Thursday, August 25, 2011

Auction: Adorable, Rare Kobun Figure

To those of you collecting all sorts of Servbot-related memorabilia, it doesn't get much more rare than this. Currently up for bidding on Ebay is but one of the ever elusive three-inch Kobun figures... Kobun #39. 

Capcom released a total of forty Kobun variations with the purchase of Tron Ni Kobun in Japan, each with their own unique set of accessories and facial expression. Kobun #39 here is the penultimate in the line, defined by his relaxed/sleeping expression.

These guys are pretty uncommon on Ebay, let alone available withing North America.  #39 is being sold MIB, currently sitting at a reasonable $10.50. With eight days left to bid, however, that price will likely sky rocket. Check out the full auction here!

I'd really love to document the whole set of forty sometime, so if you happen to one of these critters, send me a pic!


  1. I've seen a few of these pop up, but yes, their prices are wild. @_@

  2. There goes my chances of winning :(

  3. I wish Capcom would resell those. They're adorable!

  4. lol, 'not for sale'.

  5. zomg i've been in japan for 3 weeks and i totally found one of these (wide-awake version though). it's a piggy bank actually. (i think it's the same thing though, looks almost identical)
    I LOVE IT. i don't remember how expensive it was (maybe like 20 or 30 bucks) because i had to have it. i've been looking for servebot merch since as long as i can remember. it trumps just about any other thing i might want to buy.
    if you're ever in japan check around Nakano Broadway. found a bit of rare rockman stuff there.

  6. I won this figure! I agree with the rarity, i had never seen one before on ebay which is why i probably spent more than i normally would on a kobun figure. But he is very cool, and so is his paper airplane haha.

  7. i'm about to auction a Kobun "angry" figure on eBay. it's still in its sealed package. capcom gave this to me way back in the late 90's.


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