Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ruby-Spears Action Figure Retrospective

The Video Game Memorabilia Museum, a sort of nirvana of geekish delights, has taken a look back at the toys based off of the Ruby-Spears Mega Man animated series. Every toy from the mini-figure line is featured, each with their own respective bit of commentary. Kick back, grab those nostalgia goggles, and have a watch!

Huh, never knew that about Bomb Man. Wonder how much he's worth these days? I've got the mini-figure lying around here somewhere...

These toys bring back a lot of fond memories. Firstly, they were some of the earliest pieces of Mega Man memorabilia I ever bought as a child, and second, when not playing Mega Man games, I was duking it out with these guys! Not very articulate, yes, but that's where imagination came in.


  1. While very interesting, I can't really watch videos from collectors without asking every time, how the hell could they accumulate THAT much stuff. I'm talking collectors of everything, not a specific series or genre. It's like they don't have a single bill/payment in life to worry about, lol. Ridiculous really, but still, interesting. I have the MegaMan figure in this mini-line though. I still think they're really awesome and wholesome figures, all the TV show figures. I knew of the Bomb Man issue...and thanks to that, try winning a figure on eBay! XD

  2. Whoa! I didn't know about the Bombman thing, I've got the slightly bigger one! :D

  3. Oh I remember those mini-figures! My brother has most of them except for Proto Man, Roll, Bomb Man and Guts Man and Dr. Wily. I had an opportunity to by a few of them a couple years ago at a flea market type thing, but they were in pretty terrible shape.

  4. I loved those damn toys. Played with them all the time. I was a hyper little monkey when I opened up the Mega Man figure for my 6th birthday... damn good times. God I miss childhood.

  5. Aww, never had any of those figures. I remember seeing them in Toys R Us though, wish I'd picked them up instead of the X-Men figures :(

    Also, where'd that Boss Intro remake come from? That remix was tight.

  6. I have Guts Man from these sets and am keeping an eye out for Proto, Bomb and Bright.

    I'd love to have Ice and Snake, but the prices they fetch on eBay are insane so that's a no-go.


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