Sunday, April 24, 2011

Udon Reveals Mega Man Tribute Limited Edition; Winners Announced

Lost in the flurry of last week's Mega Man Legends 3 news extravaganza, Udon Entertainment had two announcements of their very own.

On Thursday, Udon revealed Mega Man Tribute Limited Edition, a special hardcover version of the book featuring exclusive art by Megamix, Gigamix illustrator Hitoshi Ariga. Limited Edition will be sold exclusively through Udon's very own online store, and is currently up for pre-order (ships July 27). The book will also premeiere at the San Diego 2011 Comic Con.

Furthermore, Udon also revealed the complete list of artists who will be featured in the book. Over 100 talented fans have been chosen! See if you made the cut right here. If your piece is in, you should have received a congratulatory e-mail from Udon a short while ago. If you've yet to receive the message, shoot Udon a email artwork@megamantribute DOT com.

Congrats to all the winners! I look forward to checking out all your work in this amazing compilation!


  1. About 300 artists are gonna get a FREE $80 artbook.

    &#%$?$#@&% BS

    I could understand $10 more than the softcover edition... but for the rest of us it's $40 more JUST for a different cover?! That blows hard.

    congrats to the winners *anyway*. I'll wait till the fall to flip through the $39.99 softcover book at a borders store to see if it's even worth paying $26.39 at that Amazon online store

  2. inb4 "BAWW I NOT IN" comments

  3. Well that was a big waste of effort. :/

    @Anon 2:

    Go eat a black guy's dick.

  4. Yay, I recognized ONE name on the list.

    @Anon1: Yeah, I'm doing the same. For stuff like this I'd rather look at it before I plop $30 down on something.

    @Anon2: Because I didn't submit anything...BAWWW I'M NOT IN IT.

  5. The reason it's 30$ more, is that it's a 'Special' edition.. Usually that means there are alot less made. Which means they are rarer.. Or a collectible item.


    That must be Ariga-san. HIS ART IS SO BEAUTIFUL.

  7. @Ocha

    It's $40 more, not #30. And your missing my point. Heck, even $15 more than the softcover edition could be understood for a RARE or *collectible* edition, but an additional FORTY FRICKIN' DOLLARS on top of already a price of $30 or $40 is just absolutely UNREASONABLE. XO

    Trust me, a lot more people can agree with me on THAT than "well its special and rare." Unreasonable regardless. Again, I'll flip through a physical copy of it at the store before I waste my money on even the cheaper version online.

  8. It's... so gorgeous, isn't it... :)

    ....... :(

    Sadly I may not be able to get my hands on this Special/Limited Edition copy of the Mega Man Tribute book after all, as the price is a "tad" hefty. But I am still very excited to see what the winners have done to show their love for Mega Man. So I'll only have to wait a few months, but I'll go ahead and get the regular edition once it's out.

    I'm glad I tried out for this anyway, it really was an amazing experience and it was a mega-load of fun!


    @ZeroX-Syaoran: Yup, it's Ariga-san . I love his art style too. He certainly made this cover quite stunning indeed. :)

  9. @ Anon1

    did you try out for this book and not get in? Is that why you're being such a sourpuss about it?

    Getting into the tribute book isn't everything, you know. I mean look at Alyssa here, she did art for the book and probably didn't get in, from what she said about needing to get the regular version when it's released later. But she said she enjoyed the process and had fun, and isn't that what really matters anyway?

    Memories > prize, that's what I always say. One wouldn't get the book JUST for it's cover, it's not like it's impossible for you to get the book at all.
    Not to be a proverb nut here, but have you heard of the age-old saying "good things come to those who wait" ?

    Learn to be patient for these kinds of things, then getting the book will be that much more exciting and worth the wait. We can't always get exactly what we want, but we deal with it by doing or getting the next best thing, like the regular version of the art book instead of fretting over the SE.

    Just thought I'd put my 2 cents in.


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