Sunday, April 10, 2011

Reminder: Subscribe To Archie's Mega Man!

Time certainly flies! You've got a little less than a month now to secure your subscription to Archie's upcoming Mega Man comic series, set to hit newsstands everywhere May 4th, 2011. Sure, you could subscribe after that, but you'd be missing the first issue!

As of this writing, Archie is still offering a one year subscription at the discount price of $22.50 for residents in the U.S, or $24.00 for Canadian residents. Also, might I add, it appears they still have Spaziante-signed posters in stock. Don't know how much longer that deal will be around, but if you want a free poster it might be a good idea to act quickly.

You can order a subscription of your very own by clicking here. Archie Online's discount is a mighty sweet deal, especially when you consider a full-one year sub. ordinarily runs for $35! This might not last either; order while you can!


  1. The funny thing is, I actually ordered two subscriptions. And I'm wondering if that covers me for two of each issue or 24 monthly installments.

    Also, I subscribed before they offered the Spaz poster, I wonder if I'll get one.

  2. @Professor Megaman: Actually, I read a while back (either here or at TMMN) that you'd just have to call Archie and they'll work it out so that you'd get the poster.

    Any news on subscription for the Philippine area?

  3. Already subscribed. :)

  4. @Professor Megaman: Well, if you haven't gotten your poster yet, then you probably won't unless you try to get in contact with them and ask about it. I think there was a blog post all about that, a while back.

  5. If you ordered two to the same address, they assume you wanted a 24-issue subscription. I know this because I ordered two, one for me and a friend, and they combined it like that.

  6. Can people from other Countries except America and Canada subscribe somehow? ;A; I don't have a Comic Shop or anything simular that imports stuff from other countries though. :/ (But I would like the get the Comics myself.)

  7. I think the only way people in other countries can get the comics is by importing from online stores.

    And Archie will only do America and Canada.


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