Friday, August 19, 2011

Have Some Gigamix Vol. 2 Preview Pages

Mega Man Gigamix Volume 2 is finally available at Amazon, and to celebrate, UDON's Matt Moylan sent over a handful of preview pages. The stakes are higher, the cast grander; it's an all out brawl. Vol. 2 is nothing short of epic. Do enjoy!

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  1. So looking forward to Vol 2. Stardroids, original Duo?!

  2. And thus, Wily proves his superiority over Light.

    Wily just experienced near-death, and almost got blown up by an alien robot, and he's still eager to fight.

    Light is a wuss, just like X.


  3. This is amazing. Ariga is my hero. MegaMix/GigaMix should be the accepted MegaMan canon, and the classic games should be remade to follow it. Great stuff overall.
    Also very eager to see Udon at PAX in a week : )

  4. I just picked up Gigamix #1 yesterday (FINALLY) and enjoyed the heck out of it. Really wish Books a Million wasn't so slow in ordering these. Can't wait on the Stardroids.

  5. Just picked up Vol.2 and Tribute.


  6. Just one more volume and it supposedly (according to Amazon) ships out in Oct!

  7. My god… I never thought the Mega Man series could reach such depth and emotion. Panel 9… It’s just… Wow…
    Never in all my life would I have imagined Wily saying that.

    Oh god. Ariga is freaking amazing with Mega Man. Wow.

  8. Look.
    Slash man has a pet dinosaur. :)


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