Saturday, April 16, 2011

Unused Dialog Discovered In Mega Man Legends, Rockman Neo

Well over a decade since its original release, fans are still unearthing goodies hidden inside of Mega Man Legends 1 and its prototype counterpart, Rockman Neo. Prerelease and beta aficionado Keiji Dragon recently decided to sift through the audio contents of both titles, and, to his surprise, there was quite a bit of unused content. Have a listen:

Kinda stinks we lost those Game Over voice samples; I think that would have made for a really nice touch! Actually, I don't quite understand why any of these pieces were cut from the final game. Everything sounds good -- it's not like these are poorly acted lines.

For more unused and unheard Mega Man Legends dialog, check out Keiji Dragon's previous video here. Actually, do check out Keiji's channel itself for a heaping helping of tons of other MML pre-release goodies!


  1. More unused content:

  2. My god! Juno laughed!! The end is nigh!!! RUN!!!!

  3. Hey P-Dude. Can you put up my YouTube channel for anyone interested in more Mega Man beta/pre-release stuff... and stuff, please?


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