn't include Megaman and Phoenix in hopes of helping Legends 3 come back AND getting Miles Edgeworth 2 AND Layton x Ace Attorney to come stateside(thats right, it isnt coming to the US). I may be one person, but the key is to show that we are going to stick by megaman(and whatever other ones you dont boycott)no matter what, and we are willing to say 'I don't want god damn SF4 Version 29.I dont want RE6. I dont want UMvC3: AE. I WANT MY MEGAMAN AND I WANT HIM NOW.'

  14. Well, I loved the starforce series so I will probably get the handbook. I still want that OSS game, but I've got a felling we will never get it here in the states.

  15. Summary: Boycott everything from Capcom except for Mega Man-related goods.

    And Udon is actually helping Mega Man by releasing those books. Boycotting them will be bad for Mega Man and Udon, not Capcom.

  16. @Mega Rock.exe

    It seems to have the english name on the left pages and the Japanese on the right

  17. Capcom is getting something by sales of the books. UDON is using Megaman, thats Capcom’s character, such in order to use him, UDON would have to ask for permission and to a agreement. Or else he can be sewed by Capcom. Capcom has copyrights. So Capcom is bound to get some percentage on what he makes. So Capcom does get your money.
    Sorry for UDON, he chose a bad time to do Megaman. he should argue to Capcom to stating that thanks to them, his book won't sell well. Stupid Capcom.

  18. @Anon:
    Yes, Capcom gets part of the money from the books, but boycotting them will cause more harm to the Mega Man franchise and Udon than to Capcom. Don't forget that Capcom has several other franchises to obtain money from, like Street Fighter, Final Fight, Darkstalkers, Resident Evil, Dead Rising, Breath of Fire, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Ace Attorney, Monster Hunter, ..., and some fans from those franchises probably don't even know who is Mega Man and any other character from the series (unless they saw one in a crossover like Marvel vs. Capcom).

    That's why boycotting these books will be bad only for Mega Man and Udon. If those have low sales, Capcom will think Mega Man is unprofitable and the chances of Mega Man Legends 3 and other Mega Man games being released will be smaller (as well as translations for other Rockman books).

  19. As I said on The Mega Man Network: Anybody who is boycotting Mega Man products because Capcom has decided that Mega Man is no longer proftable is missing the entire goddamn point.

  20. I'm getting all three of them (Especially Star Force Complete Works, me being a big Star Force fan and all). This is Mega Man after all, another source to prove to Capcom Mega Man is still popular and sells!

  21. Some fans are probably still as mad as this:
    to the point that they aren't thinking clear.

    Boycott every single thing (games, comics, toys, ...) from Capcom EXCEPT for Mega Man-related stuff. (Excluding small cameos like Street Fighter X Tekken and Dead Rising. Boycott those too.)

  22. I think people are boycotting Megaman till we get Legends back in production or the demo at the very least. like trying to force Capcom's hands.

  23. Errr... I think Capcom already sees the Megaman franchise not profitable. They let go Keiji Inafune, like not trying to offer him a raise or a something to stay, they killed off Megaman Universe, Legends 3, 100,000 strong worth crap to them, and to cover their works they blame us fans! Just face it, Capcom doesn't care about Megaman at all.

  24. Anonymous said...
    "(...) Just face it, Capcom doesn't care about Megaman at all."

    And we no longer care about Capcom at all. That's why we are boycotting them, at least until Legends 3 is released.

    Let's play other games unrelated to Capcom meanwhile, there are plenty of game series: Mario, Sonic, Final Fantasy, Zelda, Kirby, Virtua Fighter, Castlevania, .hack, Ace Combat, Gran Turismo, Twisted Metal, Metal Gear, Super Robot Wars, Astro Boy, Bomberman, Rayman, Pac-Man, Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man, Batman, Superman, Ultraman, Pepsi Man, ...

  25. *sigh* I really need to just stop reading the comments on this site (or stop coming here all together). You all act like Capcom single handedly drowned your childhood pet.
    Capcom wouldn't have made a profit on a game they weren't happy with releasing - Why can you not understand that? Just because it's not being made now doesn't mean it wont be picked up again later.
    Yeah, it sucks, but "boycotting" (read: acting like a bunch of immature morons) is ultimately going to kill the company. Then who'd be laughing when Legends 3 dies forever? :|

    Eh, whatever. I'm going to buy my copy of Ultimate MvC3, read all the Megaman manga Udon wants to put out and then I'm going to kick a box of kittens into a pit of lava. You people still sound like a bunch of whining, spoiled brats.

  26. Deal with it, dude. You're complaints are falling on deaf ears. I don't give a crap to Crapcom anymore. Either they release MML3 (or at least the Prototype), or they no longer get a cent from me. Period. I don't care if I'm helping to contribute to Megaman's death. My hate for Capcom is more powerful than my love for Megaman at the moment.

    And anyway, as far as I'm concerned, with Inafune gone, Megaman is already dead. I don't trust Crapcom with him any longer.

    This is my stance on the matter. And my opinion cannot be changed.

  27. I agree with most people here. Send a message. Boycot everything EXCEPT Megaman. Buy Megaman like crazy. If all Capcom sees is the numbers, then we just have to shift the numbers in Megaman's favor.

    Me I already have Gigamix volume 2 on reserve at Amazon.


  29. I don't understand the people that want to boycott Mega Man to get more Mega Man. Seriously, that makes NO SENSE. Are are you so selfish that only the Legends series matters and to hell with the other MM series?

    But, ya, we should be supporting Mega Man. Boycotting Mega Man HURTS the cause. It only makes Capcom think that they were right to cancel the previous MM games (Universe and Legends 3... the former of which I was actually looking forward to more, actually, though I realize I'm in the minority).

    Freakin' A, you guys are pissing me off now. You're just going to make things worse!

  30. Must get SFOCW even though I have the japanese one >.>
    But I think i'll end up getting all of them if I save up enough.

  31. Only few of these comments make any sense.

  32. To be honest this boycotting thing just seems like one big tantrum

    But whatever :V

    sdfjshk can't wait for Gigamix Volume 2. The Stardroids are awesome.

  33. I plan on buying Gigamix and the art book because I've been waiting for them a long time. UDON has put a lot of effort into making these projects happen, and it was all done way before the whole Legends fiasco went down. I waited more than a decade for the manga to start coming out here, and I want to see more of them that haven't been announced yet. There are other Rockman manga by other authors.

    Those that are boycotting everything Mega Man just because Capcom gets a part of the proceeds are just cutting off their nose to spite their face.

  34. I'll tell you why a boycott is necessary; they're making everything but Mega Man games, now it's cool that they have books and stuff but that's not what I want from them, I want games I can play.

    CAPCOM treats fans like dirt and in a twisted sense of Stockholm syndrome irony the fan response is to keep buying whatever CAPCOM is selling. "Showing support" by buying things is actually fans succumbing to a simple marketing tactic: CAPCOM throws out a few comments about "not enough fan support" (when clearly this isn't the case) and instead of voting with your dollars many fans actually reward CAPCOM for NOT MAKING GAMES with money.

    I'm sick of CAPCOM not delivering on DLC. I'm sick of CAPCOM not listening to what gamers in the west want and I'm sick of internal infighting affecting game series that I'm interested in.

    They seem hellbent on self destruction, and while I've had many decades of fun thanks to their titles their hubris is wearing on my patience.

    So please, go ahead and throw your cash at CAPCOM, I'm sure it will fund more wonderful titles like Street Fighter vs DLC content that should have come out a year ago for the previous game Edition or Resident Evil FPS.

  35. I completely agree with the last anonymous, cept thats all Crapcom will get my money for is MM stuff.

    I will never ever ever buy another Capcom product unless it has MM. And I will continue this until I feel as though capcom has made up for the atrocity that they have bestowed upon us!

  36. Mega Man and Udon... WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!



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