Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Capcom Got Your Letters

Who says snail-mail is dead? Your Mega Man Legends 3 letters have arrived safely at Capcom's offices in California, confirmed by none other than Christian 'Sven' Svensson...

"I am receiving and reading every piece of mail from you guys," says Sven over at the Capcom Unity forums. "Some of them are so beautiful that I wanted to share them with folks here. Shown below [above] are just what I've gotten in the past few days and there are others from a few weeks prior. Thanks very much for you passion and love of all things MM. I'm sorry Legends 3 didn't happen in the end but I am personally working to help please MM fans once again at some point. Please bear with us. It's going to take some time."

Recognition of the MML3 snail-mail campaign, alone, is reassuring to say the least. If Sven's personal commitment to hearing our your opinions wasn't enough, this should help to affirm the fact Capcom are listening to our plight closely.

Set aside your frustrations and give the man some applause. Say what you will about Capcom, but Sven is someone who deserves your respect. He truly is on our side.

If you would like to send a letter to Capcom, visit the snail-mail campaign's official site for instructions. 


  1. Just the fact he cares enough to post them gives me hope

  2. Oh yeah, I have no qualms against Capcom of America. They aren't the executives who create the top policy.

    It's sort of like Nintendo of America aside from the whole localization thing, though I'm not sure how much final say they get in that either.

  3. Wow...

    Between this, the Facebook Page, Dashe's song, and everything else that's been going down, we're sure to get Capcom to pay attention.

  4. He (Sven, not Capcom Co., Ltd.'s head honchos) got our letters? And he read them?



    Alrighty, then.

    So yeah, anyone knows about that unfinished Rush Drill weapon found deep inside RM3's coding? I wonder how they planned it to work...

    Anyone has their theories? Or am I too late to join that party?

  5. Wow, Musashi, can you be anymore of an ass?

    The letters were addressed to CAPCOM. Sven is speaking on the company's behalf.

  6. Yeah.

    I'll be interested whenever COJ officially recants L3's cancellation.

    In the meantime, I'm gonna go ahead and be all skeptical about the L3's revival campaign, and focus on other MM-related stuff. You know, moving on.

    Also, you may wanna put Sven's representation of the company on doubt, not only because he's just too cool to represent them, but because I believe the only living being capable of properly represent Capcom as of right now is probably something along the lines of Giygas or an eldritch abomination.

    Or maybe a knife stained with blood. Or oil. Or whatever liquid carbons have flowing in their veins.

    But that's just my opinion.

  7. Am I the only one worried they're so close to the oven?

  8. Looks like I am too late to send letter. I mean deadline is today. =/

  9. Moosh, we know your opinion. Repeatedly saying "I don't care" and "This is a waste of time" isn't helping anyone. Just step off for a minute.

  10. He is truly on our side ? I will believe it when I see a new Megaman game. :)

  11. Well, I typed a comment, but wouldn't you know it, Blogger went down when I tried to post it.

    This has happened several times. Talk about a sucky service.

    Suffice it to say my comment was gloomy and doomsayery, even though I wish it could be hopeful and happy.

  12. Sven and Killian both. I sincerely get that they are Megaman fans, but their hands are tied.

    As Protodude said, don't take it out on them.

  13. They're preparing to throw them in the fireplace, I bet

  14. That's alot of microwaves.

  15. Sven may be "on our side" but he also said we should "be the opposite of worried!" when people were concerned with Universe getting canceled whether you liked that game or not is unimportant. What is, is that it shows at the end of the day Sven is just a PR guy, he's so low on the totem poll he can't realistically promise anything and sure he can read this stuff and tell his superiors but that might not change a damn thing if they're dead set on their present path.

    In conclusion: Anything Sven says is worthless.

  16. Those letters are placed very conveniently nearby the toaster oven @_@

  17. You know what'll please the fans? Legends 3. What else could possibly come close to making up for it? What could possibly please us more? I wouldn't be opposed to a suitable X9 or MHX2 or something of that nature. Still, Legends 3 is the only option in truly pleasing Mega Man fans at this point. Sven and Capcom as whole need to understand this. Sure, they understand we're pissed and hurt, but do they truly understand the stated fact.

    Also, incredibly awesome letters! =D

  18. Sad to say, I don't have much hope at this point. Let's be honest, it's not like we're completely unnoticed. There are probably many people at CAPCOM who have read some of these comments and addressed them or even thought the exact same things. They're not idiots. If they say it wouldn't work, who are we to say they're wrong? They're the experts. We don't know enough about how much it costs to develop, advertise, manufacture, and ship the game, for them to actually profit from it. I've done my share of support. If you're going to keep trying, go ahead. But I'm going to keep my expectations low.

  19. I'd like to think that this represents a tiny victory for the cause of the Legends series.

    Like a drill we steadily advance a little more with each turn, slowly but surely breaking down resistance.

  20. Lol@the TTGL references Vinne.
    Row Row Fight The Power!

  21. "Please bear with us"? I may actually get the feeling Sven doesn't grasp what an intolerable betrayal of trust most of view this collapse of openness and cancellation as.

    Almost as much as when he lamented he couldn't distract us from this when he first commented on it.

  22. @ vinnie D

    COJ is the strongest metal on earth, once you hit it the drill breaks. What some PR at COA has to say means nothing in the long run.

    @ everyone else
    When Capcom states MM isn't dead, they mean that you will be able to buy his picture on lunch boxes and comic books. MM has become the Mickey Mouse of the videogame world.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again: The only way Capcom is going to hear us is though their wallets.

    Boycott Capcom.

  23. Right into the microwave they go. *points to odd position of all the letters in relation to room objects*

  24. Thanks, Sven.

    You didn't happen to notice a whole pile of letters clamoring for the resurrection of Mega Man Universe being shoved into an incinerator, did you?

  25. We shouldn't give up, but I think the reason they had for cancellation isn't one that will be overturned.

    They can't even share the real reason publicly, so it's probably sensitive. Perhaps internal structure issues, revenue issues, or some other dark secret.

  26. bull$!#@ing to keep the fans happy. that's all it is. he should have his teeth removed so that he doesn't have to strain to lie right through them. i can understand if someone wants to believe this, but for those that see right through it like me, respect to you.

  27. @zpider: As far as I know, the deadline listed on that site isn't official, and nothing is stopping you from writing them a letter or sending them something when you feel you have the time to do so. I'd just say if you want to write them something, go for it, whenever that is!

  28. Hey MusashiAA, why don't you just stop posting in any Rockman Dash 3 news topics if all you're ever going to do is bitch about how these petitions and projects will never accomplish anything?

  29. I'll only be happy if Capcom tells us the actual reason for the cancellation.

    Which is never.

  30. Pretty psyched to see my letter on that desk. :D

    Whether Sven is listening and whether Sven can do anything about it are two different things, this is true. But, there's the thing: No one person is going to get Capcom to re-organize their development staff overnight. If Legends 3, whether the Prototype alone or not, is ever going to see the light of day, convincing Capcom is going to be a long and painful process. That's the way it is. You can't give up because "this one person doesn't have the ability to change it". We're not arguing to one person. That one person has proven himself a valuable liason is great, don't get me wrong, but this is a matter of demand and pressure on the company as a whole. And that takes time, plain and simple.

    If you think boycotting is the better way, then by all means. But boycotting doesn't communicate what you want, it communicates what you don't want. Assuming Capcom does see a significant reaction that way, any solution they take will be a shot in the dark, and there is always the chance that waning sales would only convince them to steer clear of "risky" franchises such as Legends.

    I certainly won't deny that I'm less inclined to give new Capcom franchises like Ghost Trick a chance, though. It's extremely hard to take a risk on someone who has not only outright refused to take a risk on you, but has even refused their own procedure on how to measure that risk (Prototype).


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