Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rockman X Releases On Japanese Virtual Console

Just a little short of a week since it was announced, the original Rockman X made its way to Japanese Wiis today. Those able can download the Super Famicom classic right off of the Virtual Console for 800 WiiPoints. As with all SNES/SFC games, a Classic Controller or a GameCube controller is required to play.

X1's speedy dash to the VC can hopefully mean two things. One, that there's a revitalized interest in the SNES X games on Wii, with X2 and X3 being released within the near future. And second, of course, we'll be seeing Mega Man X on the North America/European Virtual Console not too far from now.

Keep a close watch on the ESRB and OFLC. More often than not, future Virtual Console releases are "leaked" there. A listing from either database indicates an impending international release.

I'll keep you posted if I hear anything!


  1. Not bad! Either Capcom are completionists or we're seeing a new megaman X game sometime one day maybe.

    Though honestly, I don't know if I should cringe or smile for the latter..

  2. Awesome! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a USA & European release.

  3. Protodude you mean hear not here silly.

  4. Megaman Universe was the longest running April Fool's joke by Capcom. The cancellation was announced the day before AF. Japan being a day ahead, it makes sense. Seriously. Look at MMU. There's no way that shit was EVER legit. Capcom has an announcement coming up, right after the cancellation. MMX is on the VC. You can bet your ass Megaman X9 is coming.
    I called it first. :]

  5. Cloudy, If universe wasnt legit, Why'd they spend so much money on it?

  6. I'm in agreement with Cloudy. That game was, indeed, a complete joke.

    In any case, I'm glad to see that Mega Man X1 finally made its way to the Shop Channel. Here's hoping X2 and X3 (the latter, especially) make their way over there as well.

  7. I wish they'd release Mega Man X - X3 on the PSN :(. Did they release Mega Man X4 - X8 on the PSN yet?

  8. Considering we get like one VC release a month now, I'm going to put this in the unlikely category of coming out here!

    Maybe once the 3DS VC is up and running they'll expand it to more than just Gameboy games and allow console games as well.


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