Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Archie Prepping Mega Man Compilation?

A recent listing at Amazon's North American branch suggests Archie Comics is the midst of preparing a paperback collection for their forthcoming Mega Man comic series. The book, entitled "Mega Man: Let The Games Begin", spans across 112 pages at $11.96, and will ship out at an undisclosed September 2011 date.

The product's page length, price tag seems to carry the notion that the book is a collection of, at least, the series' first five issues (May through September), which doesn't officially begin serialization until May 4th.  Why stop at issue five of a planned 12-issue series? Well, a compilation this early in the comic's life may even suggest that issues #1 to #5 encompass a single story arc.

Without further details however, we can only speculate for the time being. I'll be keeping an eye on this one...

Stay tuned!

Source: Amazon


  1. This actually makes me feel better about trying out the comics. I may try it out when the collection comes out.

    It's a longer wait, but I'd rather do that then to spend a lot of money on single issues that come out monthly.

  2. That sucks. then what's the point of subscribing?

  3. You get a year for 22.50. For 5 issues that's right at 12. So for 2 collections your looking at 24. So you Save about 5-7 and get two more issues.

  4. Yey!!! Stuff like this has a higher percentage of reaching Philippine shore!!! Thank you Archie!!!

  5. @anon1: To read the stories as soon as they come out...?

    I, personally, don't regret subscribing at all, but then again, I do like collecting comics.

  6. (@Anonymous #1) I'm going to guess you're new to comics. These days, every comic company makes collections of stories after they're done so as to draw new readers in by giving them easy access to issues. If you want a "point of subscribing", know that it helps keep the comic alive, as comic companies tend to not bring trade sales into account when looking at a comic's sales. While a comic may have high trade sales, it may have low issue sales and get canceled.

    So I'd suggest not too many people trade-wait...

  7. Okay, so anticipatory comment for when the thing about the MML3 demo launching with the eShop is posted.



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