Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Servbot Bobble Buds Coming To Comic-Con

If you're making the journey to Comic-Con next week, you might want to zip ovet to Capcom's booth ASAP. The company announced they'll be selling an exclusive Servbot "Bobble Bud" figure at the show, limited to only a 1000 units.

"Designed by our good friends at SOTA toys, these servbots come in a little plastic ball (picture #1) which eventually becomes their head! Tucked away inside of its own head is the rest of the servbot's body (pic #2). Picture #3 shows you the figure fully assembled. Picture #4 shows you that you can either have the head in bobble mode (left) or in a fixed state (right)."

These are guaranteed to go fast, so grab em' while you can! If you're not going to the show, well, there's always Ebay.

via Capcom Unity


  1. That's adorable!!

  2. i want one holy moly

  3. Dear Capcom,

    Stop tormenting us with MML! Make MML3 already!!

  4. I think it would be safe to say at this point that Capcom has made more money off Servbot merchandise than from the actual Legends games.

    *prepares to duck under the hail of buster shots*

  5. Yes, indeed. Always eBay! *watches and waits*

    Maybe they are a promo item at the Con due to Inafune's upcoming "announcement"? ;)

  6. lol, Yeah, I'll zip on over there, across the entire country.


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