Monday, August 15, 2011

Mega Man Vs. Everyone In Mega Man #8

Hot-dog, these solicitations are really ahead of the game! New solicit information and cover art for Archie's Mega Man #8 has hit the web, and from the looks of it, this issue's going to be a doozy. #8 is the fourth and final issue in the Time Keeps Slipping story arc, noteable in that it is the first arc to deviate from the game's canon:

“Time Keeps Slipping” Part Four: The finale to Mega Man’s newest adventure! Dr. Wily has captured Roll and turned the eight Robot Masters against Mega Man! Can the blue bomber and Federal agent Roslyn Krantz turn the tides, save Roll, and bring down Dr. Wily for good? Don’t miss this thrilling conclusion! ?

Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Chad Thomas
Cover by Patrick “Spaz” Spaziante
Shipping Date: 11/23/11
On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: 12/7/11
On Sale on Newsstands: 12/13/11
32-page, full color comic
$2.99 US

For those interested, issue #5-#8 interior artist Chad Thomas has updated his personal blog with a sneak peek at his rendition characters he'll be drawing, including Cut Man, Ice Man, Oil Man and Mega Man himself. Hit the above link to check those out!

Credit: The Mega Man Network


  1. I still want Powered Up to be considered canon :<. Time Man and Oil Man may sound like silly Robot Masters, but isn't that the point of MM1? Basic RMs with basic thematic premises?

    Also, more human characters? I like.

    Just as long as they don't end up looking like Agent Creep from MM3's concept art.

  2. Roslyn Krantz? Oh boy original characters no one cares about.

    Can't wait until we end up with a slime green evil Mega Man called Nega Man.

  3. Repeating themselves already? Oh, boy.

  4. Bad news everyone! Issue 3 of the comic sold horribly only 4,845 copies were sold compared to Issue 1's 12,586.

    Having said that for Archie those are good numbers so don't worry too much over it! Just figured I'd post it so people know where it stands.

  5. (@Anonymous #1) *Gasp* Not an... ORIGINAL CHARACTER! OH, THE HORROR. HOW DARE THEY.

  6. Is it wrong that I'm waiting for the inevitable "someone builds a time machine and sends Mega Man to the year 21XX" storyline?


  7. lol theres something wrong with Oil Man his head is somewhat in Cut Man's arm... lol

  8. Wow I can't believe the sales of issue 3.
    Taking into account recent mega man events, I feel that if this keeps up, Archie might cancel the comic.

  9. Nice artwork cover, and Oil Man's censorship was okay.

  10. @ first anonymous

    too late. he's called Quint, and he was in the GB mega man games. here he is:

    he IS mega man, captured by wily from the future, and reprogramed to be evil.

    sorry man. unless you were being sarcastic, then nice one.

  11. Ahaha, Cutman's squishing Oilman.

    Other than that, it's a nice cover.

  12. @ Anon: 9:01

    It was a condescending jab at the Sonic comic which introduced a slime green evil Sonic called Scourge after Metal Sonic and Shadow were already around.

  13. @Anon 10:16

    Technicaly he was around before them both, but I know what you mean, lol

  14. @ 10:16 Anon

    *Nitpick* Scourge was around as Evil Sonic before Metal Sonic and Shadow were introduced. */Nitpick*

  15. @ Anonymous:
    "Roslyn Krantz? Oh boy original characters no one cares about."

    You think that's bad? Wait until Mega Man gets a love interest, a pop singer name Lady Naga (Who is secretly Snake Man's sister).

    It's Archie, don't think they won't do it...

  16. @ProfessorMegaMan: But it is Ian Flynn. Ian Flynn. I have full trust in him.

  17. @W.Waltz: Please don't say that. I've been really, REALLY enjoying this comic so far, and it'd be heartbreaking to see it get canceled. I mean, if Sonic can stay alive in comic form for as long as he can, I think Mega Man deserves to, as well. I reeeaaaaally hope this comic doesn't get canceled...


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