Friday, April 22, 2011

The Fate Of Legends 3 Rests In Prototype Version

Think Mega Man Legends 3 has been green-lit into production? Think again. The looming fear of "cancellation" rears its ugly head once more following a recent statement by director Masakazu Eguchi. In a blog post over at Capcom Unity, the director was quick to emphasize that, if Prototype Version isn't received well enough, Mega Man Legends 3 simply won't happen:

"the heat and excitement surrounding this downloadable title would determine whether or not the full game could be greenlit. If hype is strong, the full title will be a go. If not, it’s a no-go. I don’t even want to think about that outcome!

"Hype" is more than likely a substitute for the word "sales." Long story short, if Prototype Version meets Capcom's projected sales expectations, subsequently proving there is a demand for Legends 3, the project will be green-lit.

Capcom is merely seeking reassurance the title will sell. Yes, the Devroom is buzzing with heat and excitement, but that doesn't necessarily translate into sales. Prototype Version will assess just how strongly that hype really is.

Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version launches this May for a mere $2.00*.
(*Kitabayashi confirmed 200 Yen price during previous night's webshow. May not reflect NA price tag.)

Source: Capcom-Unity


  1. Scare tactics. 'nuff said.

  2. Well, if that's true. This game is probably doomed.

  3. "Um..My wrench broke. Without it, I won't be able to continue with the rocket."


  4. Shut Up and Take My Money!

  5. God, Capcom. Stop fucking trolling and just tell us if we're going to get the game or not. Why is it that, out of all of Capcom's franchises, only Mega Man fans are trolled and dragged through the mud like this?

    But if Legends 3's fate truly does rest on the sales of Prototype Version, then Legends 3, my friends, is doomed... unless Capcom has extremely conservative sales expectations. How sad.

  6. Is $2.00 confirmed as the price? I didn't see it anywhere yesterday.

    I'm buying this as soon as I possibly can, as in, as soon as it's released on its release day. But I kind of have to worry about their plan here, considering how new 3DS is and how few people have one already. Even if $2 is the price of the demo, I know some people were holding out on buying 3DS 'til MegaMan Legends was released. That ups the price to $252 (plus tax) to play this demo for some.

    I sure hope there's enough interest. >__<

  7. I really hope Capcom didn't demand an unrealistically high number of sales or anything...

  8. Trust me, if I had a 3DS, I'd download the Legends 3 demo in a heartbeat, without the slightest hesitation.

  9. While this is no doubt what one could call a "dick move", the series actually historically hasn't made Capcom much money. Ever.

    So it's entirely reasonable Capcom would want to gauge whether or not going through with the full game is worth their time.

    Well Legends fans, you've been claiming for years the demand was out there now it is your time to show it wasn't all talk. Best of luck.

  10. Ugh... Why am I not surprised?

    They DO know it's not going to sell well, right? Stuff on things like Nintendo "Ware" shops tend to sell a lot less than their standard software, unless the thing is FREE.

    Honestly, what's with recent Japanese game-companies and charging people for DEMOS?

    Dissidia 012 did it, Gran Turismo 5 - Prologue did it, those Dead Rising 2 story things did it, and now this?

    It's a disaster waiting to happen. People might as well consider Legends 3 as good as canned, right now.

  11. One word: absurd. If this is the "new" kind of policy regarding gaming production, well, I don't want to even think about future MegaMan games.

    Why do people like 3D deadly shooters? Why do games MUST FOLLOW this way? For now, I'd say MegaMan franchise is really dead. MML3 won't see the sunlight.

  12. This is pretty bad. Does Capcom not realize that some people, as in, a pretty good number DON'T actually have the 3DS hardware yet to even download the prototype version? The only hope this game has is random people, anyone with a 3DS, downloading this demo as part of the initial line-up of the shop. Otherwise, even if every total member of the devroom, both US and JAP, wouldn't be enough to convince them of anything seeing is how it's around 12,000. I think that this whole Legends fiasco is still pretty pathetic. How about just make the damn thing and be done with it? Capcom has made lesser games before with fearless abandon. Why not the Mega Man franchise? I'll just say this; If Legends didn't sell well for them, there wouldn't have been a spin-off, a sequel, a greatest hits version, a N64 and PC version, cellphone games, merchandise and cameos. So really Capcom, one of the biggest game companies alive, what is the matter? Be thankful fans aren't wanting production to be switched for Nintendo's upcoming powerhouse.

  13. Alright fine. You've successfully blackmailed me Capcom. $300 worth of gifts of this thing every Friday to anyone who'll take them.

  14. Amir definitely brings up a valid point. What IS the deal with companies charging money for demos all of a sudden? That's just asinine. What ever happened to the good old days where they can be downloaded for free?

  15. This is ridiculous! Are they trying to force me to go out and buy a 3DS early? God knows I want MML3 to happen but this is a bit much for me right now. I don't want to get a 3DS just for a demo and at the same time, a possibility that MML3 not happening. I feel so trolled. The 3DS is still new to the market. What kind of numbers are they looking for this to be greenlit?

    I dunno maybe i'm just overreacting. A lot of people in the comments over Capcom-Unity seem really calm.

  16. The smarter thing would have been to release Legends 3 for the PSP. At least a good number of people HAVE that system now and the hardware is certainly powerful enough for something of this caliber. Honestly, this is really sad, there are so many things working against Legends 3 being green-lit it's not even funny. I had a feeling too that when the Prototype Version was announced that it was the end all be all test to see if the game could garner enough interest to be produced.

  17. PSP Anon:


    Every single MM game on PSP UTTERLY FAILS.

  18. You know, This is a scare tactic as first anon said.

    But come the fuck on guys, It's 2 dollars. Do you really think you can't spare two dollars, Even if you think its a scare tactic? I know it wont effect the greenlight or not in any way, seeing as I doubt capcom will want to cancel the game for any reason, but still, It's two dollars. Stop your bitching.

  19. I don't have a 3DS, but I'm sure I have some Wii money. I also have no Wii. Damnit! I wanna buy it, even if I can't play it, but the Points system is so closely tied to each specific device it's annoying.

    With Steam I could buy a game from my browser, without having Steam installed. I think it's the same for PSN.

  20. @PSP Anon Talk:

    I agree that this game should be produced for more systems than just the 3DS. That in itself is a pretty daft move. In addition to the list I made, Capcom of Japan released a compilation of both Legends 1 and 2 for PSP, so Legends is no stranger to that system (the set should be released in the US too). Millions more people have that system already so it would be the greatest move ever to develop a version for the PSP OR the upcoming NGP. Other than that, their numbers probably wont be met. =/

  21. iliekmudkips... can you spare $282 right now? Well, can you? Most people can't afford the 3DS ITSELF right now, let alone the fact that it's total bullshit to charge for a freaking DEMO of all things.

  22. "Every single MM game on PSP UTTERLY FAILS"

    I thought MHX had some amazing production value in the cutscenes. Sure "lol, Crappy Models", but I enjoy the SNES version just fine and it had much crappier "models".

  23. Just in case, people shouldn't whine about it (the demo) being $2. Many people spend a $1 on CPU controlled characters for MvC3 (Shadow Mode), and others spend about $8 for a character (Blaz Blue), and don't get me started on costume packs...

    Yeah. Will be downloading this ASAP once it's available.

  24. @Rockman:

    fails in terms of sales. Bombs.

  25. $2?

    Really Capcom/Nintendo? You're going to judge interest in the game by charging for an early demo?

    I'll probably buy it to do my part, but that's still pretty low.

  26. Thats gay what a bunch of babies.

  27. ...*sigh*

    Fuck you, Crapcom. Fuck you and your STUPID ways of judging demand. You've already lost any sales you might have gotten from AAI2, and now this? If this fails, I'm done. Hurry up and go out of business already so Nintendo can save Pheonix and Megaman before it's finally too late...

  28. If I were the type to base my decisions on the opinions of other people, I might care more about sales beyond whether we might get a sequel, but I like the game because it is good.

  29. @Those complaining at others for the DL price:

    It's not the price of $2 that's the problem. It's the fact that this, in general, is being done to gauge interest in a game, where a large majority of people DO NOT own the hardware for it.
    Not to mention, this shouldn't even have to be done, regardless.

    For the people that DO have 3DSes, most of them won't be interested in a demo for Legends 3. They'd much rather download something like the GB titles such as Link's Awakening, or so on.

    Scare tactic or not, this is a really bad move on Capcom's part. It's a disaster and disappointment waiting to happen.

    RIP: Rockman DASH 3/MegaMan Legends 3 -- 2010-2011


    Many people don't even have a 3DS yet, and they expect us to buy it instantly just for a $2 demo? I for example only plan to buy it late in July (or later), and can't get it NOW even if I wanted. (unless I sold something, like my house. :P) All I can do is be frustrated for not playing the demo of a game I want.

    And charging for demonstrations? Seriously? Is that a bad twisted joke?

  31. What a stupid move. They released Maverick Hunter X and Megaman Powered Up on the PSP during the handheld's early days and they had shitty sales because of that. Yet here they are, repeating the same idiotic mistake! Capcom, I am disappoint.

  32. Wow. People are quick to call Legends 3 dead after this announcement. Have a little more faith, people. We've made it this far.

  33. $2? I was expecting $15-$30, so I'm quite happy about this. It does look fucking awesome from the trailer.

    Problem is, I don't have a 3DS. This may motivate me to get one ASAP.

  34. @Kenichi340: The problem is, the 3DS isn't selling that well right now. The demo is being released soon; how do we know that Capcom isn't demanding higher demo sales than the 3DS itself has made?

    Also, MMU (an incredibly-hyped title like MML3) recently bit the dust, so there's that.

  35. @kenichi340

    If it were up to the fanbase to simply show support for this game, this wouldn't be an issue. We wouldn't need "faith" because it would get greenlighted due to most of us wanting the game. The real issue is that this seems like a sales = demand situation. Some of us who want to show support can't because we don't own a 3DS yet (and in my case, I wasn't planning to buy one until MML3 came out). So it seems like Capcom is really shorthanding us here.

  36. I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss current 3DS owners. There hasn't been a major gift-giving holiday since it launched, so I'd wager that a lot of the people that have bought it are the type of gamer that would have love for Legends.

    I'm certainly buying the demo. I'll do it for the Megaman fans. :)

  37. Well that is a shame. I don't have the money for a 3DS so I can't show my supports towards this. I think the 3DS will be a better buy closer to the holiday season with a better selection of titles by then. Although with Zelda coming out in the summer title I may pull the trigger earlier. Sadly the reality of it all is that I'm very broke right now.

  38. This is an absolute asshole move. Capcom expects me to buy a 3DS to play a demo? A demo I have to PAY for?

    I am greatly disappointed. I thought better of you, Capcom, but in the end it seems like you're nothing but greedy trolls.

  39. I would download MML 3 Prototype too, if not for not the cost of the 3DS.

  40. I thought I would wait until "Ocarina Of Time 3DS" came out to get mine, but if that's true...

  41. @Evil Sandwich: No, they just want an excuse to rid themselves of MML3.

    Or maybe they don't, but it sure as hell looks like it.


    Bah, humbug, crabgrass.

  43. Capcom would make more money if they just put up a paypal/donation thing instead to support the project. I'd give them more than $2 but I'm not going to go out right now to get a 3DS for that game. My only reason for planning to get it in the first place was for the real MML3.

  44. Sorry, Capcom.

    It's gonna take more than a Megaman Legends ultimatum to get me to buy a 3DS.

    ... now a Megaman 11, that might work.

    Hell, I bought a Playstation system back in the day solely because I didn't want to wait two weeks for the Saturn version of Megaman 8.

  45. It's been said enough times, but the lack of 3DS sales worries me that Capcom is setting themselves up for disappointment. I would buy the demo in a heartbeat, but the 3DS?
    I was honestly waiting to buy the game...

    Hopefully, this demo isn't a limited release. I'd like to be able to buy the demo even after the game's release (or unfortunate closer), being a collector and all...

  46. I could go on and rant about how idiotic of a movement that is. Legends 3 is doomed...or is it?
    I have the understanding that the 3DS sold quite magnificently on Japan. So I guess it's all up to our japanese bros to make this happen...

  47. This is starting to make me wonder if the end of the megaman francise is coming.

  48. Uhmmm... sorry if this is off topic, but i have to say this now.My brother is really upset that his art didn't get into the MegamanTribute book.Is there a way we can bug capcom or udon to make a book with honorable mentions cuz i swear he worked so hard on this and i hate to see him down. he really wanted the hard version and 80 dollars is like the book is gold or something, we can't afford that.

    surely they still have all the art in their computer right?They can still do it.

    Maybe capcom can look at this honorable mention book as just another money-sucker, but something that wil actually HELP show appreciatun to those who gave their time for the art, and not jus for sucking our money

  49. Oh no! A is going to not make B because C didn't sell enough. And I think A is gonna stop making D altogether. E made horrible decisions! Just look at F. It was on G's H and it sold badly because it was released during I period of H's lifecycle. Now that B is being made during I period of the C lifecycle, it will be doomed, just like F. It looks like E and G learned nothing from last generation and they are going to die!!

    Help us!!

  50. I for one was wainting until NIntendo released the inevitable second version of the 3DS, which will probably be better than the first in every way.
    But yeah, I'm pretty worried about this too =/

  51. You know, I think Im going to be boycotting Crapcom from now on. I'll keep all my games from them and remember the good times. But this is really the last straw. I will NEVER pay for an unfinished game ever. What are they thinking? This is just going to end in disaster for any Legends fans. Demos are for Magazines and when you buy a new system, and should always be a bonus or a freebee. Every good non-SF franchise Capcom owns has turned to $h!t. We can't even get a proper DMC5. Whats next Capcom?!? A gritty remake of classic Rockman?! YOU GONNA RUIN THAT TOO!?! Its bad enough that MMU was canceled for NO REASON (that was a dream game flaunted in my face then taken away, so yeah Im really pissed today). God, even drug dealers give the first taste free, MML3 should NOT be a paid for demo.
    Im wearing black today, as Rockman has died.

  52. @MMTribute Anonymous:

    Contact me -

  53. Megaman Legends 3 is Capcom's last good Mega Man game. (excluding the licensed Rockman Online)

    And if it's not released... it ended a long time before, as MMU was cancelled, and Capcom seems to currently be unable to do any good platform Mega Man game without Inti Creates and Inafking. Talking about him, I see why he quit.

  54. Capcom's current logo:

  55. So ummm..... is this the big announcement? CAPCOM sucks at announcements these days..


    Fuck that. You know what CAPCOM should do? Collect the proceeds and donate them to Tsunami relief. Boom, profit. There's your green light.

  56. I hope they judge the sales via ratio rather than number.

  57. @Jinzo
    >boycott capcom
    >get what you want


    But seriously, I can understand that there are people who dont want to pay 280 bucks for a 3DS and then 2 extra dollars for this, but again, Now you'll have a 3DS handy for when the game does come out. But you could also look at it like how the 3DS has no games. Really this whole matter is confusing.

  58. To the people complaining about 2 Dollars. Minimum wage in the US means that for about half hour of work you can pay a bill of 2 Dollars, plus taxes, easy. If you can't see fit to work 30 minutes to play some Megaman, early, what are you doing here? Just a bunch of whiners.

    *NoClips off into the sunset*

  59. @Rockman: Sorry if I don't appreciate your sarcasm, but this time, I think we have a valid reason to be worried.

  60. @Rockman:

    Except that misses the point, because it's not just $2, it's $2 plus the price of the 3DS since most people don't have it yet. I can spare $2, but not 200 right now. This was a terrible business move, and this was the reason that MMPU and MHX failed with regards to sales. Was this an intentional move so that the higher ups had an excuse to throw another MM game into the garbage chute? Kind of seems that way...

  61. Those receiving sarcasm don't often appreciate it.

  62. D; Really? This just means I'll have to buy it without a means to play it Dx. Such a waste of money in the short term... But I want legends 3 e_o. at least it's only a few dollars and not like... 10 bucks or something.

  63. Well guys, I can say for a fact that MML3 WILL come out. Reasons?
    1. This is the most wanted game out of everything Capcom's got to offer. Hell it might even top MvC3 twice over, and canceling this game would literally be signing a contract for excessive fan hatred.
    2. There's already been so much work put into it. The games got a fucking DEMO for christ's sake. People would most likely take legal action if they bought the 2 dollar game and the actual thing didnt come out. At least, If they're butthurt/want capcom to see their mistakes enough.
    3. Capcom gets a lot of ideas from outside the company itself. If they were to lose trust in their fans, They'd only be shaving a good few years off Capcom's life.
    4. It's Megaman. He's a legend. *rimshot*

    Feel free to agree or disagree with me guys.

  64. I get it now. Capcom is in cahoots with Nintendo on this one. By doing this, Capcom makes some easy cash from Megaman Legends fanatics whilst Nintendo sells more 3DSes to said Megaman Legends fanatics.

  65. This looks like a very bad idea. Some people will wait until the full version comes out to buy a 3ds. I'm also worried about what effect Barrett will have on the sales. Though I think a new Zero-type character would be awesome, some fans start bitching whenever Capcom brings anything new. I've already seen some pretty negative comments. Leave it to some fans' stupid opinions to bring down yet another game. Though it's not entirely their fault. Capcom needs to not make such rash decisions based on a few fans' opinions. Change the game if you want, just stop digging your own graves.

  66. I honestly can't figure out what to make of this. Here are my assumptions and conclusions:

    Assumptions of Capcom doing this to be the bad guy:
    1. Capcom is a complete jerk to the Mega Man fans, as well as to the developers who seem to be putting their hearts and souls into MML3, where all Capcom wants to do is kill off Mega Man for no reason.
    2. They are ripping us off with the demo, and just trolling/mocking us.
    3. They're idiots for thinking people are going to pay for a demo, as well as a 3DS as soon as possible, just to play said demo. In other words, they're not considering the people who are waiting for the real game to come up before purchasing a 3DS or can't afford one right now.

    Assumptions of Capcom doing this to be the good guy instead of the bad guy:
    1. Capcom has a lot of faith in the 3DS.
    2. They are using the demo to raise more money and awareness for development, so they can increase the awesomeness of MML3.
    3. This is just a scheme to raise more awareness, so more people will buy the real game when released.

    To long to read: Capcom is either being a complete jerk or is doing this to help spread awareness of MML3.

  67. Well it is reasonable tactic, most of people aren't planning to buy the game, They are planning on downloading it, that's why Game don't sell as expected. 2 Dollars isn't a lot, seriously, So stop complaining and save two dollars from here to may to contribuite the succes of this game or... is the case that you really don't want this game?

  68. "To the people complaining about 2 Dollars. Minimum wage in the US means that for about half hour of work you can pay a bill of 2 Dollars, plus taxes, easy. If you can't see fit to work 30 minutes to play some Megaman, early, what are you doing here? Just a bunch of whiners."

    Yeah but working for minimum wage means you'd have to be working every single day for two week for 30-40 hours each week just to MAYBE have enough for the 3DS. Take into account most fans who grew up with Legends are now adults and most of their pay would probably go towards rent or food before all else. The problem isn't being able to afford the Legends 3 demo...hell I could find enough change on the street right now to afford it. The 3DS is the big breaker for most people, frankly, because most people don't have it yet and it's expensive.

  69. Capcom would have been smarter to release this game on the Wii. At least people OWN that system, and it recieved a recent price drop. Seriously. What WERE they thinking?!

  70. "Yeah but working for minimum wage means you'd have to be working every single day for two week for 30-40 hours each week just to MAYBE have enough for the 3DS.[...]"

    You forgot about the cost of the mortgage payments. And the electrical bill to charge the 3DS so you can use it. And you'll need to pay for internet to use the 3DS Shop. Damn, Capcom really expects us to shell out all that for a demo? What horrible people.

  71. I'm thinking the same thing that mark_93 above said. I'm not pleased with the way Capcom's been acting lately, but there's now way they are COMPLETE idiots.

    Which means that they must somehow be aware that not many people have the system yet.

    Obviously nobody's going to drop $280 for a demo,so I'm thinking they will base this off of what percentage of people who have bought the 3DS choose to download it. They must have access to the sales numbers of the 3DS up to this point.

    On a personal note, there are some people that just don't like handhelds very much. They're tiny, it's hard to play games socially one one, and I (at least) often get neck/eyestrain playing them. I would have gladly bought a lot more Megaman games over the years, but after Legends it seems like they could never make it to console (aside from MM9 and MM10). It's been an odd choice to keep one of their flagship series on handhelds alone. It's not as if Zelda/Mario/Halo/Sonic/Resident Evil/Madden/Final Fantasy/ whatever are only released on portables.

  72. The Mega Man franchise has never made Capcom much money ever? Really dude?!

    Provide the proof,because I have a very difficult time believing that considering that they have made a crap-ton of Mega Man games on pretty much any gaming system you can think of.If the franchise was really an anchor that was dragging Capcom down financially,don't you think you would have seen a lot less Mega Man games?

    And Capcom should have released this on the major systems...360,PS3,Wii and not some damn handheld system. If you want to be big time,release the game on a big time system.

    Handheld systems = minor leagues,home consoles = major leagues. IMHO of course.

    With that said,MML3 probably won't happen simply due to the fact that it's going to be on the 3DS. If I'm going to buy another console,it's sure as hell going not going to be a 3DS,or any handheld for that matter,....especially with the new Nintendo console looming,and I'm sure Sony and MS will follow.

  73. @Rockman again: You appear to have missed the point several times, so I shall attempt to clear it up for you.

    It's not the price of the demo that's the issue. It's the price of the 3DS. The 3DS is $250. $250, unless you're rich, is not chump change.

  74. @Anon 7:33

    The LEGENDS series has never made Capcom much money, not the Mega Man series as a whole. Didn't think I needed to specify that given this comment thread is about Legends 3 but I guess I was wrong.

  75. Holy crap, there´s no problem spending 2$ in a demo, but the 3DS itself price. This is a bad move from capcom.

    I don´t know, I abandoned resident evil saga when its fifth part came out; now i´m sticking with the DEAD SPACE saga. Maybe someday there will be a replacement for the megaman saga just to forget all the upcoming monstruosity capcom will release from it.

    Good bye Shinji Mikami!
    Good bye Keiji Inafune!

  76. "It's not the price of the demo that's the issue. It's the price of the 3DS. The 3DS is $250. $250, unless you're rich, is not chump change."

    Oh! that's what your point is. All this time I thought you were complaining about the condition of the moral and ethic values of the majority households in northern France.

    Let me correct all my posts to reflect my new found knowledge, by changing nothing.

  77. Does anyone else think the way the whole thing has been handled is a bit BS? Yeah, everyone knows that games get canceled. Happens all the time. Don't count on a game coming out until it ships, because games HAVE been canceled within weeks of release.

    But what's with the whole "Maybe it'll come out and maybe it won't." dance Capcom is doing? If it's not going to come out, then why are they dumping money into art development and demos and whatnot?

    I agree that charging for a game demo leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It would be one thing if the demo were a preorder bonus or something, but actually charging money for a demo? For something that's supposed to be a promotion?

    Legends 3 and the Kid Icarus remake are the ONLY titles I'm interested in for the 3DS, and Kid Icarus doesn't even have a tentative release date. If I buy a 3DS and the game gets canceled, I'm stuck with a system I don't even want.

    I was overjoyed when the game was announced, but the way Capcom is handling it is starting to annoy me big time.

  78. @iliekmudkips

    Um no one said I was boycotting Capcom to "get what I want" Im rid of them because over the past few years as a company they have been royally F-ing up. And if a company is not sufficient in delivering quality products, your supposed to stop supporting the company. I have given capcom (because they were my favorite game company) plenty of chances, now MML3 is the last straw.

    Its not the price of the demo (any idiot can come up with 2 dollars), its the fact they are CHARGING FOR A F*$%KING DEMO. Its down right insulting. Imagine a vacuum salesman comes to your door, you let him in and he demonstrates the awesome power of the vacuum, then after all is said and done you decide not to buy the vacuum and the salesmen says "oh thats two dollars for the demonstration". What would you tell him? I think everyone is on the same page in telling that salesmen to GTFO.

    What makes matters worse is the fact that capcom claims the game will never be finished if they think it won't sell because sales of a demo. And don't think a "game that has had alot of work already" not get canceled, I have seen it already with plenty of games (an example of this can be StarFox 2 witch was basically complete but canceled).

    I'm gonna laugh my ass off when MML3 gets canceled, and if capcom knows whats good for them they will forget this retarded idea and just FINISHING THE F^$%$ING GAME.

    And at this point I could care less now if it ever gets finished, Capcom already made me angry enough to stop giving a $h!t.

    Rockman IS dead now.

  79. When I read this, I got so excited! I know what I'm going to buy when the e-shop comes out! :) unforunately, I don't think that the demo sales is a very good thing to depend on, since by the time that Legends would come out, many more people will have a 3DS due to wanting Uprising, OOT, Star Fox, Resident Evil, Mario, and any other good games. :(

  80. Oh; also, I forgot to say that I'm not so sure how thrilled others will be about playing for a MEGA MAN Legends demo when they won't play as Mega Man. I think that Barret looks awesome and that I really want to play as him, but once again, I don't know about others. :(

  81. Hey guys, do we have to download the demo through 3ds? Can we not just buy it and forget about it?

  82. Well well well. What we have here is a dick move by capcom; a way to can inafune's other project and make it seem like it wasnt their fault, but the fans for not caring enough.

    Fuck you capcom, fuck you. I dont have 250 bucks to spend right away on a fucking console. theres more important things in life.

    This game is as good as canned.

    Sorry for questioning your decision, Inafune san. We now see why you left so soon, leaving your Legends series behind so early on.

  83. @Jinzo

    Are you seriously complaining over a demo of a highly hyped game... Having a price tag? Do I really need to go into all the games I know and own that have had a demo with a price tag? 5 dollars is usually the price, not 2.
    If a dude shows off something, You only see it once. A demo you can play as many times as you want. That's like comparing a chocolate bar to a chocolate dispenser.
    Are you bringing a game that has nothing to do with a capcom matter into said matter? Really now, Have some intelligence.
    "they will forget this retarded idea and just FINISHING THE F^$%$ING GAME."
    I smell a contradiction~

    "And at this point I could care less now if it ever gets finished, Capcom already made me angry enough to stop giving a $h!t.

    Rockman IS dead now."
    You gave enough shit's to post here about it.
    Oh hey look, a canceled rockman game, This hasnt happened before. Nor has games like X6 been incomplete, noooo not at all.

    Really now, If you are going to flip out over a matter you can resolve so easily by, oh, i dont know, not buying the demo, There wouldn't be a problem.

  84. "Rockman IS dead now"

    What? No! Wait! I still have to...

    *Dies off into the sunset*

  85. While I wouldn't hesitate to download the Legends 3 demo if I actually had a 3DS, I'm still in agreement with everyone who's expressed how ridicilous it is to charge money for a demo. Especially if they're resting the entire game's fate on that alone.

  86. Because basing your decision on whether something is salable on the amount of downloads of a free demo makes so much sense.

  87. Welp, that's that. Looks like seeing Legends 3 is about as unlikely as seeing X as DLC in MvC3.

    ..and.. Bullet? WTF happened to Aero?! Am I the only one no saying "WTF" to that?!

  88. I would buy the demo its just 2 dollars the things here is the 3DS is to expensive price of 250 in other counties its only 169-199 great is that fair?

  89. @Rockman: Hahaha, LOL at that!!!

  90. @iliekmudkips

    Your obviously just a troll who has no idea what your talking about, also lay off the commas and learn to type.

    To quote myself:
    "And at this point I could care less now if it ever gets finished, Capcom already made me angry enough to stop giving a $h!t."

    Focus on "AT THIS POINT" meaning I have cared but do no longer at the very point of typing, you dumb ass.

    You are obviously a child because:

    1.Your grammar is horrendous
    2.You take words out of context
    3.You have no idea why its wrong to charge for a demo

    If you had grown up playing games like most of us MM fans you would be on our side, haven't you noticed that 90% of everyone posting here is in agreement that charging for a demo is blasphemous.

    Go back to playing FPS's or Pokemon, child.

  91. Ad Homenim is for idiots and losers.

  92. Gee, thanks Capcom.

  93. Yeah I think they right, a demo should be free but in the other hand maybe its like a prequel of the story like Dead Rising 2, maybe just maybe there putting a $2 on the game just my guess.

  94. Y? all the madness, for me I'm exited about the game. I notice that the people here are mad because of the 3DS is to expensive, same here but we can wait through holidays maybe they instantly deside to lower the price of the 3DS that could happen because of the upcoming E3 :)

  95. @Jinzo
    I'm the immature one and you're claiming to know my age and such? Excuse me for english not being my native language as well. I guess that means all German/italian/other people who arent born knowing english are all "immature kids?"

    Yes, I have grown up with megaman. The only game I do not have is Battle@Chase, And I've got at least 100 hours on each game. I do believe I know what I'm saying.

    Focus on "AT THIS POINT" meaning I have cared but do no longer at the very point of typing, you dumb ass."
    If you truly didnt care about the game and dont care for posting, then why are you posting?

    Yes, I like pokemon, no I hate FPS's. Again, You are mainly the immature one for assuming ones age defines them.

    Now, I take words out of context? Sure, I can agree with that in most cases aside from this one. You see, You say you dont care. You obviously care enough to post here complaining like many others.

    Paying for a demo is a bad thing? Again, I'm more then happy to give you several examples of games with demo pricetags over 10 dollars. Getting a demo for 2 dollars for a game such as this is the same as getting any shitty game on the DSi shop for 10, maybe more. It's kinda a steal.

    Plus the fact, you know, You dont care, so I dont even know why I'm pointing out facts that you do not care about then.

  96. @ anon who suggested prequel game

    Dude that would make it a million times worse. My argument here is that if it is a prequel short game, and the actual game depends on if it sells then we are left AGAIN with a cliffhanger. Considering most people didn't get case zero for the same reason I was arguing with lil'mudkips, no one wants to pay for a demo.


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