Sunday, August 28, 2011

'Rockman X4 Special Trial Version' Dumped

Henger83 has gotten a hold of a rare pre-release version of Rockman X4, and we're dumping the game here for everyone to play and explore. Available to download in the links below, you're now free to enjoy the game to your heart's content or rip it open for the sake of research.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Rockman X4: Special Trial Version is a bit of an oddity. It isn't your run-of-the-mill prototype, smuggled outside of Capcom territory. It's a demo disc. A demo disc that Henger and I have never seen before. An early version of X4 is the crown jewel here, but the disc also contains demos for Rockman 8 and Rockman Battle & Chase. Nothing too spectacular from those two, but X4 is oozing with a tiny differences including unused enemies, unseen graphics, and a number of other aesthetic differences. Oh, and early Split Mushroom music.

The demo consists of four playable stages: Web Spider, Magma Dragoon, Jet Stingray, and Frost Walrus. The stages themselves have slightly different layouts from time to time, each sprinkled with their own subtle differences. Frost Walrus' stage, in fact, contains a section that was removed from the final game entirely!

Those capable should try to dig around inside the game. There may be all sorts of other mysteries just waiting to be unearthed. If you discover anything of interest, please do share your findings in the comments!


  1. I was wondering what I was gonna do this week. Thanks.

  2. thanks a lot, I'm really curious about this now. I can't wait to try this out.

  3. So that's where that mysterious face sprite comes from. =P Incredible find!

  4. What a weird coincidence. Last night, I was browsing around The Cutting Room Floor, looking at Mega Man-related articles about unused material, and then this shows up the very next day.

  5. Main Title says Megaman X4

    Letting the game idle in a game brings it back to the Game Select screen and letting it idle before you start a game makes it show various demos from each game including MM8's animated intro with sound. No loading screen between demos. Did they specially program the "slideshow"?

    00 = Buster
    01 = Web 100%
    02 = ??? Does animation, but fires buster shot
    03 = Soul Body 100% (Have at Start)
    04 = Fire No Charge shot
    05 = fires buster shot
    06 = Laser 100% (Have at Start)
    07 = Storm 100%
    08 = ??? Random buster shots

    No charge shot past Level 2.

    Only has his standing special(Haven't tried beating any stages)
    Everything else seems to be a copy of a broken Soul Body

    Armor Parts for X?
    Look more into which attacks Zero has
    Try harder to get more stages
    Is Duo in B&C?

  6. @Rockman

    There are action replay codes for each game in the video descriptions of each video.

    I forgot to add the AR codes for RM8 in the video description (I'll do that later). So if you're looking for stuff, that should save you some time. If you have the time, the are are some unused graphics on the disc for X4 and those willing to search for them, can use some graphic viewers to dig them out (I used TileMolestor). You'll also need to locate the palette data, which are in the files that have "COL" in the file name. The most interesting piece of graphic I found was an unused mugshot for the Colonel.

  7. I'm gonna post this anyway, even if it's redundant to what DeGamer posted, since I'd have to watch what he posted and by then I could still have to post it, so I'll save some time and post it anyway.

    Both Buster upgrades are present, but the Plasma shot has no graphic and there is no HUD graphic for the 4 charges. No grapic change for 4 Shot Buster, but Plasma Shot makes his hands Black.
    Head Upgrade shows the Head graphic, but I can't tell if it does amything.
    Leg upgrade lets you air-dash, but no hover.
    Body upgrade graphic shows, but no damage reduction.
    Nova strike isn't there as far as I care to see for now.

  8. Kinda curious about that unused Colonel mugshot. Pic?

  9. Congratulations. I saw his link and he have Rockman 8 Sample preview Saturn. Can you share Rockman 8 Sample Saturn as well ? :)

  10. So, do I just download each part and extract the files all to the same folder?

  11. hello,protodude

    Because I have this disk, the image is offered.
    This is the one distributed to the prize goods of the magazine and the game shop in Japan.

  12. Awesome work. I really hope these prototypes keep rolling out. Now lets get some early DASH stuff!

  13. @Anonymous:

    Henger, I believe, does have a Rockman 8 Sample Saturn. However, he is having difficulties getting it to work.

  14. Maybe you can tell him to try SSF emu for Rockman 8 Saturn Sample ?

    Or dump it and let us test ourselves and share that information to you ? What do you think ?

  15. @Skaarg:
    So far there are two demos of the 1st and 2nd game, and some early images not present in them:

    Talking about Mega Man Legends, I'd like to know if at least one of the 3 PS1 games have a debug menu like the ones shown in the series' official site, but I'm not skilled enough at hacking to find it if it has one.

    When testing cheat codes in MML2's debug room, this screen appeared instead of the game crashing like usual:

    Does it have any usefulness?

  16. @Metalman

    It's a crash/ramdump screen.
    It's pretty much a BSOD screen.

    Zelda 64 has one.

  17. @Rockman

    Which Zelda?? There's two for the 64...

  18. @Anon: Both:'s_Mask

    @Rockman: That I know. :P The screen also shows more addresses by using the second controller, but it doesn't has anything interesting.

    I'd like to know what each address (AT, GP, SP, FP, ...) is used for and if they have any utility to help hack the game. This screen appeared when I tried to move the characters by changing the values from these addresses in the debug room:

    Cheat Engine (with ePSXe 1.7.0)
    009C6178 (Element 1 movement - Tron)
    009C62E4 (Element 2 move - Servbot)
    009C6450 (Element 3 move - Roll)
    009C65BC (Element 4 - Amistal)
    009C67F8 (Element 5 - The blue barrier)
    009C6972 (Element 6 - Sera. Only moves her eyes)

    The Servbot and Tron have some strange motions, and their faces can move horizontally. Most from Roll and Amistal only makes them stop moving (Amistal doesn't move much anyway) or crash the game. All four have one value (4) that makes them cause damage in contact and reflect buster shots. Could not make Sera move, but addresses like 009C696D, 9C696F, 9C6971, 9C6972, and 9C6973 have some funny results on her. Maybe she was used to test models?

  19. ... put two wrong addresses above. It's actually:
    009C6728 (Element 5 - The blue barrier)
    009C6994 (Element 6 - Sera. Eye movement is 9C6964)

  20. Is it just me... or does Rockman X sound like he was originally voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama? He did the voice of Hiei in the Japanese Yuu Yuu Hakusho as well as Viral in Gurren Lagann and of course, (adult) Link in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Oh, and Forte in Rockman 8. Quite a coincidence, eh? (PROTIP: No.)

  21. Forget what I said about Sera, I found her codes only a few days ago and just figured each element (enemies and NPCs, and likely Mega Man and bosses) can have their size and color changed:

    And that's my last comment, as it's not even related to the X4 sample and I'm talking a lot... :P

  22. @Metalman
    I know about those. I have the CFC Demo disk. I'm incredibly interested in a demo that's like those earliest screenshots/video showing up some day. I would also be interested in a CFC time period demo that has more of the game accessible.

  23. have you ever seen this version rockman, very good

  24. I know these prototypes were uploaded awhile back, but it seems the download links were taken down or no longer work. Would you be able to reupload some new links for this along with the Megaman 8 prototype? :D


    2. Link doesn't work anymore sadly.


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