Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Art Buster Fanbook Now Available

UDON had around 3,000 entries for Mega Man Tribute... but being a 300 page book, only so few pieces could get in. For those folks, there's Soul-Rokkuman's ambitious Art Buster project; a collection of all the non-winning entries, displayed in digital form for all to enjoy.

Now, after months of compiling, the project is ready for public distribution. Soul-Rokkuman has announced the project's completion over at her deviantART blog, primed and ready for your consumption. You can download the book in its entirety right here. Inside, you'll find a boatload of pieces, all just as talented as those within Mega Man Tribute. It's well worth a look, and I implore you to pay tribute to those involved by giving it a download!

While it's unfortunate these pieces couldn't make the official cut, you have to hand it to Soul; she undertook a tough job, but managed to come out on top. Because of her, many non-winning entries now have a chance to shine. Great work, everyone!

Thanks for the tip, rocku x!


  1. Any chance of a non-PDF release?

    Also, thanks to all the people who didn't make the cut, who really deserved to, for taking the time to coordinate with this project so people can see your art.

  2. huh. cool. well, at least UDON gives a @#$% about mega fans. also, nice to see someone compiled the unchosen artworks.

  3. Uhh.... Yeeeeeeeees?

    Just yes.

  4. That's pretty cool that Soul-Rokkuman included my offering (and on Page 18, no less).

    After checking out all the great art that got rejected, I don't want to see the Udon book. They have a questionable style in their own comics, which suggests a poor taste in art overall.

    It'd probably only piss me off.

  5. @ProfessorMegaMan: How stupid. You can't judge it before you see it. It would be hard to pick what's included. There had to be a cutoff point somewhere.

  6. @ProfessorMegaMan: What sort of questionable style? I don't see anything off in their comics.

    I'd say their art is pretty good actually.

    And according to UDON, it was because they got too many submissions and obviously couldn't fit all of them in.

  7. I am very surprised a few of these didn't get included. I would have upped the page count if I were UDON. What reason would they have not too? Entries such as that realistic Zero and that Pinocchio style picture for example clearly deserved a spot. Even though others are spectacular, maybe some are too...violent maybe? Maybe UDON wanted the book accessible to all audiences. But damn if there arent some awesome, unique pieces of art in this book. Maybe UDON should make a Volume 2! =D

    PS: That "Zero Tolerance" picture representing the "Cataclysm Theory" is very close to how I pictured it happening. Awesome!

  8. @ProfessorMegaMan

    What a questionable means of judgment you exhibit yourself.

    You've only seen the art that didn't make it -- how can you assume the art in the book is bad based on that? Maybe the art in the book EXCEEDS what didn't make the cut? The Art Buster has some very professional pieces, but it also has many that were clearly done by artists-in-training.

    We're also not certain which of these were submitted after the deadline, submitted in the wrong format, or weren't received due to technical errors.

  9. @MegaMac

    I have a slight theory that the reason some of those high quality pics you mentioned weren't included was that they didn't want any art in the book that was superior to their own.

    Maybe it's ego, or maybe they don't want a flood of letters asking why such and such artist doesn't work for them.

    From that perspective, it would be a great way to scout new talent (especially if they're planning on doing their own MegaMan/X/Zero/etc. comic in the near future). But if such is not the case, then they could potentially be setting themselves up for a lot of criticism.

  10. It's just so hard to please the fandom, isn't it. It's almost like everyone is taking their frustration on the other guys because Capcom made a royal mistake, whereas everyone else had no part in that. At least that's how I'm starting to view things as of late.

    I feel bad for UDON.

  11. @Anonymous: "What a questionable means of judgment you exhibit yourself."

    It's not so much questionable as it is pessimistic, and since the subject here IS Mega Man, and given recent MM-related events, can you really blame me?

    Things seldom go well for the blue one, and I'll be damned if I know why.

  12. I love the Pinocchio art and how it really fits the Megaman world and it was awesome to see Rock and Blues not having helmets on with Roll in a cute purple dress on the Light Family Tribute artwork....This project is AWESOME!♥

  13. Oh my god! IT'S FINISHED!!! XD

    Gonna download it now! This is great, I'm so proud of Soul-Rokkuman for taking the time to get this project up and running!


  14. I'm back...

    I have the Art Buster Fan Book PDF now (took just 10 minutes to download), and I've been looking through it... and I must say...


    The cover is excellent, the layout of the whole book is lovely... I can't stress enough how absolutely breathtaking it is to see this HUGE task completed, ready to be enjoyed by so many Mega Man fans. I hoped that this project would turn out well... and it did. :)

    Soul-Rokkuman, with the help and support of Samusmmx and other dear friends, as well as the artists who contributed their artwork for this fan book... they ALL have worked amazing wonders to bring this fan book to all of us.

    Thanks to them, this is one more way to show that Mega Man really IS loved, and will continue to be loved.


  15. @Prof

    Somebody sounds a little butthurt they didn't make it into Udon's book. If you thought they had a 'poor taste' in art to begin with, why did you enter the contest?

    You're not being pessimistic; you're being petty. And what's wrong with enjoying both Art Buster and MMTribute? The more fantastic Megaman art, the better, I say.

  16. @ProfessorMegaMan:

    Your theory doesn't hold much water when Capcom of Japan was the one that had the final say over all the images that were chosen, not UDON.

    And personally, even though I also felt there were many deserving images that didn't make the cut which were artistically more powerful/polished/creative/etc., the point was to give fans of all artistic abilities the chance to have their work included in this book.

    Even though I don't think all of the images in the Tribute were mindblowingly excellent, fans should be proud that UDON did chose art of various skill levels to be published. It isn't a one-sided, Photoshop-master CG-fest. All kinds of mediums, styles and skill levels are showcased. And in the essence of a fan tribute, we should respect that. 'Cause not all fans are Photoshop gods.

  17. There are only a handful of these entries that you'd expect to see in the book really. A MAJORITY of these are what you would expect from a normal dA artist.

  18. Hey gang, Matt here from UDON. Just wanted remind everyone that we recieved more submissions than ever this year, and it was tough to cut many pieces. Also keep in mind that even after UDON chose our favorites, the final pieces also needed to be approved by Capcom. Capcom has their own judging criteria, so not all the pieces UDON chose made it through to the final book.

    All that said, Edmundo's Pinocchio image was actually one of my personal favs submitted. It's unfortunate it wasn't included in the book, but Edmundo has actually already been invited to another (currently secret!) UDON project. So hey, even when you don't win, good things can happen ;)

  19. Does anyone have a download link for this? The link on Soul-Rokkuman's page is dead.


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