Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Want More Mega Man Bobble Budds?

A little while back, Capcom introduced to the world a fun Mega Man-themed toy: the Servbot Bobble Budd. The little guys would go on to sell like hotcakes, subsequently becoming something of a collectors item.  Looking to capitalizing on their popularity, manufacturer Multiverse Studio is toying with the notion of producing even more Bobble Budd characters, including (but not limited to) classic Mega Man and Mega Man Volnutt...

Mind you, these are just concepts for now. The official Bobble Budd page declares the two Mega Men as items they'd like to produce. In fact, you can even "vote" on which of the concepts you'd like to see come to fruition. Simply go to this page here and either Facebook like or Google +1 your favorite Bobble Budd concept. There's no guarantee these will go into production, but it couldn't hurt to show support for your favorite design.

Thanks for the tip, Crnko!


  1. These actually look pretty good to me. Though, the South Park budds on there are so bad, I hope they release looking like that.

  2. I would pre-order that on day one if they get sold on the site.

  3. I wonder if Mega Man Volnutt will be out of stock in less than a week?

  4. They keep canning MM games, and you still buy their shit? Why not just make Mega Man a new Hello Kitty?

    That's it, I'm going home.

  5. @MusashiAA:

    Hey, dumbass, if we don't but Mega Man products then Capcom will see the brand no longer financially viable.

    We have to keep it alive this way.

  6. It's funny because Hello Kitty has always been more successful than Mega Man has ever been, ever since the 1970's.

    He doesn't have that much of a merchandise market either...

  7. @MusashiAA: Dude, it's Mega Man. If we DON'T keep buying their "shit", then we're just putting more dirt over Mega Man's grave. We're SUPPOSED to be supporting Mega Man. Tell me, how the hell is boycotting Mega Man going to help Mega Man? That's completely devoid of logic.

  8. Buy Mega Man Volnutt in Elysium to take him home?

  9. @Clown Prince of Crime

    I'm just afraid of what Capcom might end up doing to Mega Man's image and reputation in the gaming industry with the profit they're get out of this kind of merchandising.

  10. To those arguing. I will say that the infighting among fans will definitely not help Mega Man. The only way we're going to help Mega Man is to support Mega Man.

    As much as it sounds like a contradiction... even those of us boycotting Capcom cannot boycott Mega Man. I myself have been reconsidering the boycott to some extent.

    I love Mega Man. I love Monster Hunter. I love Ace Attorney. As much as those obviously give Capcom money, if we DON'T buy those things, then guess what will be axed? And it won't be "Super Ultimate Street Fighter 2011 Tournament Edition Part 3 - Fourth Street Fighter This Year Edition". If Capcom has a franchise you care about, vote with your money by buying games and products related to that franchise. Only then will Capcom see that Mega Man/Monster Hunter/Ace Attorney are viable to continue. That said, they don't have any games in those series on the horizon, so I'll continue my boycott. But if they release something in a series I support... all I can say is, "Day 1".

  11. They're gonna notice profit from a fanbase like ours vs. a boycott. We are simply not big enough of a fanbase to make a financial dent to their bottom line. We're here to prove there IS a profit to be made with Legends, not the other way around.

    Some buffoon's regurgitated PR line isn't going to kill Legends, those boycotting megaman products just because it's from Capcom will. Let's not be stupid here, and support the Volnutt/Mega Bobble heads.

  12. These look as awful as those Kubricks things.

  13. personaly, i'd like to see them sell mega man. but not to just anyone. i'm sure nintendo could do the boy in blue justice, but i'd rather see him go multiplatform. tbh, i think konami would be the best option. they seem to know how to make a 2D platforming series, and from what i can tell, with games like metal gear, a legends game could easily be built by them and be just as good. you have to admit, recent games by konami have been at LEAST above par.

    at least with mega man out of thier way, crapcom could focus on churning out new editions of existing games, wasting little money, and raking in tons.

  14. @Anonymous: Capcom sell Mega Man? Lolwut? They like making profit and toss Mega Man in several games as cameos. Why they would sell one of their gooses that lay golden eggs?
    If Capcom is really adamant on not releasing MML3, than or only hope is that the current big guys retire soon and take their greed away with them. Maybe the next boss isn't a game recycling maniacal and stops with the "Super Hyper Mega Ultra Duper Street Fighter 4 HD Remix Zero Alpha Omega Extra Special: Very Long Sub Title Here"? I'm surprised that Operate Shooting Star wasn't released in two versions. Games with different versions should have more variety, like Team Aqua/Magma from Pokemon, or even different games like The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Seasons. (Which Capcom worked on)

  15. >Want some Bubble Budds?

    No, not really. Or Retro-Juvies. Or anything "SD" or deformed.


    How about some LEGITIMATE merch? Just saying.

    Where are those Biometal toys?
    Ah, right. Well, maybe integrate some of MMBN's grinding into Facebook, and make it connect to the 3DS--
    ...okay. Okay, well, how about--

    Ugh. Fine, forget it.

  16. @HyperSonicEXE: Because the "legitimate" merchandise, as you put it, is much more expensive to make, and is probably enough to make Capcom think that it won't be worth it.

    Oh and, legitimate =/= good quality merchandise. The Bobble Heads ARE legitimate because it's not like they're fan made or bootlegs or anything.

  17. Regardless of any licensing, Capcom has NO RIGHT to sell anything Legends. What gives them the right? If they can't make games to back up their toys, why make the toys? Why keep including Legends cameos in games that have no relation at all? It's like printing money with no mineral for it to represent.

    Either they make Legends 3 and any other Legends games in the future, or stop "toying" with the fans.

  18. Dan's Bubble Bod is funny. Is he crying because he is between two Cthulhus and Evil Ryu or because Mega Man Legends 3 was cancelled?

  19. Just to bored Capcom, i voted for Megaman Volnutt, GUYS, we must vote to Megaman Volnutt, just to tease capcom =P


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