Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mega Man 10 XBLA Discounted On July 5

For one day only, July 5th, the Xbox 360 version of Mega Man 10 will be marked down from 800 MS points to 400 MS points (5 dollars) as part of the latest "Deal of the Week." That's half off its original price! Of course, there is a bit of a catch: you must have an Xbox Live Gold membership in order to purchase.

Again, it's a one day only deal so jump at the opportunity while you can. More information on Deal of the Week available here.

Thanks for the tip, Hardcore Hecxz and Mr. Flint!


  1. Ah, well. I already have the Wii version anyway, so it's not a huge deal to me, that I don't have a Gold Membership.

  2. Ha, I forgot my the name field in my email is Not You.

  3. Well, I'm jumping on the deal. I've been rationing my MS points for quite some time and my Gold subscription is up a couple days from now.

  4. I'm fixing to buy the PS3 version of MegaMan 10.

    MegaMan 9 is good, but MegaMan 10 will be better.

  5. Saito, how low should the price be that it wouldn't be a ripoff?

    Just wondering.

    I bought the game with the full price for XboX 360, and yet I still play it more than those higher budget retail games that cost way more. Though, Capcom's "buy this game, and then spend more on stuff that's already in the game if ya want" is pretty stupid. But that doesn't make the game itself bad.

  6. @Anon:

    The game is nothing more than a ROM hack of Rockman 9. People who have searched through the game's data (same people who found your "God", Forte as a playable character, along with the Rockman Killers' stages and graphics), all seen that the game's engine and everything almost, is spot-on to how Rockman 9 was.

    Which is why it's considered nothing more than a ROM hack, in my opinion.

    This game is only worth getting when you can get it for free.

    Whether that be playing it at your friend's place, PSN Game Sharing, a Wii Shop Gift, or what have you.

    And no, I'm not "trolling", I'm just simply giving my opinion on this game. It just wasn't that good at all, honestly.

  7. It may be a ROM hack as you say, Saito, but ironically, I actually found myself less disappointed with this game than I was with Mega Man 9. Not that Mega Man 9 was terrible or anything, but I found it to be severely disappointing, seeing how it was little more than fanservice to all the people out there who treat Mega Man 2 like the Second Coming of Jesus.

    Mega Man 10, in my opinion, was a major improvement. I just love how they payed tribute to more than just Mega Man 2 (and 1) that time around; from the Weapons Archive (which was clearly a reference to the Doc Robot concept from Mega Man 3, which happens to be my favorite of the six NES titles), the Dr. Cossack and Dr. Wily stage layouts from Mega Man 4 and 5, Blizzard Man's stage from Mega Man 6, Bass' return (after their blatant disregard for him in Mega Man 9), and of course, the return of the Mega Man Killers.

    I am by no means saying that Mega Man 10 was perfect, but I definitely enjoyed it for the most part. I like these nostalgic blasts from the past about as much as the next guy, but I do think that they're going to have to move on, eventually. They can't keep doing this forever.

  8. MM3, 4, 5, 6 could be considered 'edits' from MM2, and no one is complaining about that.

  9. @Saito: Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. However, your opinion regarding MM10 is probably the worst opinion ever. Who cares if they based it off of MM9 to utilize the same engine? They're still different games with their own features. And 10 is probably the better game, although 9's soundtrack is somewhat better.

  10. Honestly, I actually probably like MM10's soundtrack even more. I love all the games and I'm bad with choosing favorites. I felt that MM10 had a newer feel to it. Each song was different-feeling, and well, I loved just about every song in that game.

  11. For the record, the first three EXE games used the same "engine", and while I know EXE4 and 5 used the same one, I'd bet money EXE6 used the one EXE4 and EXE5 did, which were already just overhauls of the first three. Hating RockMan 10 because it used the same engine as the previous game is assinine considering how long it takes to program even something as simple as a classic RockMan-style game in an industry code.

  12. Well, I've been playing MM10 for about 40 minutes now and my early opinion is that I like it more than MM9.

    The bosses and music just click with me more.

  13. @JDAMansion: *puts on sunglasses*

    > Implying that Saito still cares about the EXE series, otherwise why would you even bring it up in the first place?
    > Implying that the EXE games changed at the same rate as what happened between 9 and 10, which is just as asanine.

    Saito didn't mention anything about the game engines - just that barely anything changed between 9 and 10. Then again, he should have expected that from the start, considering that's how the Classic series works.

    It's probably the only Rockman series that the fanbase almost universally gives a free ticket to remain as such. At the same time, most everyone turns around and bashes most of the other series for much of the same reasons that Classic is praised for.

  14. @Atilatias: Saito DOESN'T care about EXE? With a name like Saito and the fact he also likes SSR...
    Also, I'd say the games changed about the same. In fact, I'd say EXE might have even changed less, considering how much more there is (and how much more there is that's reusable).

    RockMan 9 and 10 were built upon the same "engine", which is why they play similar, and even why 10 even still retains some remnants of stuff from 9 (which is just pure laziness, really, but whatever).

    I honestly think you misunderstood what I was trying to get across based on the last paragraph. I don't have a problem with either series. My point was that disliking RockMan 10 because it was built on RockMan 9 is especially bad when another series you like happens to do the same thing. And that's not even unusual or lazy-- it's just how it is, it's much easier than recoding everything every time you make a new game, especially when you're like Capcom and milk things for whatever they're worth with yearly releases.

  15. @Saito: ROM hack? Do you even understand how games are made? Just because it uses the same engine doesn't mean it's a "hacked" version of the old game. By that definition, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a "rom hack" of Super Mario Galaxy 1.

  16. *Facespalms...*

    This is getting out of hand.

    People trolling other people for 8-bit MegaMan fanboyism and MegaMan fans blaming...

    This is getting out of hand...

    And Saito being the center and causer of all this trolling all because he doesn't like certain games some people like and thinks they got bad reviews. Seriosuly...

    Protodude's blog is a place for comments on games we like, not a troll warzone. Saito and some other idiots are ruining this place with their ranting and wotnot.

    No offense Altialasa and Krazy Monkey, you two have your own opioions and I have mine...

    But Saito... He needs to learn to keep his opioions to himself, not by ranting and swearing a lot with the F word out loud...

    I feel sorry for Protodude having to deal with this crap... -_-

  17. @JDAMansion: I might as well get this clear even with the random comment deletions.

    (The comment deletions in this and the concept art articles make sense - but I do have to question the Star Force OCW comment deletions, as I don't think anyone was really arguing there.)

    From what I've noticed from Saito in the past, it would appear that while his name is derived from the EXE series, he no longer supports any additional entries in said series. He seems to support everyting but remakes/ports and a new 8-bit Classic game at this point.

    Also, just because I'm saying that what Saito says makes sense, it does NOT mean that I -absolutely- agree with him.


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