Thursday, July 22, 2010

Capcom Opens Official Mega Man Universe Website

Hot on the heels of tonight's Mega Man Universe press conference, Capcom Japan has opened up an official Mega Man Universe website.

Nothing too spectacular going on right now, the site is limited to a mere two pages: the Unity page contains links to Capcom Unity's various posts and Tweets, and the movie page where you can watch the trailer for the game. Yup, that's about it.

Curiously, the site makes constant reference to the "Mega Man Universe" name and not "Rockman Universe." Perhaps the game will simply be called Mega man Universe in Japan? Makes sense, especially when you recall that the MMU title was even registered in the Japanese Trademark Offices.

Hopefully we'll be seeing some significant updates in the future.

Credit: 2ch


  1. MMU has the strange, parody vibe of making fun of the crappy USA Mega Man stuff of the 80's. It's weird. Really weird.

  2. Ugh... I still can't get over how big of a waste of time Comic Con was. I'm severely disappointed at how Inafune pretty much kept people in suspense over nothing.

  3. Well there is still a second conference Saturday Krazy Monkey, so you never know.

  4. I wonder if they're not using Megaman to specifically refer to the character but rather, a "Mega" Man, as in which character will survive, kinda thing. Just a thought..

  5. People are still going to call it "Universal Capcom Rockman: Threat from other franchises?!".

  6. MegaMan 1 US cover art RockMan... actually doesn't look that bad there.

    Go figure.

  7. Interesting.

    Japan always associates the name "Mega Man" with the crappy, macho artwork from the late 80's, early nineties. Calling the game MEGA MAN Universe seems to indicate the game might simply be a parody of that USA 80's look, and perhaps it'll even be reflected in the artwork and graphical style.

  8. The Oblivious PrattlerJuly 23, 2010 at 1:49 PM

    I noticed something strange. It's the Japanese website, right? Yet it's not being called RockMan Universe anywhere. It's even written in katakana as MegaMan Universe. What's going on?

  9. @The Oblivious Prattler

    Right. This was mentioned in the post.


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