Friday, August 12, 2011

Let's Try This Again: Unseen Rockman DASH 2 Commercial

A short while back, we discovered a rarely seen, animated commercial for Rockman DASH 2. The quality was poor, to say the least. Tracking issues and general aging of the source VHS cassette were to blame. However that's all in the past. I'm pleased to announce the return of the commercial, now in a much higher resolution courtesy of MrJonathanJoester. Do enjoy:

For a fifteen second commercial, that's pretty slick. Ah the good ol' days!

If I'm not mistaken, we've only one "missing" Rockman commercial to find: Rockman Soccer. The game's theme song, the infamous We Are Rockman, is said to have been attached to a televised commercial. The TV spot, however, has yet to surface online. 

First person to find it gets a little prize from my personal Mega Man collection...


  1. Volnutt's 'murder face' still makes me chuckle. XD

  2. Commercials like this remind me how much it sucks to be American. Yeah, yeah, I know, at least I'm not Somalian or whatever, but still… when video games are concerned, it seems like us Westerners always get the dirty end of the turd stick.

  3. DASH would have rocked as an anime series too.

  4. Sweet.

    I remember when I didn't know DASH was a series. I thought it was the name of a fansite I found on XD

  5. Sucks to be American because video game commercials aren't made of hand-drawn animation? XD

    Except for some games not being localized (*ahem* Nintendo), Westerners are kind of leading the game industry right now.

    Whether that's a good thing in terms of artistry is up for debate, but we hardly get the short end of the stick here.

  6. Hm, now that the video is in better quality, I can't say that I like the coloring job there. But hey, it's a commercial, so.

  7. With a yo ho ho!
    (Yo ho ho!)
    And a tricky-la-dee-doo!
    We'll make 'em bring back Legends 3!
    And when we're all done
    We'll replay 2 and 1!
    Somalian pirates we!

  8. @Cleaveland Rock

    I feel you. Commercials for games stateside are nowhere as good as they used to be, even if a good deal of them were somewhat... trippy.

    A thought: If we dub over anime and videogames, why not dub over commercials too?

  9. Wow.. A high quality. Good job. I hope you find more of those in high quality in the near future.

  10. Salt in the wound.

    Ah, well. At least it's pretty. For a commercial I mean.

  11. I still don'y understand why Capcom cancelled the game. It's annoying that they canned it and MMU without giving explanation.

    Also, Capcom said MML1-2 and TMoTB could not be re-released because of IP issues. What are those issues anyway? Besides voice actors (which could be "re-voiced"), I can't think of anything else that could be a problem. I wonder... Does someone think one IP issue affect MML3?

  12. IP issue would not have affected MML3, I'm most certain. It was supposed to be a new game, not a re-release.

  13. @Last anon:
    If the voices are a problem, it's more likely (and easier) for Capcom to remove the voices like MMX6 and MMB&C from Mega Man X Collection instead of "re-voicing" the game. However, doing so would make the game lose part of its charm...

  14. Anyone know the name of that song?

  15. @Sam Y. Aza - That song is Negai ga Kanau Basho, by Fumina Hara. The full version of it can be found on the Rockman Theme Song Collection album.

    It's nice to finally see the commercial that it was used in!


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