Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Preorder Kotobukiya Zero, Get Equipped With Bonus Z-Saber

Kobotukiya will be releasing their 1/10 scale Rockman Zero model later this October in Japan, and to entice fans into buying the kit directly from them, they've whipped up a neat little offer. Booking a preorder from Kotobukiya Direct, and you will be eligible to receive an additional Z-Saber accessory. With a second Z-Saber in Japan, you can bust out all kinds of nifty dual wielding poses, like this one!

Currently, the bonus offer is entirely exclusive to Kotobukiya direct, who, if I recall correctly, does not ship internationally. However, if you have the means to order, you can do so right here. The extra accessory bumps the final price tag up to 3,360 Yen or roughly $43.52 US.

Kotobukiya's Zero won't be hitting our shores until December, leaving us just enough time to begin begging and pleading KotoUS to include the bonus saber when it eventually arrives. Second Z-saber or not, Zero is already loaded with accessories, mind you. The final product will ship with a variety of hands, his buster gun, an alternate face and alternate saber sheathes.

Source: CapKobun


  1. I always love Kotobukiya's products, I have a ton of their HMM series Zoids. Maybe I should get into their Mega Man figures, too. :3

  2. You know, I never understood that about the Megaman Zero series.

    Why was there so much art of him dual-wielding, but never actually did so in the games? Wouldn't that just be a natural progression of his fighting style? There are countless successful multi-wield warriors in fiction! The player could have just sat there and mashed the attack button while Zero just kept comboing to infinity, or perhaps performed a "cross-block" against some attacks.

    I just think that's weird for it to be in the art and not the game.

  3. That's it???????? A second saber???????? A exact one which it already comes with???????? LAME!!!!!!! Why a second saber??????? Which in the game you NEVER DO!!!! It's like "A extra left over saber from production, I guess we'll offer it to those who pre-order our kits and still charge them for it a bit more." Oh wow, a saber, why not his other weapons!!!!! This kit is just getting worse and worse, big head, bulky, and lack of weapons.

  4. Looks like they might have lowered the size of his head. That will appease plenty of picky consumers. Still looks to be a very solid figure.

  5. @ MegaMac

    thats just a lucky angle camera shot. lol! its still a big head i bet.

  6. When the price drops I'll get it.


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