Monday, April 25, 2011

Unconfirmed: Mega Man Legends 3 At E3 2011

Members of the gaming press are reportedly recieving a Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version poster in the mail directly from Capcom -- a possible indication that Legends 3 will, in some shape or form, be present at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

A PRC reader (who wishes to remain anonymous), received the 12x18 poster (pictured) alongside his lanyard and paperwork upon registering as an attendee a week ago. The poster came with a plethora of other gaming goodies as part of a press kit. Due to an NDA, our tipster could not disclose those contents.

The poster's art spotlight's Legends 3: Prototype Version. However, it's doubtful Prototype Version itself will be exhibited; PV would already be available before June 6 for download by the masses. With any luck, E3 may provide first details on Legends 3 itself.

Capcom has yet to reveal what titles they intend to show off at this year's event, but those details should trickle out closer to June.

Thanks, Anonymous!


  1. In case someone wants the poster. I forget where I got it. And two files from the website.

    And the file for the files on the website as of the date on the file, for those who missed it.

  2. So, Mega Man Legends 3 is showing up at this year's E3? Cool. Here's hoping they also announce Mega Man 11 and Mega Man X9. Or at least one of those. Either one is acceptable to me.

  3. I'm so glad I got a 3DS.

  4. Here's hoping it isn't the same old NES graphics shit. We get it, retro graphics. Our memory and pleasure centers are interacting. But two games is enough. It'd be nice to have a game that ha nice gameplay and doesn't make me wonder why I'm not just playing 2 or 3 again. It was a nice fling, I enjoyed it, but it's getting old.

    My hypocrisy knows no bounds, since I would be fine with an SNES style X9, as long as it used all the colors and resolution(think, FFI&II and IV for PSP). As opposed to 9 and 10 which seemed like glorified fan hacks.

  5. I seen this poster being sold on eBay as well, seems other people got it, too.

    Looks cool, but I'm not gonna spend the $60 the seller's asking. XD

  6. @Krazy Monkey: X9 is all right with me.

  7. @Krazy Monkey: X9 is all right with me.

  8. If they do showcase DASH 3, I hope they give something out. Or even if they don't showcase DASH 3, they should give out posters. (They didn't give out stuff last year, only the MvC3 shirts if you won 5 fights in a row.)

  9. @ShadowNeko

    A set of Mrs. DASH spices with promotional labels.

  10. @Rockman:

    Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing another 8-bit Mega Man game. At least if they're to pull the "two graphical styles" thing that they originally had planned for Mega Man 9. I'd love it if they were to pull a Sonic Generations, meaning a classic gameplay style and a modern gameplay style.

    As for a 16-bit Mega Man X9, I have mixed feelings about that one. I think it would be nice to see another SNES-style X series entry, but at the same time, I'm worried about how it's going to affect future installments. Once it starts, the fanbase just won't want to let it go, just like the retro-style Classic series installments. Once they started the 8-bit trend with Mega Man 9, they blew a fuse over the mere thought of the series no longer being in 8-bit.

  11. @ShadowNeko
    DASHios. Part of a balanced breakfast.
    fund it

  12. PRC, ND, PV, E3, 3DS
    SO MANY ABBRIEVES!!!!! (k i threw in that last one...)

  13. @ Rockman - Thanks so much for the high-resolution poster and the layers!

    Really hoping that the game makes it past the demo stage...

  14. I think calling MM10 a "glorified fan hack" is a little insulting, considering it was an actual attempt to further the series' gameplay with the challenge mode, rankings, etc., just with 8 bit graphics. Having the same graphics gimmick as 9 doesn't necessarily mean it contributed nothing to the evolution of the classic series.

  15. "I think calling MM10 a "glorified fan hack" is a little insulting"

    I do too. That's why I said it.

    They could be doing so much more, but no, they want to rehash NES Megaman. They ignored a lot of the real NES's technical limitations, but overall, the limitations they put on 10, just to be another 9 was silly. If they kept with the retro thing but did SNES that time, it would have shown some change, but no they just made a glorified NES hack with some ASM to put Forte in there.

  16. Let's drop this puppy once and for all, shall we?

    MM9 is, and I believe a lot of people would back me up, one of the most original and fun MM games in it's series's history, because it's a first. Capcom has never tried to "downgrade" the Jump-n-Shoot formula just simply because of the art style, but this one was different, because the NES MM gameworld is mostly praised for being the Golden Age of MM. And Capcom took notice of that, or alternatively they didn't and stumbled upon a good marketing strategy.

    Classic MM and the NES gameworld is as legendary as, well, the NES Castlevania gameworld. But then, MM9 came out.

    It offered almost nothing new to the NES gameplay, but offered quite a lot of things to the gameworld. Introducing all the changes made to the gameworld, like menus, achievements, cutscenes, shops, and the return of the old MM music composition style. Returning to the traditional NES hitbox-to-resolution ratio is exactly what the series needed (although it was kind of already and accidentaly fixed in MM:PU Old Style), retaking (and may I say relearning) all the concepts that made the Classic series super fun and enjoyable over the ages. But it did nothing to differentiate it from the NES games (The "MM2 clone" argument is acceptable, taking into account the chance Capcom had to introduce something new, but didn't take it for whatever reason they had. We speculated "MM2-ism" was the reason.)

    MM10 is a different case, because something was actually introduced (or recreated and reintroduced) into the gameplay: Bass and gameplay variety. Proto Man in MM9 would've done this back in 9's heydays, if it wasn't for the fact that his gameplay was already established in MM:PU, and was changed in favor of "keeping it familiar, without deviating too much from Mega Man's".

    This fear of deviation (more "innovation" than "deviation", IMHO) is what really grinds my gears. All of the sudden, Capcom finds a profitable way of making games, by being as much conservative and constant (definition: favoring traditional views and values; tending to oppose change.) as they can in terms of gameplay innovation (while exploiting the retro fad in the process), because most MM fans are just like that.

    Legends came out, with the highest deviation from the Jump-n-Shoot gameplay: "This is not a true MM game, it's a crap platformer with the name Mega Man on it". Old RPG BN came out, same deal. People bash MM7,MM8 and MM8.5 because they're too different from the NES gameworld. Same issue with all post-SNES X games.

    MM9 has it's ups and downs, but it's a fun experience, which is why I consider it better than MM2, because it's technically MM2 done right. Up to par with MM3, MM4 and MM2.

    MM10 had an horrid weapon selection, but it surpasses MM9 in terms of innovation, while keeping the NES gameworld. Which is exactly what MM11 should be: JUST MORE CREATIVE. Up to par with MM1, MM7, MM8 and MM2.

    What I don't like about the whole retro fad is the possibility of exploiting it to the point of dullness, something I'm more afraid and worried than angry about. I want variety and innovation in both my gameplay and my gameworld (MM:PU did both).

  17. I really hope nobody is going after this poster on ebay, because I just got my tax return back so I'm declaring it mine. Wish I had a method to print out that image Rockman posted instead though. I get the feeling though my local Copyworks wouldn't like it if I printed it out though.

    I need it to go with my Comic Con poster I got a few months ago. =)


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