Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zero's Demise Never Looked So Good

I'll admit I was pretty shocked to see Zero kick the bucket all those years ago In Mega Man X1. Four deaths later, however... eh. I've pretty much grown accustomed to Zero dying and reviving time and time again, so the act leaves very little of an impact nowadays. Upon stumbling across this amazing piece by Doomsplosion, however, I began to feel some sympathy for the demise of the red crusader once again...

Lo and behold this awesome (and somewhat morbid) rendition of Zero's death in X1. I haven't felt this depressed towards the scene since, well, ever. Gosh, I mean just look at that; there's like this "holy" air to it. I don't believe I ever seen such a profound piece of fan-art before. Who knew one of the series biggest tropes could ever look this beautiful?

Literally just before I hit the publish button on this post, I picked up on a neat little detail: what's Zero holding in his hand? Yup, it's his arm cannon -- the "secret" buster upgrade in X1 given to players who passed up the traditional upgrade early on. Just one of many little details that help make the piece all the more epic.

via Doomsplosion's DeviantArt


  1. It's always good to see various people's takes on some of my favorite video game story scenes.

    I'll agree the drawing has its good points, but the Z emblem pauldron takes me out of the immersion of the scene. It looks out of place in a story scene perspective of the piece.

  2. The expression on Zero's face is disturbing. Powerful, but damn disturbing. Great piece!

  3. No matter how good the art is...

    Those booblights will always be awkward.

  4. No, it hasn't...I have to agree about the holy essence of it. It really shows. As for the shoulder piece, I suppose I could forgive that, the art is too extraordinary to not love. I'd be interested to see how he would take on other intimate scenes such as Light talking to X during his creation (as seen in Day of Sigma) or the Death of Iris, or maybe even one of the scenes at the end of X5. =)

  5. Interesting but a little overdone. I don't know.

    And I often wished Zero had stopped dying and coming back so many times during the series...

  6. This is deeply affecting, but I'm not feeling the art style. Too far removed from canon for me.

  7. The art's good, but the faces are more creepy than inspiring to me.

  8. @Dhylec

    Yeah, you wouldn't believe how much art of Zero dying I have. I couldn't give it away. And, of course, it's all very good quality.

  9. Uhhhh... I have no words for this...Except... um, "Well done?"

    With a HUGE question mark.

  10. Ewww, not my kind of style for a Mega Man X fanart.

  11. Oh my god...

    While I'd be lying if I said I like the art style, there's just something... SOMETHING... about it that makes me keep looking at it.

    I dunno, but maybe it's because there is a faint light shining on the both of them in such a sad moment. At least, that's what gave ME the "holy" feel about it, anyways. As if Zero was "bestowing" his power onto X, and that X using this power would bring light to the world again.

    I only looked at it enlarged once. I couldn't look at it big for too long... sorry, I just... couldn't. It's so... glum. Somber.

    From an objective standpoint, however... it is indeed a beautiful, dramatic piece of artwork of two of the video game world's most beloved characters on the final moments of the fallen warrior Zero, who, even after death, aided X in the battle against the ultimate evil Sigma.

    The artist has my respect.


  12. Zero looks like a surfer saying "Whoaaa."

  13. It needs a little bit of this:


    or this. Depends on your flavor:


  14. Zero: X... take this...

    X: but Zero! it's...

    Zero: i know... but... but it may... be... our last hope... to destroy sigma...

    X: zero...

    Zero: i know... you can do it... that's why... your name is X... right?

    X: ...!

    Zero: Now... now, go... i... believe... in... you... (dies)

    X: ... ... ToT NNOOOOOOOOGHHH!

  15. Zero dies 3 times in the series, and only comes back once.

    Seriously, people. X1, X5, and Z4. And he only comes back in the X series games. That's it. And no, Giro does not count.

  16. ^
    MODEL Z says hello.

  17. I never got to play as Model Z.

  18. Blech. Do not like.

    Armor too... buff-ized. Gimme my anime-style normal X stuff, plz k thx. I mean I'm all for realistic and all, but.. not when it deviates from the original designs too much.

    Though, I do remember that part in the game for the first time.. The banter between my sister and I was epic (and made my mother wonder if we were sane)...

  19. sorry poor zero my first not too much dies so between from orignal x why


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